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Inktober Day 27 - Creepy & Jaktober Day 27 - Lurker Shark

I’ve decided to combine the prompts as a challenge to myself. I really hope to post a couple more.

You see in the games that waste of some sort is being dumped into the harbor. There is also a lack of lurker sharks in any bodies of water. Perhaps connection?

I have always found it chilling to see something once threatening and scary reduced to something pitiful and weak. Jak and Dax face their old nemesis, but somehow… they just found themselves feeling sad.

(I cheated and did a bit of digital shading in that top one.)

evil-is-relative  asked:

So, do any of your lovely, crazy characters celebrate Heart's Day?

I imagine my TESO trio would at least. Some had better time than others… :’)

Passione Gang~

I’ll have a print of this at Edmonton Expo next weekend, so be sure to bother me at table i-11 for some sick Jojo merch and chats~ <3 (also please commission Jojo things from me, I’ll love you forever)

(also I’ll never stop calling these guys the Italian backstreet boys thanks to barawitness on twitter) 


sorry for the long formatting - tumblr made the pics look shitty all of the other ways i tried to organize them ; v; anyway, here is daxter and his Faces! the little sketches in the corners are from bob rafei’s conceptual sketches of dax and were used as references for my respective drawings.

click each of the images for dumb commentary lol