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Scandal 6x12 “Mercy” Season 6 Episode 12 Sneak Peek - Rowan (Joe Morton) appreciates Fitz’s (Tony Goldwyn) hospitality but he is not happy about Fitz and Olivia’s (Kerry Washington) relationship. The disdain on his face when Fitz kisses Olivia in front of him makes his disapproval clear. He commands respect from Fitz telling him to call him ‘Mr. Pope’ instead of Rowan.


I am still trying to digest last night’s episode.

So Mellie gets to be president IN THE WORST POSSIBLE WAY. I’m so terrified for her.

Olivia goes back to Fitz. Again. Shonda, why do we keep having to go down this road?!

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it 10000 times. Fitz is STILL the same insecure and manipulative man he’s always been. The way he constantly yells in Olivia’s face has gotten so old. And when is he going to stop being so salty about Mellie? LET IT GO, FITZ.

The best part of the ep was when Jake came to Mellie’s aide. He saw her covered in blood and didn’t even blink. Bless him.

i think it’s safe to say that the writers who we owe our lives to for writing the last few episodes of s5 of Scandal died after s5 and the next set of writers hit rewind and started from the original goal of the show: to power through to 0litz no matter what.


I will always remember those life-changing sequence of episodes from 5x18-21 where not only was my ship finally happening, but it was going down better than I could ever hope to imagine. 

and now it’s all been erased from Scandal memory and we have Shitz with his lame-ass leather jacket and his breathy “hi” making his way on our screens to destroy Olivia forever (and seriously, why. again?? we’ve had like 3 different variations of how this relationship plays out, man).


Scandal 7x01 Sneak Peek #2 “Watch Me” (HD) - 12 votes shy.

😩Season 7, last season?

😐 my face when they say scandal couldn’t make it to another season ummmm Scandal could have gone the distance if Shonda hadn’t played herself. She came up with these big storylines(b613, election rigging, Liv getting kidnapped, new illuminate) and now she can’t keep up with what she started. Scandal was good when we had cases and Olivia was being a badass and handling shit! Don’t tell me Scandal couldn’t have done more look at Law and Order: SVU, they basically have the same format every episode and people still watch! People still watching Grey after 13 seasons 🙄 And I saw somewhere she said she could only do “Olivia and Fitz” thing before ppl get tired of it (or some to that effect) uhhhhh stop the lies! I’m only watching scandal because of Olitz and just because they get together doesn’t mean it has to be the end of the show. Nor does it mean in a whole episode you have to show us olitz from beginning to end. My thing is we have been wanting to see them together, like actually together. You don’t have to give it to us in one go 🙄let us see them date! We were robbed of that one damn date we got 😤 I need to see some flirting hell! Some! 😂😂 And honestly I don’t mind that she wanted other characters to shine but the way she went about it 😒. For example Mellie, this woman ain’t never did anything in politics except that one time she stood up for that bill but yet we suppose to rally behind her to be the next president… where are her credentials ? Where 👏🏽are 👏🏽Mellies 👏🏽receipts👏🏽 ? It’s crazy how shonda let Mellie do Olivia but she turned around and needed her for EVERYTHING! She couldn’t get Fitz to do shit… she calling Olivia! She need a favor or help she calling Olivia! Mellie real deal thought Olivia was her “clean up woman” bitch this ain’t the help! I’m sorry but I could never get behind Mellivia 🗣ISSA NO. As a woman I can’t fuck with another woman(Mellie) who tries to shit on other women(Olivia) and then have the nerve to need her 😂 if I was Olivia I would have been went in on Mellie ass! Another example Pete Harris … I mean Jake Ballard 🙃 he could never compare to Fitz but it’s amazing how he tried to slither his way in every chance he got. Shonda real deal forced me to watch Scott fooley just because she killed him off her other show 😂😂😂! Jake was and still is weak, pathetic, jealous, toxic ass individual. He was programmed to “love” Olivia because Rowan “made him” 👈🏽 Rowan said these words to Olivia himself, he knew, she knew, hell we all knew it was not real. Olivia never told him she loved him and he said it to her how many times 😎 aw ok then‼️ Jake was suppose to take Fitz place in our hearts but we weren’t having that shit! There is only one Leading man of Scandal and that’s Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III (Tony G). Anyways I’m sad because I really love this show. Scandal is the first Tv show I’ve ever got so invested in 😢 I’m gonna enjoy it til the end, hopefully Shonda do it justice. I feel like we should get an Olitz wedding and realistically they would live in Georgetown because we know our Livvie is a working woman she not bout to go and live a housewife type of life. They gone vacation at the home in Vermont 🤗 because that’s our special place. That’s how she needs to wrap up Olitz all the other stuff she can do whatever with Fitz not in the White House no more so I’m not gonna be interested in anybody else being president so she might as well get a new format for season 7 😂😂 but whatever she do I’m watching cuz I love scandal even when I don’t agree with everything it’s still my favorite show because of Kerry, Tony and Olitz 😍 with they cute asses, my precious OTP and I’m still gonna write my fanfics because I love this couple.

