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i’m a fan of anything that makes rich old white men angry. anything. sodomy? as long as everyone’s consenting, cool! women’s rights? damn right i’m down for that! Inclusionary/intersectional feminism? Fuck yeah! Bernie Sanders? You bet!

today i was listening to the radio on a delivery and the dj was talking to a 15 year old dealing with suicidal thoughts and urges. And he kept telling her how horrible everyone else would feel. And basically trying to guilt her out of her suicide. I wanted to reach through my rdio and slap him across the face. That is not how you help someone suicidal. Speaking as someone who has been suicidal for several years, other people have never been my reason for staying alive. The problem is, people who haven’t been there, don’t understand what it’s like to have your own brain rebel against you. To have thoughts you don’t want to have creep into your mind. Thoughts that tell you that everyone hates you, that you’re not worth the space you take up or the air you breathe. They don’t understand that the enemy you’re fighting isn’t some fucking boogeyman. It’s your own damn thoughts. Sometimes my reasons for not killing myself are as simple as “I want to see how this television show ends,” or, “I want to see the Grand Canyon before I die.” Sometimes, it’s this thought that maybe, if I go through all of this negativity now, then the universe will send something good my way. Because, yes, this is about me. 100%.
so stop guilting suicidal people
stop calling them selfish
stop calling them weak
because we’re not
we’re strong as hell.
we fight day in and day out an unseen war inside our own heads.

i love dane dehaan

But I don’t knw if it’s because he looks like a cute lesbian,

External image

or because he’s just a generally attractive guy

maybe it’s the dimples?

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or the wardrobe choices

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look at this goofy motherfucker.

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what even are you doing Dane, stop

I know I’m fat.
And sometimes,
I still get self-conscious.
Everybody does, though.
But on some nights,
Nights when I’ve been good about
Being physical during the day,
And having real food for dinner,
The nights when my belly is just a little
Rounder than usual,
I admire my warm stomach,
And my strong legs that have taken me so far,
My extra layer of skin that lets me wear fewer 
Layers of clothes in the winter
And yes, even the little flabs under my arms
Because you know what?

This body has seen more
Has been through more
Has endured more
Thank I’d care to admit.
Crash Diets, 
“Miracle Pills,”
“Forgetting” to eat for days
(Though, sometimes, I actually do forget to eat
And I thank my extra fat for 
Letting me survive those days)

And You know what?
I am damn good at hugging,
I am a good pillow,
I am a great cuddler. 
I am a human furnace.
When I need to,
I can go the extra mile.
So, yeah

I’m fat,

But I’m okay with that.

you are beautiful.

you are loved.

if by no one but me, you are loved.

I know it probably doesn’t mean much coming from a teenager on the internet,

but I really do love you. 

and I can’t imagine a world without you.

So chin up, little soldier, and keep marching on,

‘cos this battle you’re fighting?

whatever it may be,



anonymous asked:

I don't know how I found your blog yet I follow you :s can I ask who is the robot looking guy you sometimes blog about?

Oh! Well, hello friend. and welcome!!

You mean this guy??

External image

This is The Spine

AKA David Michael Bennett

He’s a part of one of my favourite bands: Steam Powered Giraffe

External image

And they all have Tumblrs!! 

The person on the left is Rabbit, AKA Bunny, and her blog is bunnybennett

The person in the middle is Hatchworth, AKA Sam and his blog is officialhatchworth

and The Spine AKA David is on the right, and his blog is davidmichaelbennett

(Fun fact: David and Bunny are twins!! Isn’t that hecka rad????)

and if you like steampunk and goofy and super spooky lyrics, with a fun, folksy vibe, you should totes check them out!! :)

YOU GUYS. SPG AS A VILLIAN GROUP ON SPIDERMAN. CAN YOU IMAGINE? “The Spine.” “Rabbit.” “the Jon.” “We’re. . . Steam Powered Giraffe.”

And Peter would be all, “really? Giraffe? Jon? That’s the best you can do? ”

But then they’d prove themselves worthy adversaries and Spidey would only make fun of them occasionally because “Really, Spine. Your head and spine aren’t connected to your body? That’s not even scary. Just weird and slightly creepy.”