lads i’ve been thinking about asoiaf a LOT recently and how much i love it and i need more asoiaf mutuals so like/rb and let’s be pals if you post:
-the stark siblings
-jaime x brienne
-theon greyjoy
-team dragonstone
-sansaery, throbb and gendrya aka ENDGAME👀
-modern au stuff?? I’m dying here
-fuck it, asoiaf in general idc if you stan joffrey i just need more asoiaf fans in my life😩

what i want in got s7 vs what i need

what i want:


arya and gendry reunion

jon and arya reunion

in fact just a full stark family reunion

edmure to get his family back


jaime x brienne

jaime to kill cersei

daenerys on the iron throne

happy sansa

hodor NOT returning as a white walker

tyrion and sansa reunion

*that* tyrion davos and gendry scene

rhaegar lyanna and elia flashback scene

what i need:

petyr baelish to fucking die