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You never think it happens to you until it does. You never think that you’d be the one that people reblog tips for.

I wash just closely followed and taped by a man at a convention today. The only reason I’m here to talk about it is because of said reblogged tips. They might have just saved me.

When I saw that man behind me, I did a run-through of everything I knew to keep me safe. Everything I saw on this website that would help me. First, I made sure I was being followed. I picked up my pace, went around tables sporadically, mixed up my directions. I never stopped moving. When I saw he was still the same distance behind me, I knew.

Second, I looked for my friends. I had come with three other people and had split up to look at merch. But when I couldn’t find them, I did what I never thought I’d have to do. I thank all of the people I followed for reblogging it so many times.

I picked a random cosplayer my age (a Midoriya cosplayer of 15-16 years) and pretended that I just met a long lost friend. I leaned in close to give them a hug and then whispered that I was being followed. They understood IMMEDIATELY and let me follow them to a different booth. It wasn’t until I grouped with them that the man stopped following me. I later went to security and the man was already someone who they were having trouble with earlier.

Moral of the story: Please reblog tips for safety on your dash. I don’t care if it doesn’t fit. If I didn’t think of pretending I knew someone, something worse could’ve happened to me. If you’re being followed, don’t be afraid to pretend you know someone. Be careful out there. You never think it’s going to be you until it happens.


Attention, squad…


Love wins, folks

So on June 26 two years ago, gay marriage got legalized in all states of america and I don’t even live there but for some reason I still remember the date. I know this is really late for pride month considering it’s already the last week but I swear I didn’t forget and I wanted to make something special since I know this month is special for tons of people (including me!)

Also, thanks to @windex-noises and @sassycsap for the suggesting ideas for what they should wear bc it made this 10x a lot more fun to do. 

Note to those who can’t watch the video, try going to this https://youtu.be/viQYQHxgP4o

so, today, holt put his career on the line for a teacher’s-pet detective who’s become more like his daughter. he’s fought for three decades, overcome every obstacle imaginable, for this captaincy by being a good cop. and today, he put it all on the line just so a newly-minted sergeant who is somehow just as determined as he once was wouldn’t have to. these are his kids, and this is his precinct, and the fact that he wasn’t quick enough to work this case sure as hell wasn’t going to stop him from getting his surrogate son out of jail. so instead he was willing to sacrifice everything and derail his own life plan just so that amy wouldn’t have to. 

anyway, catch these fists murphy

ANIMATIC: OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes Main Title

(See the final version here!)

Presenting the rough animatic for the show’s main titles! This was a true labor of love and a chance to work with one of my animation heroes, Hiroyuki Imaishi(Best known as the co-founder of Studio Trigger)!

For this project, we began by solidifying the theme song. Our team at Mint Potion Studios, headed by composer Jake Kaufman, created a blood-pumping disco song that not only extols the virtues of friendship but also brings to mind the visual of robots exploding. As an easter egg, the first 9 notes are a callback to the theme song of the original 2012 “Lakewood Plaza Turbo” pilot!

We sent the theme song and some early episodes to Imaishi-san in Japan for him to get the vibe of the project. He sent us a mind-blowing storyboard- he created an otherworldly image of a planet encased in a discoball seamlessly transitioning to a wild action sequence(described by him as “CRAZY FIGHTING”)! Our storyboard supervisor Jeremy Polgar took it from there, and animated the heck out of it. Pausing randomly on the final version reveals some pretty out-there character drawings!

This intro is very special to me, as it encapsulates all of the feelings of the show into one place. It took months of coordinating across multiple time zones. It was a challenge to get all of the main characters, rivals, settings, and a discoball all in 20 seconds! Please, enjoy our hard work!

-Ian JQ

Storyboard: Hiroyuki Imaishi

Director: Jeremy Polgar

Revisions & Additional Animation: Max Collins, Anna Craig, Ian Jones-Quartey

Music: Mint Potion Studios

Special Thanks to Will Feng, Studio Trigger

jake so could have told charles he was proposing to amy when charles betrayed him. charles would have betrayed the tramps and freed his best friend (and probably done plenty more) without a second thought.

instead, jake paid $8,000 he didn’t have to a pyramid scheme so that his proposal to amy could belong to them and only them, so that this moment he planned could be special and personal and soft and so that he and amy could own this moment, this memory, forever.

since it’s one week till b99 returns

please please watch season 5 of brooklyn nine nine (if you can watch it live do so it counts to viewing figures!!!) because it is so amazing and important and honestly if you watch it you will love it, it was so close to being cancelled last season and we can’t let that happen

Ignored Facts of BMC The Musical

  • Michael has a Rise Above Racism patch
  • Jeremy has acne
  • Rich has a lisp
  • Jeremy is Jewish
  • Brooke has been cheated on before at least once
  • Brooke was really hurt when she thought Jeremy cheated on her and will most likely be super upset when she finds out that Chloe lied to her
  • Jake’s legs were broken and then he put direct pressure onto both of them at once while they were still healing so his legs are gonna be fucked up
  • Jake also is almost constantly standing even though his legs are broken instead of sitting or leaning against his crutches so that’s also going to fuck up his legs
  • Chloe has done some fucked up shit and some characters aren’t gonna forgive her in a hot minute without an apology at the very least
  • Michael has social anxiety not a panic disorder or another type of anxiety
  • Jeremy has extreme anxiety (possibly GAD?)
  • Jenna also spread a harmful rumor that is probably going to affect Rich when he returns to school
  • Brooke joined in on that rumor mill
  • Jake is a super oblivious dude
  • Michael has hipster glasses
  • Jenna is fat
  • Jake’s parents are gone during the entire musical and he’s so casual about it that this probably isn’t the first time he’s been left alone
  • Christine has ADHD Predominantly Inattentive Type (they’ve long since stopped calling it ADD and it was most likely used to rhyme and to specify what type of ADHD she has)
  • Rich was like Jeremy freshman year (if not earlier than that) but didn’t have anyone to help him through it
  • Jeremy and Rich were abused and most likely experienced the same type of abuse
  • The SQUIP was abusive