Bronn the Prophet

Deleted dialogue between Tyrion and Bronn from the season 7 finale outline. Bronn on Jon and Dany:

Now remember what he said about Jaime and Brienne in season 6? Of course you do:

J/B 2k19 Bang CONFIRMED.

J/B is the slowest burn that ever burned in the books and in this godforsaken show but with GRRM and even D&D’s setup it’s no surprise to those who have been paying attention. Hold on to your butts.

What if all the game of thrones dialogue ended with “Biytch” : A concept

Some Examples :

“I was born to rule the Seven Kingdoms, Biytch”

“There are no men like me, Biytch”

“The king in the North, Biytch”

“Your brother…or your lover, Biytch”

“When you play the game of thrones you win or you die, Biytch”

“Oathkeeper, Biytch”

“Look the pie, Biytch!”

“The pie is dry, Biytch”

“He is choking, Biytch”

“It will always be yours, Biytch”

“I’m a slow learner but I learn, Biytch”

“You know who I think is the ugliest girl in Westeros? That Brienne of Tarth! You know what I would give her on a scale of 1 to 10? 1 would be the ugliest and 10 pretty… I would give her an 8… 8.5… or a 9… not over a 9.8 ‘cos there is always room for improvement. Not everyone is perfect, like me. That’s why I’m holding out for a 10. Because I’m worth it!”

-Jaime Lannister, probably.

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Jaime hates when he needs to be away from Brienne, but the reality of being King and Queen of the Seven Kingdoms means the affairs of state occasionally take them to opposite ends of Westeros.

“jaime and brienne would never be happy together because jaime would try to force her into a conventional feminine role!!!”

dude, jaime didn’t give her a valyrian steel sword so she could make him a sandwich with it

I cannot wait for more of Brienne and her men. First up, we’ve got her newly minted bromance with Sandor Clegane. They’re totally gonna be battle buddies and dote on the Stark sisters together. Next up, we’ve got too-cool-for-school Jaime Lannister ready to fuck loyalty with her. There will be so many more longing gazes and flirty banter now that they are finally on the same side. Everyone in Westeros will start a pool on if or when they’ll get together. Finally, we’ve got poor Tormund who will totally ignore that she’s already got a bestie and a love interest and sit at their lunch table to try to woo her. And let’s not forget Pod, her loyal squire and president of her fanclub. Brienne’s come such a long way from being rejected by dumb average men to being respected by one very nice guy and three of the most badass fighters in Westeros.