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Jay park - ducks

‘But baby you look so cute in them.’ You cooed at the sight of Jay in a duck onesie you had bought for him. He gave you the look that he always gave when someone was giving him bullshit. You laughed at his expression, his arched eyebrows and the frown on his face. ‘It’s a couple look.’ You continued explaining, turning around in your duck onesie as well.

'Fuck no.’ He cursed pulling the hood that was up showing duck eyes and that stupid beak. You quickly ran to him and pulled it up again. 'No please, just tonight.’

'No.’ He told you sternly.

'But please. I promise I’ll be nice.’ You wrapped your hands around his neck trying to stop yourself from smiling at how adorable your boyfriend look. 'No.’ He said again to which you frown and pouted at.

'Don’t try to act cute. I’m not going to fall for that shit.’ He said pulling down the hood again and started to unzip the onesie. You pulled away and looked down at your feet. 'And here I thought I would wear that new lingerie for you after this.’ You muttered under your breath walking out the door in your duck onesie but before you could reach the door he pulled you by the wrist and pulled you against his chest, holding you in place. 'What lingerie?’

'The one you said was sexy last week remember?’

'You better not be fucking with me.’ He grumbled as he pulled back the hood on top of his floppy hair, a frown and a pout permanent on his face.

Hello everyone, I haven’t done one of these in a while. I just wanted to thank each and everyone of my followers and supporters. I never would of imagined myself with one follower and now I have 4,000. I love you guys and wanted to do a follow forever for some of my favorite blogs. Sorry if you’re not included, I love everyone of you and this is just a quick one. Please, if you ever need anything or need to talk feel free to message me. 


@adoringcameron @ariellacaniff

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In celebration of reaching my goal, I decided to make a follow forever. For this one I decided to include all my blogs and fandoms involved. I’m posting it on this blog instead of on each individual blog because i can’t follow people on secondary blogs so if I follow you for another blog, I follow you on this account. There are two blogs that I’m not including in this because one is just a tutorial blog and the other is a personal blog so I will post an individual follow forever for the personal blog. Anyways, I love all of your blogs and stay awesome. If you are in any of these fandoms, please follow the blogs listed below :) **it’s in abc order!**

Janoskians Blog (sexmeluke)
*DISCLAIMER* If you are a multi blog I did not list you below because I only wanted active 100% janoskian blogs and the list was getting really long. I still love you if you went multi and I might add you to something I'm doing later.

barkoskians ● beavbrooksofficial ● beaumas ● beaunut ● curiousdirtypigs ● coolaskians ● dtf-jai ● dareoskians ● explicitjai ● fvckingbeau ● hailskip ● hugsbeau ● janoskiabs ● jais-slutt ● janoslothskians ● janoskiansidek ● janoskiansss-four-life ● janoskiansupdate ● jjanoskianboys ● janocunt ● janoskimoans ● janoskians-janoskian ● janoskiansinthewilderness ● janokian ● jaibrookscock ● janoskianscrocs ● jais-onesie ● jaisheart ● kissmeluke ● lukesfairy ● lukewtf ● lukesbeaut ● lukesclit ● lukebrook ● lukerbrooks ● mylittlebeau-tie ● melbourne-beau-ty ● onlukesdick ● ofdomenic ● peniskians ● sahyourie ● sexyjaidon ● sahyounieh ● sexifiedluke ● whoreskip ● yammounii ● youstube ● youguysarejanoskians

Hannibal Blog (hannibalmeat)

adsmikkelsen ● assmikkelsen ● cryingovercannibals ● drhanniballecter ● fuckyeahannibal ● fuckyeahannibalecter ● fuckinghannibal ● granpappy-winchester ● holograhams ● hannibalspenis ● hannisballs ● hannigram ● hannibals-animal-rising ● hannibalsbasement ● hannibalcannibaldancy ● idontfindyouthatinteresting ● licensetocannibalize ● madsmikkelsennews ● plaid-suits-and-paisley-ties ● purempathy ● thesilenceofthefannibals ● willrgaham ● willgaham ● willgrahambreak ● will-grahams-straitjacket

Humor Blog (reading-rainbeau)

awkwardvagina ● berxerk ● barkingforbrooks ● bewbin ● circumcising ● elovers ● fanmailed ● fucknobroarmy ● humorking ● hakuna-patatas ● jakemalik ● lindsaylohoean ● magikkarp ● officialmyspace ● puked-rainbowss ● pizza ● ruinedchildhood ● teenscoolest ● twerkerus

Photography Blog (wishingmist)

ampherio ● lucajsphotography ● naturalpalettes ● p0sterghosts ● under–a-cascade-of–stars