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Scandal 6x15 “TIck, Tock” Sneak Peek - Olivia takes a big risk to ensure Mellie’s safety prior to the inauguration.

Scott Foley

Height: 6'1"

Most Famous For: Playing Jake Ballard in “Scandal,” Sean Kelly in “Scrubs,” and Noel Crane in “Felicity”

The Ultimate Boyfriend Smackdown: Jake vs Fitz

[Warning: if you are a Fitz fan, move on from this post]

So let’s get down to it. Jake Ballard or Fitz Grant? Both are inherently flawed characters of course, but at the end of the day who is the best one for Olivia? Let’s do this in a way that’s fair to both of them– pro/con list.

Let’s start with Fitz. Well, to start off he’s married. CON. Yeah, even if he kicked Mellie out of the White House, it doesn’t change the fact that they are still married. HE IS A MARRIED MAN. Let’s just let that sink into everybody’s brains.

But of course, at the end of the day, I believe (in spite of being Team Jake) that he is Liv’s one true love. Pro.

Jake is an assassin. Con. That’s pretty much my biggest issue with him. He used to kill people for a living.

Though he uses these skills to fight for the greater good. Pro.

And for Olivia. Pro.

Because he truly loves her. Pro.

And did I mention that he’s single? Pro.

Fitz is a murderer too. Con. Remember that judge? Yeah he killed her. I just wanted to refresh your memory. So there. Also he shot down a plane full of innocent people. Con.

However he, like Jake would do anything to protect Olivia. Pro.

Because he loves her too. Pro.

Even unnecessarily declaring war on another country for her. Con.

I mentioned earlier that Jake’s got mad skills. He could protect Olivia all on his own without the help of anyone. If they were locked in a room with 50 people wanting to kill Liv, he has the physical and mental ability to protect the both of them. Pro.

Fitz would probably use her as a shield. Con.

Because he’s pretty useless in that field. Con.

While we’re at it, Fitz is incredibly rude to Mellie…ALWAYS (even if she is annoying to people). He doesn’t treat her with an ounce of respect. Con.

He needs to have things go his way otherwise he’ll throw a tantrum. Con.

Fitz can’t let Liv go. As in literally. He holds on to her a lot even when she’s trying to get away from him. He forces himself on her a lot because he thinks it calms her down. Con.

Jake let Liv go. Pro.

He recognized that Liv was in love with Fitz even though he is seriously, seriously, head over heels in love with her. Pro.

He loves her so selflessly and all he wants is for her to be happy (even if her happiness means Fitz). Pro.

That’s real love. So it’s a double pro.

Fitz is totally selfish when it comes to Liv. Con.

He could never find it in his heart to let her go like that. Con.

But, after all these cons, we have to remember that he is the POTUS. So he is extremely powerful. Pro.

But you could still probably take him out with a barbie. Con.

Whereas Jake can survive 5283739 stab wounds. Pro.

Fitz is admittedly good looking. Pro.

Jake is REALLY good looking. Pro.

Pros - 12
Cons - 1

Pros - 5
Cons - 12

There you have it. The numbers tell you everything you need to know.

Winner of this boyfriend Smackdown battle: JAKE BALLARD!


Scandal 6x16 “Transfer of Power” (Season Finale) - In the sixth-season finale, Fitz uses his power to make some unexpected changes in the final days of his presidency.

But remember when Olivia was at Harrison’s funeral and waited for everyone else to leave before she completely broke down in front of Jake and then literally leapt into his arms for comfort and held onto him for dear life? Remember when earlier this season she asked him to cuddle with her? Which was a huge deal because she literally never asks for comfort? Remember all the times she’s willingly opened up to Jake about so much without fear or hesitation?


here are just a few reasons why jake is better than fitz:

1.) he actually RESPECTS olivia and has said that he’d rather have her be happy with fitz than unhappy with him

2.) he UNDERSTANDS her and what her job means. fitz just wants her to sit around the white house and look pretty

3.) he is actually a COMPETENT individual who has gotten where he is today through hard work and intelligence. fitz has had everything handed to him on a silver platter.