I was just about to have my dinner cause I just went home and I was about to update about the girls. Instead I was updated with a saddening news.

I have no words. My friends live and work there. I’ve been texting them all over, asking them and making sure they are alright.

I’ve been receiving pics and videos from my dad. I keep them and I won’t post it cause it’s too scary. I’m having an anxiety attack now. I’m crying (again). I hope everyone is okay. Stay safe, everyone.


I’m really sorry for not posting this sooner but these past couple days I’ve been in shock, what happened in Manchester is so upsetting and cruel and my heart goes out to all of the 22 victims, the 50+ in hospital, all of the fans at the concert and Ariana Grande, no one should ever have to go through this, they were just there to see their idol and got their lives taken away from them, my heart also goes out to the town of Marawi in the Philippines, Bangkok in Thailand and Jakarta in Indonesia and I hope one day this type of violence ceases to exist 💔

tuesday, may 23, 2017

there are so many terrorist attacks in asia between yesterday and today, and some are ongoing…..

-bangkok, thailand (military hospital explosion, twenty four injured, and this is two weeks after a shopping mall explosion thst injured about fifty)

-marawi, philippines (hostage situation in city hospital, jail detainees released by militants, ONGOING, civilians advised to stay indoors, burning buildings and fire trucks)

-homs, syria (first car bomb explosion, four dead, sixteen wounded)

-damascus, syria (second car explosion)

(edit: may 24th) -east jakarta, indonesia (two suicide bombers, double bombing at kampung melayu bus terminal, three or four dead, ten wounded)

Kiersten White ✓ Twitter › kierstenwhite “My heart goes out to Manchester and Marawi, Bangkok and Syria. And it breaks that, as I type this, I wonder what I’m leaving out.”

please dont forget them as you think of the bombing in manchester

hoseok’s reaction to ina army’s fanchant project.

so the fanchant project is basically singing the 2! 3! lyric that is modified at the last part of the song. the lyrics are: “i love you, just say one two three and forget it. remember the happy memories, hold bangtan’s hand and smile. there’s always good days ahead, so believe in bangtan and say 2! 3!”

the members was shocked they even took off their in ears to listen to the lyrics more closely. definitely one of the best moment ever.❤️

more videos: twitter.com/kookeis