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TV shows I would like to see revived or well re-invented (with reasons)
  • Invader Zim: He just speaks to me on levels. If you deny there isn’t a quirky Zim in all of us, YOU’RE LYYYYING.
  • American Dragon : Spud and Trixie were awesome

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Mixtape by uhunhoney


35 tracks - 2hours 16minutes

take me to church - hozier | if so - atlas genius | oblivion - bastille | little black submarines - the black keys | take it or leave it - cage the elephant | youth - daughter | so blind - david myles | something else - diamond rings | moneygrabber - fitz and the tantrums | letterman - gay nineties | two weeks - grizzly bear | ways to go - grouplove | candy candy - guilty about girls | sometime around midnight - the airborne toxic even | lightning bolt - jake bugg | help i’m alive - metric | kids - mgmt | sweet sun - milky chance | tokyo summer - mounties | something good - alt-j | harlem - new politics | she moves in her own way - the kooks | sleepyhead - passionpit | last nite - the strokes | tunnel vision - tokyo police club | next year - two door cinema club | wetsuit - the vaccines | mess is mine - vance joy | me - the 1975 | diane young - vampire weekend | anna sun - walk the moon | angels - the xx | tokyo (vampires and wolves) - the wombats | cough syrup - young the giant | arabella - arctic monkeys

Now You See Me 2 [Spoilers]

Soooo, I saw Now You See Me 2 this weekend and oh dear i’ve been dragged back into this fandom. 

Reasons are: 1. Adorable Jack is adorable (with more screen time this time around, yay!) 2. Big brother Merritt is so proud and loves his family, 3. New but surprisingly awesome Lula, 4. Rebellious but wants approval son Danny and of course 5. Protective and worried and proud dad Dylan actually make my life for the moment.

I mean that plane scene at the end, that will forever be my favourite scene in these movies (the best few moments of the movie were defeintatly when Walter (evil muggle Harry Potter) showed them photos he took of/with them when they were unconscious, kind of as creepy as it sound?). I mean when they were all being dragged and tossed out of the plane to their ‘deaths’ they were all so full of fear and love for each other I like to think it was genuine.

Merritt’s line of ‘I may have been brought into this world with the wrong family, but I’m leaving it with the right one.’ just about killed me, like just punch me in the feelings why don’t you? Same with when Dylan and Bradley were in the plane on their way to Macau and Dylan said all he cared about was the ‘health and safety of the Horseman’ and don’t get me started on the moment when Danny said those horrible things to Dylan but he still stuck around to save Danny from Walter AND when Dylan woke up after being saved by Danny to be surrounded by his kids err Horseman (really they are his kids, lets be honest). 

Ps. I like the way they handled Henley not being in this film (I miss their mom aka Alma Dray though), they explained it well enough that you don’t really have questions and you can see that the three boys really bonded (I mean Jack and Merritt live together!) since her departure, I still like to think she was there in London after she saw how wrong the Otca show went for them. 



(I’m not gonna lie, I was SO tempted to do a Trollhunters crossover.

Also I am totally still writing these up from forever ago I’m so sorry I’m so slow guys.)

Jazz paced in front of the four boys, exclaiming something about flaws and heroes and something else but no one was really listening.

Randy’s eyes had glazed over two minutes in. He might have schloomped into the Nomicon, but he could just be sleeping with his eyes open. Danny and Jake were expertly playing games on their phones. The two were well trained in ignoring know-it-all sisters when they start lecturing. Adrien, to his credit, had tried to follow along. He really tried. It was just his subject was physics, not psychology, and there were lots of big psychology words in there and she was speaking so fast and then he started wondering what Ladybug would look like with her pigtails down and….yeah.


Said boy jerked out of day dreamland to find Jazz staring at him intensely.

“I completely agree, 100%!” Adrien said automatically, giving her his best model smile.

She gave him an utterly unimpressed look right back. “I asked if you knew your fatal flaw.”

Danny and Jake snickered as Adrien shrunk back in his seat in embarrassment.

Jazz put her hands on her hips and shook her head at the four of them. “This is important, vital information. All extra ordinary crime fighters need to know this about themselves. Especially teenage ones!”

Jake nodded. “Absolutely.”

“Couldn’t agree more.” Danny said brightly.

Randy snored and Jazz frowned. She leaned forward and clapped her hands right by his ear.

“Forty-two!” He yelped.

The girl just rolled her eyes and fixed the four of them with a glare.

“Fatal flaws. They’re named that way for a reason. Hamlet refused to take any action. He died.”

“Jazz,” Danny said, “I was asleep for all of that lesson, Jake never read it, and I doubt Randy even knows who that is.”

Randy yawned, “The shake a spear guy? He isn’t the new McFist McJavelin Toss mascot?”

Jake groaned, “Jammies, man, I don’t even like English and I know who he is.”

