I have enough of all the Jaime/Brienne “ship”.

Let me start with this gif that expresses what I feel and think about it:

1) I really don’t understand why some people are so CONVINCED and WANT to believe that when Jaime, in the 5x04 episode, looks to the Tarth’s island, he had the “heart eyes”…

Guys, you are a little bit confuse. Let me show you what “heart eyes” looks like:

Do you remember the “return”, right?

2) When Jaime, in the same episode, had this “breakfast” conversation with Bronn:

How could, you guys, just thinking that he was talking about Brienne?!

It’s OBVIOUS that he was thinking about C E R S E I , and ONLY about her.
SHE is the woman he loves and ALWAYS will be.
“I am not whole without you”. They are two parts of the same person, remember this. Some people, more than some I’m afraid, thinks that, because of all the “incestuous relationship” thing, they can’t be together and it’s insane, bad, mad, etc; I’m sure somebody will find in them the cause of the Ozone depletion, the disappearing of the Artic sea ice, the crop circles, and so on… BUT, can you, for a moment, think of them as just a COUPLE, please? Without the genetic in the middle. They just love each other, that’s it. They have, for all their lives, love each other without any political, social, economical reason (like ALL other couples on GoT). They are “meant to be”.

If you have doubts about this, read the books of asoiaf: it’s much more clear in them what I’m trying to explain here. (And yes, there are books…)

So, I hope this thing is clear and all the Jaime/Brienne shipping will end soon.

There is only one shipping: JAIME/CERSEI. Forever.

Game Of Thrones 4x03 Jaime & Cersei Lannister in the Sept

I challenge you to watch this without the sound.  It looks like two people having sex.

Cersei knew exactly what she was doing here.  The only time she really pulls away is when she gets grossed out by his lack of a hand. 

This is not blaming the victim.  Are we really to believe that Cersei actually loses control of him here?  That she doesn’t know exactly what to do or say to get him to stop?  She knew he needed to feel in control, and she needs this in order to get him to do what she wants.

Perhaps a better choice of dialogue would have fixed it.  But if you look at it in the light of it being part of Cersei’s crazy plan, it makes total sense.

Ultimately It was done too subtly, for sure.  But he is not a rapist and she is a hateful woman.  Nothing is ruined and I think that will be more than obvious next Sunday.