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Phil and bisexuality

As far as I know—and phan history experts please correct me if I’m wrong—the last time Phil publicly declared his sexual orientation, he said he was bisexual, but this was on MySpace or Formspring or something, back in the 2009 era. And then he hasn’t said anything publicly about the issue since. He hasn’t even hinted, as far as I’ve been able to tell, except for a few fairly brief and generic references to a male person being attractive.

And then, out of nowhere, in today’s gaming video, we see him do two things that seem to more openly address sexual orientation (and bisexuality specifically) than he has in ages.

First, he coyly, and with no apparent embarrassment, invites Dan to engage his male roleplaying character (Alex) in a threesome with a female angel and her boyfriend (a situation which Phil himself had programmed into the game at age 14), giggling with glee at Dan’s reaction but (again) with no apparent shame or embarrassment. (The only thing he seems even a bit embarrassed about is the cheesy fade to black, which he explains by saying, “I was 14!”) When Dan, in shock, proclaims afterward that his character just had a threesome with an angel, Phil is quick to point out, “An angel and her boyfriend,” because he wouldn’t want us to forget the other guy in the scenario. And then he just calmly (and kind of proudly?) states, “Alex is a changed man.”

Then, a bit later, after Alex meets his friend Emily’s brother Jake in the game, Phil ponders—absolutely out of nowhere—”If this game was released, do you think people would ship Alex with Jake or Emily?” Um … huh? Jake had been given almost no characterization (or interaction with Alex) except that he was protective of his sister … but Phil is just spontaneously wondering whether people would ship it? Doesn’t this kind of imply that he, as a default, sees Jake and Emily as equal romantic options for Alex, regardless of context?

So … Phil didn’t wave any rainbow flags in the video, didn’t make any grand pronouncements, but … he seemed pretty darn bi-friendly. I hate to make any assumptions based on that fact, because I personally am straight, and I would hope that I too would as a matter-of-course consider same- and opposite-sex relationships equally valid in this context. Considering all sexual orientations to be equally acceptable doesn’t mean anything about your own sexual orientation—it just means you’re a decent human being.

But Phil has been so silent on the entire topic of sexual orientation for so long that it just strikes me as an abrupt glimpse into his thoughts on the issue. And it seems suggestive, though obviously not conclusive, regarding his own sexuality. He has endured years of rampant and invasive speculation about his sexual orientation and has always assiduously avoided addressing the rumors, so behaving in the calm, matter-of-fact way he did in this video shows courage, regardless of his sexual orientation.

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The new DAPG video has made me so happy. I have always been a fan of Phil and to think that he has always been this creative is just more that I could ask for. I love how Dan was actually happy about the game and he looked so happy for Phil.

I’m torn between what is my favorite thing about the Mark of Oxin videos

1) 14 yo Phil working some random casual bisexuality in
2) Dan praising Phil for his creativity approx once every five minutes
3) Phil’s pleased smile every time Dan says something he likes
4) The plot twists that were actually plot twist-y. 
5) Phil naming the characters after his friends. 
6) The typos. Wow. The typos. 
7) The Dan and Phil plushies holding hands in the bg of the second video. 
8) Dan’s tweets about it, and telling people to leave comments telling Phil how good it was. 
9) Phil asking if people would ship Alex with Jake or Emily and Dan not even letting him finish the sentence before saying Jake. (Because ‘tumblr needs that gay shit.)