POW! WOW! LONG BEACH! 2016, Completed Murals.

A collection of the completed murals for POW! WOW! LONG BEACH! which took place during the week of July 11th, 2016 in Long Beach, California.

The mural festival is part of POW! WOW!, a global art movement which brings local, national, and international artists together to help enrich and enliven locations with their artwork and murals.

Participating artists for POW! WOW! LONG BEACH! included (above): Felipe Pantone, Sarah Joncas, Edwin Ushiro x Andrew Hem x Yoskay Yamamoto, Defer, Jaime Molina, Telmo Miel, Brendan Monroe, Aaron Li-Hill and Dragon76 plus more!

Continue below to see all the stunning photographs of the murals by Brandon Shigeta:

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