Jazz looked to the sky as if to say ‘why am I even trying to help these idiots?’.

“So wait,” Randy blinked at her, “What exactly are our fatal flaws?”

Jazz shrugged. “Usually you don’t even know it till it kills you.”

Danny snorted, “So mine would be not thinking or paying attention before walking into a giant dysfunctional portal to another world.”

While the boys snickered under their breaths, Jazz thought it over for a minute.

“Well it could.” She said. “The not thinking before you jump into things.”

“Hey!” Danny protested. “I’ve gotten better at thinking first!”

“Exactly!” Jazz exclaimed. “Which is good! Figuring out your fatal flaws and attempting to overcome them so they don’t defeat you is a huge part of being a hero.”

Jake narrowed his eyes, “Exactly how do you know this? They don’t have classes on superhero therapy now right?”

“I’m hoping to become the first hero and/or ghost therapist licensed.” Jazz said. “That might reduce the amount of attacks and lessen the chances of heroes become bitter and joining the other side. You four are the perfect test subjects.”

“Glad we could be your guinea pigs.” Danny deadpanned.

“Do you know any of our fatal flaws?” Adrien asked.

Jazz sighed, “No. At the most I can make a hypothesis considering how much I know about you four but nothing for sure. Take Adrien for example.

“From what I know and observed, you’re a very compassionate and kind person; you put others before yourself every time, even if you might get seriously injured. Like another certain someone I know.” She shot a glare at her brother, who just shrugged in response.

“But you also have this certain drive to not disappoint people. You take up fencing, Chinese lessons, modeling, piano lessons on top of schoolwork and being Chat Noir. You don’t want to disappoint people so you take up so much on your shoulders and still try to be the best you can be in those fields.”

Adrien frowned, “Isn’t that a good thing?” He asked slowly.

Jazz smiled. “Doing the best you can do? That is a good thing. Taking up so much that you suffocate? ….That’s a bit not good. Ever heard of Atlas? Carried the world on his shoulders and struggled for an eternity.”

Randy nudged Adrien with his foot. “Well with the four of us, plus all our besties and sidekicks and partners….I think we’re shouldering the world pretty well right now, huh Atlas?”

Jake snorted, “So long as the world is still in one piece? Yeah dawg. We’re doing good.”


Ever since my sister finished highschool we didn’t have time for our Etsy shop ChibiChain. Hopefully we’ll be able to re-open it soon and continue selling plushies. ^^

We welcome custom orders where you can order either a custom plushie or a plushie that has already been made by us. So far we made Lapis Lazuli, Pearl, Amethyst (from Steven Universe. Connie and Steven are in the works) Sans (from Undertale. Frisk and Chara are in the works), a Renamon pillow (from Digimon), normal Squids, Callie, Marie (from Splatoon), Mabel, Dipper, Wendy, Bill (from Gravity Falls), Zuko, Toph, Aang, Sokka (from ATLA), Jake (from Adventure Time)

We’ve also been learning how to make onesies and will start selling them ^^

Here are a few pictures of our plushie products:

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Favourite songs of 2013 (In Alphabetic Order)

Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine? - AM

Atlas Genius - Trojans - When It Was Now

Bastille - Bad Blood - Bad Blood

Bear Hands - Giants 

Daft Punk - Beyond - Random Access Memories

Dan Croll - From Nowhere - From Nowhere EP

Daughter - Smother - If You Leave

Dawes - Stories Don’t End - Stories Don’t End

Foals - Bad Habit - Holy Fire

Frightened Rabbit - The Woodpile - Pedestrian Verse

Grouplove - I’m With You - Spreading Rumors

Haim - My Song 5 - Days Are Gone

Jagwar Ma - Come Save Me - Howlin

Jake Bugg - All Your Reasons - Shangri La

Jim James - Know Til Know - Regions Of Light And Sound Of God

The Jungle Giants - Domesticated manLearn to Exist

Kings of Leon - Wait for Me - Mechanical Bull

MGMT - Your Life is a Lie - MGMT

Pearl Jam - Sirens - Lightning Bolt

Phoenix - Trying To Be Cool - Bankrupt!

Portugal. The Man - Purple Yellow Red and Blue - Evil Friends

She and Him - I Could’ve Been Your Girl - Volume 3

The Strokes - Welcome to Japan - Comedown Machine

Toro Y Moi - So Many Details - Anything in Return

The Vaccines - Do You Want a Man? - Melody Calling EP

Vampire Weekend - Ya Hey - Modern Vampires of the City

Washed Out - All I Know - Paracosm

The 1975 - Menswear - The 1975

Album of the year: The 1975 - The 1975

Pretty big list but that shows how good this year was for music, I also only included one song an album.  Albums that I bolded were one’s that I thought were extremely extremely good.

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Merry Christmas