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jaimeswhitecloak asked: house lannister or house martell


the lord of the rings + faramir in ithilien

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“They walked in silence for a while, passing like grey and green shadows under the old trees, their feet making no sound; above them many birds sang, and the sun glistened on the polished roof of dark leaves in the evergreen woods of Ithilien.”


This is my first follow forever. Yaaay! I just want to tell you, how much I love your blogs and fangirl over you! I have never talked to 95% of the following list, but you all make my dashboard the perfect place to procrastinate and I thank you very much for that!

[I hope I havn’t forgotten someone D: Also, check out my blogroll for more amazing blogs!]

Basically, I just love all of you. ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ) Deal with it.


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dvnedain  asked:

your new url is a+, and I like your icon a lot even though I can't tell who it is haha. if I'm very honest, I'm not sure about those three gifs on top of each other in your sidebar, though I like them all individually! :)

Thanks, hon! Yeah, it’s an idea I got from Uni though he uses it to show his different fandoms. I wasn’t sure about it at first on my blog either, but I think it’s really grown on me! :) 

Favorite thing about your blog: I love the simplicity of your theme and that sidebar gif and updates tab are lovely!

Rating: ✮✮✮

Advice: Nothing that I can see! :) 

Tell me what you think of my new url/icon/sidebars for a blog rate/advice!


(I have over 20 now, guys so I won’t get to finish all the rest. Feel free to keep sending in opinions on my blog if you want though! Ily!)

dvnedain  asked:

♤ - pet peeves

  2. the emoticon “xD” or “XD” jfc oh god
  3. people who spell “you’re” as “your” and vice versa.
  4. people telling me something but i can’t hear it and when i ask again they say “nevermind”.
  5. the noise you hear when a spoon or fork is grinding against a plate. it hurts my ears.