jake .t. austin


Very much in my feelings about my big brother getting married. Even though we for sure knew it would be him first. May God bless you and your beautiful wife Henrie! 💕 - Selena Gómez

honestly i said a while back that jake t austin is a solid percy fancast and now i’m off mobile and ready to provide corresponding visuals

lightning thief era percy–cute, scrawny, mischievous looking…imagine this little dude stabbing a minotaur with its own horn

12 yo sea of monsters percy looking in circe’s mirror and wishing he was taller and handsomer :’)

 this dude lowkey trying to murder thalia grace because he’s jealous she’s as powerful as him

battle of the labyrinth era percy growing into his looks enough that rachel elizabeth dare and annabeth chase both have massive crushes on him (or each other, potentially? it was not made clear…but i digress)

this week in “confused loser saves the entire world while simultaneously becoming the teen heartthrob of the demigod world” (side note: this is 100% the puppy dog look piper comments on in moa)

 son of neptune era street kid fending off monsters and mortals alike with his Wolf Stare

percy is seventeen he just wants to skate and live with his mom and spend more than 2 minutes alone with his girlfriend but instead he is on a flying warship trying to save the world :/

tfw you’re an actual child who has literally been through hell and back…someone help him…pls give him a haircut

and lastly, toa percy who has had enough of the gods’ shit and is just tryna prep for his future without being dragged into another massively important quest to try and save the human race

in conclusion, even though ppl fancast jake as leo ALL THE TIME, he makes a much better percy imho. hair and eyes can be changed more easily than any other physical trait for a movie, and everything else about jake, from his physique to his facial structure to his skin tone to his smile, is deadass percy jackson incarnate

BONUS: troublemaker grin?