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how big do you think the Sandover population might have actually been? it seems unlikely it would have only been the 10-ish people we see, considering they had a Mayor concerned about re-election.

I’d say at least a couple hundred, probably less than one thousand.
((I looked up the actual definition of ‘village’; the exact rules vary by region (and in some cases settlements are defined more by structure rather than size) but I found that a typical village population may be as little as 100 and up to a few thousand, so I imagine Sandover would fall into that range.))

In addition to the elected mayor (indicating a big enough population to choose a leader from a pool of candidates, not to mention have elections in the first place) Sandover also has a robust enough economy to have an explorer/trader and a sculptor. Also, I figure that having a Sage in residence and being connected to the transport ring network are signs of a big and prosperous settlement, at least relative to the average in that time.

The Farmer, Fisherman, and Mayor (at the very least) all seem like they’d have families (wives and children) and some of the villagers must have siblings/cousins who would also have spouses/kids, plus aging parents, etc. Either way, farmers need people to help tend their fields and herds, while the fishers and traders need crew for their boats; if they don’t have family to contribute they would need hired help (in the game Jak helps out around the village but he obviously doesn’t do those jobs full-time). And then there’s got to be carpenters and masons (maybe the Sculptor comes from a family of stoneworkers?), people weaving fabric and making clothes, tanners for the leather everyone wears, a forge and metalsmiths (Keira is clearly smart but there’s no way anyone with sense would let a kid learn to use a forge/torch on her own) and probably other jobs I’m forgetting. Sandover is too remote to rely on trade for necessities (no easy overland routes between villages, and the transport rings are too small to transport large quantities of goods) so the village would have to be largely self-sufficient.

Anyway yeah, I absolutely agree that there’s no way Sandover is actually only 10 people, especially considering that only two of the canon villagers are female (specifically, an elderly woman and a teenage girl). Generally speaking, none of the in-game settlements are realistically proportioned.

Okay but who else loves Jak’s sassiness? Part 1

Cause I mean

This boy has his hands on his hips almost 24/7

Ik he’s being apologetic in this one but still

Shawty’s hips want the baron dead, apparently

Dis boi tired of dealing with shit

I mean look at this face

He’s gonna be straight (yeah right) and say “You need a fucking mint.”

Eye roll of the century

“Ah yisss gonna get laid with curtain ladyyy.”

“We’ll SSOORRYYY!” <actual quote>



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This smug motherfucker always getting his way ffs

“You had to fuckin sneeze”

“You’re so lucky I love you, damn it.”

Jak is officially tired of your shit

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Where did we get the whole idea that Daxter had a bad childhood and is an orphan from anyway?

Daxter’s bad childhood is canon; almost all of the villagers in TPL (pretty much everyone except Jak) either ignored him entirely or expressed open dislike for him. The explorer calls him ‘miserably ugly’ and accuses Dax of stealing his orbs, Keira consistently blows him off and addresses Jak as though Daxter isn’t even there… and then we have Samos, who verbally abuses him and treats him like a servant throughout the whole series. On the flipside, there’s no one who really sticks up for him; even Jak doesn’t know what to do about the way Daxter is treated (being a mute, he can’t exactly speak up for Daxter, and even if he could talk he’s been manipulated and groomed to do as he’s told and not piss off the adults around him).

The idea that Daxter was orphaned or abandoned or a runaway grew out of that, in addition to other little things in TPL. None of the villagers are implied to be his family (either with how they treat him, or having a similar appearance) and no one except Jak shows any concern over his transformation. He also doesn’t have a canon house (all of the structures in Sandover clearly belong to other people) which has led to the popular fanon of him being homeless and/or squatting in abandoned structures; this theory is further supported by canon references to Daxter not bathing regularly despite his clear hatred of being dirty, implying that he doesn’t have adequate access to bathing facilities and clean clothes.

I think we can all agree that there’s no way Sandover is actually as tiny and underpopulated as what we see in game (10 people is absolutely not a sustainable population, especially considering that the only two females are an elderly woman and a teenager) so you could definitely choose to headcanon a family/home for Daxter, but I find that the narrative of him being an unwanted kid with no family or caretakers is a much better fit for how he’s treated. In a small village with limited resources, an orphan would likely be seen as an extra mouth to feed and a burden upon the community– especially considering that Dax doesn’t have an obvious ‘talent’ that would be seen as useful. Jak is an uncommonly strong channeler and has Samos to vouch for him, and Keira is a natural with machines on top of her potential as a green eco channeler; Daxter by contrast is only seen as good for menial labour and is treated like he’ll never come to anything.