Black & White Blog (startingsilver)

black-and-white—dreams ● clamavi ● c-isnenegro ● emissarium ● floridu-s ● hasnofix ● luminosas ● our-fragile-souls ● perfectlyquaint ● s-ectumsempr4 ● sadpandaaa

So I decided to make a follow forever since I finally reached 1k!! I know to some of you it’s not a lot but to me its heaps. When I made this blog I didn’t think I would ever reach 10 followers let alone 1000! I love you all and im so sorry if I missed you out. btw thank you katie for making this edit for me ily

(if you are in bold you are secretly one of my favs)


5hopelessboys, beaumas, beaurection, beausotp, beausqueen, beavbrooksofficial, blowingbeaudry, cutejye, cuteluke, dareoskians, ejaiculation, fuckbeaus, fvckingbeau, glenroylegends, hailskip, hornyskians


jaibrookscock, jais-onesie, jaisheart, jamesyammaniggah, janoeskian, janokian, janoholics, janosass, janoshrooms, janosilver, janoskiansblog, janoskiansidek, janoskiantattoos, janoskimoans, janoskiweed, janotube, jjanoskianboys, kissmeluke


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ofdomenic, okjaidon, omfgjaidon, perksoflukebrooks, prostiluke, puked-rainbowss, sahyounieh, sahyourie, secutejai, sexifiedluke, sexmeluke, sexyjaidon, unicornbeau, we-are-the-fagnoskians, wefuckedonatrain, yammounii, youguysarejanoskians, youstube

and of course lukebrooks, beaubrooksofficial, jaibrooksofficial

thank you all for making my dash wonderful


heyyyy, i’ve made a follow forever to celebrate my blogs 2nd birthday WOO! 2 years ago on March 19th 2012 this blog was formed! from janoskians-obsesser to now janosass, from 0 to over 3k followers thank you, i’d like to thank all my followers i’ve had along these 2 years who always make me want to come online! sorry i can’t include everyone, and i may forget some people i apologise, but here is my very first follow forever! :) x 


adoringthejanoskiansanthonymarkbrooksluke,  beaubrookssbeaumas, brooksfabbrookstonguecutelukedatinglukey, dareoskiansdogsaregonnabark11dopeyjaii, dtf-jaifloralbeau, fuckbeaus, glenroysluke


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jais-onesiejais-slutt, janoeskian, janokianj-anooskiansjan0ssex, janoskiansalldayerrday, janoskiananswersjanoskiansblogjanoskians-bloggg, janoskiansidek, janoskiantattoos, janoskiiansjanoskianspostssjanosmydrugs, jjanoskianboys, janoskians-fever, janoskianswhat, janoskiweed, janoskianxxxxjumpwiththejanoskians, lukejaicum,  lukejob, karolinabrooks, lubeebrookss, lukesbeautlukebrookseyeslukeduhlukeperfectbrookslukesbigcocklukeyofmyheart, lukesblondquifflukes-softhands, mrsbrooksluke, mylittlebeau-tie, ofdomenic


sahyouriesassy4luke, sexmeluke, spiderluke, uhjanoskiansyewlukeyonibrookszouiscity

Thank you everyone, i’ve probably left some people out, so sorry! this is my first ever follow forever haha! Happy 2nd birthday to janosass 19/3/12, but i’m posting this a day early haha! :) x  

HEY EVERYONE! This is my end of year follow forever, I just wanted to say thank you to every single one of you for following my blog it means so much to me you have no idea.

These are just some of my favourite blogs and some blogs that have stood out to me the most this year (sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone) thanks for making my dash interesting and hilarious :)

beaniejai beausotp beausqueen beavbrooksofficial brooksmajesty brookstongue

capitolsecrets chillbeachvibes chloeepeters cutejye cuteluke

dannhowel dareoskians dopeyjaii dunnobeau

ejaiculation electrabeau erectluke

fagnoskiuns fiestajai fiinharies fvckingbeau

getfvckedcunt glenroylegends


jahoojanoskians jaibrookscock jais-onesie jaiwowww janosilver janoskianscrocs janoskiansidek janoskiians janoskimoans jjanoskianboys

kingsahyoune kinsgofleon

love-dev lukbrooks lukecum lukenoodle lukeoskian lukesbeaut lukesbigcock lukesfab lukesfairy lukesigh lukesillusion lukeslamb lukesprettybrowneyes lukessbutt

meaghandowling melsbournes

onlukesdick orgxsmluke


sahyourie sexmeluke sexyjaidon sitd0wndirtypig stellagns





yammounii youguysarejanoskians


And of course lukebrooks jaibrooksofficial beaubrooksofficial

Wishing you all the best for 2014 :)

Love, Hannah aka lukesbigbanana