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39 blow a kiss with Jaime

He’s overhead of the city, after a long mission with the rest of Young Justice. Jaime was trying to, well, enjoy the scenery before Nightwing called them back to base. The sunrise was beautiful, but it made him thinking about how hard his mom was going to kick his ass once he got back to Texas. Which was at least a three-hour flight, and she’d definitely be home.

“Jaimeeeee.” He’s not exactly sure how, but he hears you from the ground. Khaji might’ve had something to do with it, but pretending he had super-hearing was a preferable option. 

He starts a descent, thinking that, well, a few minutes wasn’t going to hurt anything and he had to say goodbye to you. “Khaji, do we have, I don’t know, binoculars in this suit?” He gets a (strangely, somewhat weary) response of, ‘Enhancing image’, before he can see you perfectly, zoomed in and in high definition. “Thanks, man.”

Like you knew he could see you, you wave both arms in the air, grinning, triumphant from the last battle. You put both hands over your mouth, blowing him a kiss with the force of both of your arms. He’s not sure if you can see him, but he plays along a bit, recoiling like it physically hit him, before holding it to his chest, his wings fluttering. You laugh, he can tell by the way you tilt your head back, and call back to him, “Come down here, lovebug! I’m not done with you yet!”