jake and bea

I feel like the season 4 finale of Wentworth will be the biggest one yet. While Bea is still at the center of it, I feel like so many other characters have a stake in what happens. Bea, Franky, Joan, Allie, Kaz, Vera, Jake, and Will are all caught up in Ferguson’s plot. We gotta get some kind of answer to Sonia’s storyline which involves Liz. Maybe we’ll get an answer to whether Boomer is pregnant which involves Maxine. And maybe we’ll get a good scene between Bea and Doreen where Dor confronts her about lagging and they can finally bury the hatchet. 

This season has done such a good job of incorporating everyone into the show even though this is the biggest cast they’ve ever had. At the end of season 3 I was worried that the show would suffer with Franky gone and Joan no longer the governor. Instead Wentworth rose to a higher level that I didn’t even know existed. This show is amazing, this season has been fantastic, and the season finale looks like it’ll kill us all. I can’t wait.

And Allie Novak is alive

Urgent questions for S4E12

So I figure E12 will answer the big question of Allie’s fate, but there are some much bigger Wentworth questions I’m desperate to see answered too….

What happened to Vera’s affirmation rubber bands?

What happened to the prison theatre we saw in E1? And why do they have one? Have Juice’s crew been putting on Gilbert & Sullivan in there?

What’s Franky been doing all season? She’s started a new life as a community lawyer and stalker of teenage boys, and we missed it all!

Is Bea still running her hairdressing classes, and why hasn’t she punished Kaz with a giant fluffy mullet?

Are Bridget, Doreen and Liz still on the show?

Does Vera still fancy Bridget a bit?

What happened to the politics and “cause” behind the Red Right Hand? Will we ever learn how it started?

Why did Joan really keep her distance from poor Shayne for 17 years? * sniff *

What happened to that sinister new guard with the eyebrows in E1, who was a double agent between Vera and Joan?

Where is Joan getting all her money from? How many lifelong prison guards have 90K and endless lawyer’s fees in the glovebox?

Did Vera buy her copy of Fifty Shades of Beige at Kmart, or was it a free Woman’s Weekly giveaway?

How is Joan managing her exquisite eyebrows and (god forgive me) her bra hooks with only one hand? (I volunteer! I volunteer!!!)

Why has no one dropped a gigantic pumpkin full of drugs on Jake’s head from a great height, then set fire to his hair, turning him into a jack-o-lantern in a screw’s uniform? (I volunteer! I volunteer!!!)


TeamB, together again. And just as awkward as ever.

bonniesimmonds and I have put our first ever selfie (taken when we were about 12) on the flat fridge above some fridge magnets that spell out “nothing much to do”. Too far? HOW ABOUT NOT FAR ENOUGH. Oh by the way we flat in the house where we filmed all Bea and Hero’s vlogs for nmtd. HOW ABOUT TOO FAR NOW