jaime with no pants

I noticed when Jaime and Brienne are having emotional moments Jaime always inhales his breath and Brienne’s chin always quibbles and each time they meet they become more and more exaggerated, like Brienne looked like her chin was having a little dance when she left Jaime’s tent and Jaime was practically panting when he saw Brienne on the boat. So as much as I want them to meet up again asap I’m kinda scared that Jaime will forget how to breathe and Brienne will break her fucking jaw if they do. 

honestly one of the most hillarious anti- arguments about the Bath Boner is “but that happens all the time sweaty :)) i get boners looking at a half decent sandwich that’s it was an accident :)) he’s not into her it just happens on accident sometimes :)))) ”

like certainly i agree with you!! except we are not discussing a real life incident?? you know what also happens in real life sometimes?? really loud farts that you thought were gonna go out quietly, walking into a room and forgetting why you went there, tripping on your shoelaces and walking out of the restroom with toilet paper hanging out of your pants. like sure, jaime could have also gotten a case of explosive diarrhoea in that bath, and it would have been quite realistic in fact, considering he was practically rotting away at that point with infection. 


no writer puts those little “””realistic”” moments in one of the most pivotal characterisation moments of a character unless they want to bring a point across. It’s a little something called the Law of Conservation of Detail in media. 

I mean what other purpose does that boner serve narratively, other that to show that he is (at least subconsiously) attracted to Brienne? To tell us that despite the hardships he still has a fully functional penis? It just doesn’t make sense, especially as a prelude to one of the most important and profound Jaime moments in 5 books.

but no i’m sure you guys are right, I can’t wait for Cersei to shart her gown in the next small council meeting

Juls and I are looking at all the costumes in June’s living room right now and oh my god she is wildly talented. As if we didn’t know that. But one thing… Why hasn’t anyone questioned the fact that Walker’s pants are shorter than mine, Jaime’s or Meredith’s??