The older brother shuffled a single wave at his younger sibling. As he went his own way he threw up a reassuring smile.That they can play later once he gets better.
His hand tiredly hang onto the now green eco sage’s hand as his brothers hand held tight and dear onto the offered hand of Maia. One of the Dark eco sages of the north.

He’d be better, Jak nodded into his thoughts.And then they’d get a good story from uncle tonight. He won’t be sick.
And its what the little mind kept telling himself too lessen the single worry.
It was just a bit sudden too see the back of his  younger brother walking away from him.After all the time he had stood by him and supported his own being. Going down a different route then his own today.
The elder male Samos told him it was just so his brother could get better, he’d be back in no time.But for now he had too focus on his own work.
That now there on their own paths.

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Do you think that Jak's hair went green as a child to blond tips as a teen because he stayed out in the sun more?

yes, absolutely!

I headcanon that some jnd humans have a gene that causes hair pigments to deteriorate and fade away with sun exposure (specifically UV radiation); this usually affects some pigments more than others, which accounts for the extreme gradients seen in some characters’ hair. In addition to Jak, Keira and several TPL npcs display this trait; Jak inherited it from his mother (it wasn’t present in the Mar lines) and he probably had the beginnings of lighter tips when he was first kidnapped since he was definitely in the sun a lot in Spargus.

Hair gradients are rarely seen in Haven due to various factors (including air pollution and city folk typically spending most of their time indoors) though it’s still technically present in the population. Most Havenites (those who ascribe to cultural norms and mainstream beauty standards) consider hair gradients an ‘undesirable’ trait, as it’s associated with heavy labour and is something of a ‘country hick’ stereotype; most city folk with the fade gene would prefer to dye their hair darker or wear it cut short in the event that they actually get enough sun to develop a gradient. By contrast, people living in the past and modern-day wastelanders are more likely to display the hair gradient phenotype as they spend a lot of time outdoors and lack the social stigma towards it, and Havenite colonies fall somewhere in the middle (small farming communities are less likely to care as much while bigger and more urban colonies like Kras generally follow the Havenite norm).

And while we’re on the topic of hair genetics, jnd humans naturally have a much wider range of available hair colours than irl humans (we have two pigments; I’d give jnd humans four to account for the possibility of green/blue/purple hair colours) and generally speaking their hair tends to be relatively light even among darker-skinned people. Also, frequent eco users commonly go white at a relatively young age, as seen with the Acherons and Damas; this is probably unavoidable for Jak as well.

jak throughout the trilogy

tpl: small quiet child, too precious for this world, must be protected

jak 2: edgy mc edgelord, mad at everything, actually needs to relax

jak 3: sarcastic little shit, almost dies like 3 times, honestly doesn’t care

What if Jak was a twin?

It’s what happens when yyour a twin yourself and kinda wanner throw the main character into the position of being a twin themselves.
More or less this is super old and need’s to be updated - but Jak is the elder twin to respect his position and all that. No matter - a update will be soon.

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This gif shows the progression from the continent that held Sandover Village to the creation of Haven City.
After the crew from Sandover opened the Rift and released the metalheads into the world, there were many problems for the humanoid inhabitants. The villages became more reinforced as they leveled the landscape around them. Precursor buildings slowly sunk into the ground. The metalheads eventually found Gol and Maia’s citadel, and tapped into the dark eco silos. After feeding on the dark eco and expanding their populations exponentially, the entirety of the citadel barely resembled its former self, becoming nothing but a nest for the metalheads. When Mar appeared, he initiated great change. Using the entrance to the lost precursor city, he provided a refuge for those under seige by the metalheads while they regrouped. Eventually, he drove the metalheads from the empty eco silos and what had once been the Spider Caves, and began construction of the Haven City Wall. The empty eco silos soon filled with water, which was turned into the Port and connected to the ocean. After Mar’s death, his followers used the entrance to the lost precursor city to build a tomb fit for the greatest King. When they were finished, they sealed it off.

On the far right is the beginning of the wastelands. A larger map showing the relevant parts of the world will be available soon. There are no cardinal directions present on this map because “North” and “South” change during the time lapse. As technology in this world relies on eco, compasses are drawn not toward a magnetic field, but toward the greatest source of eco available. The greatest source of eco prior to the metalheads was the eco silos, making the eco silos the northern pole. After the metalheads, the greatest source of eco is in the catacombs, putting the northern pole toward the bottom right of this map section. 

Please note that this is a headcanon pertaining to jakwagon fic. As Jakwagon fic attempts to expand on the world of Jak TPL, II and 3 canon, all headcanons are extrapolated from extensive world research, but in the end, they are just headcanons. Enjoy!

