jaime when cersei


s h e   d e s e r v e d   b e t t e r … . .

game of thrones writers, all i want is:

more: brienne/jaime moments

less: cersei/jaime moments

All the people that are not watching Game of Thrones anymore because of the [****SPOILER ALERT****] rape scene between Ramsay and Sansa, like bitch you weren’t makin a huge stink when random women were being raped by Dothraki men in Season 1 and you didn’t stop watching when Jaime Lannister raped Cersei earlier this season (which didn’t happen in the books so i pretend it never happened) because y’all hate on Cersei. If you were really bothered you would have stopped watching in Season 1. And don’t get all high and mighty now when you didn’t say a damn thing when Daenerys was being raped by her husband or when fuckin Crastor married and raped/impregnated his daughters and then KILLED HIS MALE CHILDREN. So yeah, stop watching cause NOW you have moral problems with the show. Okay. Sure.