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DaddyoFive Update

HEATHER AND MIKE (MommyoFive and DaddyoFive) just lost custody of ALL THEIR CHILDREN

Cody and Emma, Mike’s kid’s, have been given back to their real mother

Alex, Ryan and Jake, Heather’s kids, are being reconsidered by a judge to live with their biological father and so far it looks like the real dad is going to get his sons back

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so, seeing as how this musical has suddenly blown up in popularity, i thought that it would be only fair to show everyone who was on the team from be more chill just how much we love this musical (and book!!)
I will be making an edit or video slideshow that I will post to make sure the creative team and crew know just how much we love their work, even if the show may be closed!

you can submit or email me the following!
•fan art from the book or musical
•a video of you explaining why you love this musical/book
•a picture of you holding up a sign that reads #WeLoveBMC (your face doesn’t need to be showing, but the sign needs to be able to be read!!)

my email is emitts221@gmail.com, or you can tweet me your stuff at @/gaymichaelmell on twitter, or dm me them on instagram @/esquipped or just submit them here on tumblr!! anyone is allowed to join and everyone will be given credit!!

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Jensen & Quinn: Man Cubs, Chapter 11 "Tough One"
Quinn tries to protect her family by having a long awaited conversation with her ex-husband.


Summary: Quinn tries to protect her family by having a long awaited conversation with her ex husband. Takes place immediately after “Cards on the Table”

Warnings: Mentions of past domestic abuse. Heavy Angst.

Word Count: 6201

Special Thanks: To @theycallmebecca, @ariallane @alievans007 @daisyjm75 and @misshyen for beta reading and helping to convince me to write for myself and to stop overthinking and second guessing myself! You guys rock!! Xo

Thank you so much for reading! I love your guts! xo

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Days ago i hear about something so awful call it “Daddyofive” so far i know the boy Cody is now safe with his real mother and a real family, but i see the videos and man, i feel so powerless watching how the “dad” (If we can call him like that) tortures and make awful pranks to his kid and everybody make fun of that, i made this parody to portrait how the things was, the good side is how i said was the boy Cody is now ok and in a safe place, im so glad for that. For the parents specially Mike i hope you get punched in the streets.

I’m a pens fan and my supervisor at work is a caps fan, and last night I checked the score on the game and said something along the lines of “OOOOOH the penguins are WINNINGGGG how does that make you FEEEEEL” and he was like “????? what????!! they’re winning???? without sidney crosby there??? HOW????” and it was just like???? yes???? sure he’s their best player but they exist without him??? and i just??? its not sidney crosby and the penguins??? they’re all good players???? Hence the multiple stanley cups???? 

I know it’s probably already been proposed but what about a Heather Be More Chill AU where

Veronica is Jeremy
JD is Squib
Heather C is Rich
Heather C is Jenna 
Heather D is Jake
Kurt and Ram are Brooke and Chloe (whichever)
Martha is Michael
And idk who can be Christine

Some good news!

In my last post, I talked about the DaddyoFive’s videos, I’ve been waiting for good news about Cody and Emma, and it turns out their biological mother Rose, filed for emergency custody, while Mike and Heather were doing an interview with Good Morning America on April 28th, and she got the kids back! It’s temporary, but with the way things are turning out, she’ll have full custody soon. Now, they’re safe and sound with a parent who loves them and will give them the resources they need to heal.

But Jake, Ryan, and Alex, Heathers sons are still in that abusive environment and need to get out of there. Their biological father is trying to get custody of them, and on May 1st a modification hearing was supposed to be held yet it was canceled, it’s been rumored that it was about modifying who get’s custody of the boys if it’s true, their biological father tried to get them back.

However, at the moment, no one knows where Mike and Heather are. When Rose went to get Cody and Emma, they weren’t at home, she had to look for them and found them with a moving van, everyone is guessing they’re trying to skip town, and since no one has heard any news from them, it’s safe to assume they are. Also allegedly, they were reluctant and didn’t want to give the police Cody and Emma’s belongings, clothes or medicine so they couldn’t be reunited with their mother. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was true.

Those three boys need to get out of there, it’s not healthy or safe. I hope the biological father get’s full custody of them, but I feel like he’s gonna have a hard time with them, they’ve been through hell, and Jake’s not a little boy anymore. Jake is still a kid, but he treated his younger brothers horribly.

In the clip from a vlog, shown in this video, he scared and hurt them, big brothers aren’t supposed to do that, they’re supposed to protect their little brothers. Jacob need’s therapy the most, and it’s gonna take time and space to repair his relationships with Ryan and Alex.

Back Row: Julianna Zobrist, Brittany Arrieta, Gina Grimm, Heather Bosio (Chris Bosio- pitcing coach)

Middle Row: Irmarie Marquez (Baez), Kristina Lackey, Stephanie Duchaine, ?

Bottom Row: Nikki Jay, Melisa Russell