Jak and Daxter belong to Naughty Dog entertainment. Canon map pieces shown are compiled from game art maps and belong to Naughty Dog. Jakwagonfic belongs to griffinswings (me), and drowningcomic.

Things i never noticed in TPL

Jak literally stares at Keira’s butt the during entire scene she’s looking through the telescope of the Blue Sage’s house.

I honestly believed until now that even teen!Jak was a pretty innocent kid with a crush up until Jak 2. I was wrong.

He’s less ‘pure hero’ and more 'normal teen guy who saves the world with his best friend’, i see that now, and i’m sorta glad. his transition into jak2!jak makes a little more sense now, if that makes any sense? not just because he was tortured for a few years, but because he sorta had a little bit of that personality already when he was younger, like bringing dax to misty island.

it makes more sense now how he and daxter became best buds. it wasn’t really 'dax met lil jak and dragged him into stuff until he grew up enjoying it’ and more 'jak was always a troublemaker of course they’re friends’.

i’m learning so much more and i love it <3

I’ve been a fan of the ‘Mr Melodrama was young Mar’ headcanon for a while, but then I was looking at pics and realised that their armour/clothing styles are extremely similar.

It’s not an exact match but he’d have obviously changed out pieces between TPL and becoming king, especially given that it had a huge dent in it.

For a while I was really worried that the games would try to pull a JAK WAS MAR thing which gets into some seriously creepy paradox-loop incest and… I’m really glad it didn’t go there. There’s some things that could be taken as hinting at it but in addition to being creepy it just doesn’t make sense; Jak’s a small dude and while he’s probably not done growing there’s no way he’d get THAT much bigger, and his face shape doesn’t match up either… and then there’s the fact that Mar is never depicted with ear boops (Damas doesn’t have them either; in fact no other canon character is shown to have Jak’s ear boops so they must be a pretty rare trait or even a unique mutation).

Also, imagine Jak and Dax finding out that THE GREAT MAR was actually that one overly dramatic guy whose mess they had to clean up on the way to the Citadel. They’re going over some old records with Damas and they stumble upon a mention of something that has lost its meaning to time but it’s only been a few years for them and THEY KNOW. And they proceed to completely lose their shit and Damas has no idea what’s going on and has to threaten them with mucking out the monks’ leaper stables to get them to shut up long enough to explain.

  • Eco Theory 

There are six types of naturally occurring eco: Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, Dark, Light. Green Eco is the energy of Health, Blue is the energy of Motion, Yellow is the energy of Distance, Red is the energy of Strength, Dark is the energy of Corruption and Light is the energy of Spirit. At Gol and Maia’s citadel, Jak and company discover another Eco previously unknown to humans– White Eco. However, this Eco is not naturally occurring, as it was created by using a Precursor Prism mechanism to combine Green, Blue, Yellow and Red. Precursor Prisms were created and used by the Precursors for the division and combination of Ecos. 

However, Prismatic Eco Combinations are incredibly unstable, and cannot exist in combined state for very long without separating into its original colors. Some secondary Eco combinations can be found in Precursor artifacts and technology derived from Precursor technology– such as the combination of Blue and Yellow in Precursor Warp Gates, and the infusion of Red, Blue and Dark Eco into a Yellow Eco base for Haven City’s Yellow Eco guns. 

Combined Eco is very difficult to channel without damage to the host body, due to its instability. Jak is only capable of channeling White Eco due to his incredible natural channeling talent. 

Eco is created from Eco Ore, which is a matrix that holds and produces Eco Crystals. Eco is measured in Curies, with one curie being roughly equivalent to the large floating clusters seen in The Precursor Legacy. Eco production from Ore is a very slow process. (For more on Eco Crystals, see our Eco Ore headcanon post)

All sentient creatures are born with a small amount of Eco in their body. Light Eco acts as the spiritual essence or soul for humans, and can only be seen by those who have enough spiritual awareness. Because of this, few people aside from the Precursor Monks in the wastelands are aware of its existence. Alongside the Light Eco naturally present in the human body, there is a small amount of a colored Eco present at birth, giving them a natural affinity for that Eco color. Culturally, people have assigned traits to each Eco Affinity, similarly to the way we perceive traits based on astrological sign, though it is debatable whether these personality traits are in any way correlated with their Eco Affinity. 

The Eco Affinity is, however, relevant when it comes to Eco channeling and Eco sages, as the naturally occurring quantity of Eco in their body determines how well they can channel different types of Eco. To best understand this, imagine each person to be like an empty glass, and Eco to be a liquid. 

