jak's art

Varric & Red Lyrium Bartrand as Gemini in my Dragon Age Inquisition Zodiac series!

I got this idea in my head as soon as I was thinking of these and had to do it. I really wanted to draw a Bartrand completely possessed by red lyrium, and I know he’s not in Inquisition, but I figured he’s more like some sort of horrible red lyrium ghost from Varric’s past, and since most of his personal quests have to do with red lyrium, I found it appropriate!

STRENGTHS: Clever, witty

WEAKNESSES: Restless, indecisive

FINISHED! Based on a super old fan fiction I wrote when I was 12… lol.  Not too keen on Ashelin’s Freedom League badge, but I didn’t want to fuss anymore with it so I left it as is.

There’s only one page for this comic, sorry! I don’t feel inclined to make any more than this because I prefer making original works nowadays. 

Figures I’d break the Haru train with some nostalgia! 

I fucking loved the Jak games and they carried me through some hard times as a kid. Gotta thank NaughtyDog for still being relevant in my life even up to now.

“Let’s go topside and see what kind of trouble we can get into.”
“Right behind you, Jak!”