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Okay but who else loves Jak’s sassiness? Part 1

Cause I mean

This boy has his hands on his hips almost 24/7

Ik he’s being apologetic in this one but still

Shawty’s hips want the baron dead, apparently

Dis boi tired of dealing with shit

I mean look at this face

He’s gonna be straight (yeah right) and say “You need a fucking mint.”

Eye roll of the century

“Ah yisss gonna get laid with curtain ladyyy.”

“We’ll SSOORRYYY!” <actual quote>



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This smug motherfucker always getting his way ffs

“You had to fuckin sneeze”

“You’re so lucky I love you, damn it.”

Jak is officially tired of your shit

The older brother shuffled a single wave at his younger sibling. As he went his own way he threw up a reassuring smile.That they can play later once he gets better.
His hand tiredly hang onto the now green eco sage’s hand as his brothers hand held tight and dear onto the offered hand of Maia. One of the Dark eco sages of the north.

He’d be better, Jak nodded into his thoughts.And then they’d get a good story from uncle tonight. He won’t be sick.
And its what the little mind kept telling himself too lessen the single worry.
It was just a bit sudden too see the back of his  younger brother walking away from him.After all the time he had stood by him and supported his own being. Going down a different route then his own today.
The elder male Samos told him it was just so his brother could get better, he’d be back in no time.But for now he had too focus on his own work.
That now there on their own paths.

jak throughout the trilogy

tpl: small quiet child, too precious for this world, must be protected

jak 2: edgy mc edgelord, mad at everything, actually needs to relax

jak 3: sarcastic little shit, almost dies like 3 times, honestly doesn’t care

I’ve been a fan of the ‘Mr Melodrama was young Mar’ headcanon for a while, but then I was looking at pics and realised that their armour/clothing styles are extremely similar.

It’s not an exact match but he’d have obviously changed out pieces between TPL and becoming king, especially given that it had a huge dent in it.

For a while I was really worried that the games would try to pull a JAK WAS MAR thing which gets into some seriously creepy paradox-loop incest and… I’m really glad it didn’t go there. There’s some things that could be taken as hinting at it but in addition to being creepy it just doesn’t make sense; Jak’s a small dude and while he’s probably not done growing there’s no way he’d get THAT much bigger, and his face shape doesn’t match up either… and then there’s the fact that Mar is never depicted with ear boops (Damas doesn’t have them either; in fact no other canon character is shown to have Jak’s ear boops so they must be a pretty rare trait or even a unique mutation).

Also, imagine Jak and Dax finding out that THE GREAT MAR was actually that one overly dramatic guy whose mess they had to clean up on the way to the Citadel. They’re going over some old records with Damas and they stumble upon a mention of something that has lost its meaning to time but it’s only been a few years for them and THEY KNOW. And they proceed to completely lose their shit and Damas has no idea what’s going on and has to threaten them with mucking out the monks’ leaper stables to get them to shut up long enough to explain.

What if Jak was a twin?

It’s what happens when yyour a twin yourself and kinda wanner throw the main character into the position of being a twin themselves.
More or less this is super old and need’s to be updated - but Jak is the elder twin to respect his position and all that. No matter - a update will be soon.

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