At birth, each glass is already part full, and will remain so for the rest of their lives. However, no two people’s metaphorical glasses will be filled to the exact same degree. The amount of space left over in their glass can be filled with other Eco that they come into contact with. When a person channels Eco, they fill a part of the rest of their glass with the Eco until it runs out. Someone with only a small amount of Eco naturally in their body at birth will thus be able to channel more of the Eco that they come into contact with, and utilize it more efficiently. So, the more “space” left in their glass, the better they are at channeling.

A person will also be able to better channel Eco in the same color as their Affinity. So, a person whose metaphorical glass is filled half-way at birth with Yellow may only be able to channel Blue at half efficiency and for half as long, but they will be able to channel Yellow at the full possible efficiency, and for as long as is humanly possible. A person can only become an Eco Sage for the Eco color of their natural Affinity, after becoming in tune with that Eco after years of study, channeling, and spiritual journey. 

Humans are never born with an Affinity for Dark Eco, and it is incredibly difficult and detrimental to channel. Because of the corruptive nature of Dark Eco, it will latch onto and erode any and all eco naturally present in a human body until it eventually consumes the Light Eco at their spiritual core. The only known creatures capable of harnessing Dark Eco without adverse effects are those that use Dark Eco as their spiritual essence, such as the Metalheads. Metalheads, however, do not channel in the same way that humans do, but instead feed on Eco as a nutrient source, and imbibe its power into their system permanently. 


Please note that this is a headcanon pertaining to Jakwagon fic. As Jakwagon fic attempts to expand on the world of Jak TPL, II and 3 canon, all headcanons are extrapolated from extensive world research, but in the end, they are just headcanons. Enjoy! 
Art by griffysrsbsns

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So.... I the 1st, 2nd and X-racing ND obviously wanted jak and Kira to be together, however Kira really pissed me off in the second when she firsts see jak in the 2nd "you look different" well yeah! Her and Samos kinda bothered me because they never changed while jak did. After that I feel like jak and Kira couldn't really be a couple because they're are so different form each other. What do y'all think?

I’ve never been a fan of Keira and Jak as a pairing (not even in TPL) but Keira’s treatment of Jak in renegade really cemented my dislike of it. She said some extremely hurtful things and victim-blamed him for ‘changing’ instead of trying to understand him, which indicates that any feelings she had for him were only superficial at best (you can argue that Jak’s behaviour in that scene wasn’t much better, but you can hardly expect him to open up to Keira when he hasn’t seen her in years and her first reaction to him is clearly lukewarm– she’s happier to see Daxter than she is towards Jak, despite never showing any sort of friendship towards Dax in the first game). A while back I wrote this post to explain her attitude about Krew, but that doesn’t explain why she would put her hatred of Krew before her feelings for Jak– unless those feelings were never particularly strong in the first place.

In TPL, Jak is pretty clearly smitten with Keira, and she flirts back… but only because she wants things from him. In every interaction between them, she’s like ‘find my scout flies’ or ‘I need more power cells’ or ‘oh no, my dad has been kidnapped, you have to save him!’ but we never see her actually show concern or friendship for him. It wouldn’t have taken much to throw in a line where she asks how he’s holding up or if he needs anything, which would have gone a long way towards showing that she thinks of him as a friend. Instead, she just treats him as someone convenient, or as the ‘brave hero’ who will save the day. Keira’s perception of Jak was unhealthy (probably thanks to Samos’s influence) and not conducive to a fulfilling relationship from the start.

As for Jak, he never (believably) shows a romantic interest in Keira after tpl (there’s a couple scenes where ND awkwardly shoves them together, but it’s clearly forced; they were determined to include the ‘hero gets the girl’ trope regardless of whether it makes a shred of sense for the characters). Keira and Jak never truly reconcile after their fight in renegade (it just gets glossed over like it never happened) and then in jak3 they completely ignore each other (despite them being ambiguously ‘‘‘together’’’ at the end of II). In X, Keira is flirty again, but Jak is visibly uncomfortable with her behaviour– his body language is stiff, and he leans away from her and grimaces; she’s all up in his personal space and he’s clearly not into it.

In three out of four games, we’re supposed to buy that Jak and Keira just randomly get together at the end (despite never getting any sort of build for the relationship) because ND only ever treated Keira as a prize to be won, not as an actual three-dimensional person. She had a TON of potential to be a badass supporting character and ND completely dumped that in favour of shitty love interest drama; even Ashelin and Tess and Rayn got more substantial character arcs than Keira. I’m not saying that things could NEVER work out romantically between Jak and Keira, but they’d need to put a lot of time and hard work into deconstructing all of the toxic bullshit between them before they could start building the foundation for a healthy relationship. Personally, I feel it’s far more likely they’d both move on before that happened.