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It just seemed too perfect to pass up, so I drew a Bluepulse thing based off of a Boostle thing.

Jaime’s super-dads would approve of his actions.


“S e r  J a i m e ?” Even in soiled pink satin and torn lace, Brienne looked more like a man in a gown than a proper woman. “I am grateful, but…you were well away. Why come back?”
A dozen quips came to mind, each crueler than the one before, but Jaime only shrugged.
“I  d r e a m e d  o f  y o u ,” he said.

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I made this for the # LoveisLove tag on twitter, but also because I saw a lot of undeserved hate going through the BluePulse tag the other day. Y’all, let’s just be a happy fandom as we always where!!!

Let’s be excited about the new season, let’s cheer for our ships, let’s hope our favorites characters have more screen time. Let’s be loud, let’s have fun! We are getting a new season after so long, why spend the time we could be partying dwelling on hate?


Pour one out for all the ships that will never sail so that D & D can hastily push the S.S. Jonaerys out to sea…

Oh so here’s something funny.

Popular theory: Jaime Lannister, a one-handed knight, is secretly the bastard son of Aerys Targaryen and the half-brother of Daenerys the Conqueror

GRRM’s history of Westeros: Orys Baratheon, a one-handed knight, was secretly the bastard son of Aerion Targaryen and the half-brother of Aegon the Conqueror

I swear GRRM is such a troll, this is getting out of hand.

So I think I finally pinpointed the thing that pisses me off the most about all those people going “oh jb’s relationship is so pure without the need for romance!!1!1” and “brienne’s storyline shouldnt revolve around a man!!1!!1″ and all that

It’s that not only are they completely misinterpreting what the shippers are saying, but also that they are ignoring how much sense a sexual/romantic jb relationship would make narratively

Like sex and romance is and has been a huge part of both their storylines?? 

First we have jaime, the man whose romantic entanglement with his sister cause an entire war, who has been unwaveringly faithful and loyal to her, to the point where he has never been with another woman, who has viewed her as his other half and spends all of ASoS solely motivated by seeing her again, and then has to deal with her rejection. Along with the theme of honor, jaime is mostly characterized by that strong romantic streak, and the unhealthy, codependent dynamic he developed with cersei is a huge part of both his characterisation and the plot overall

and then we have brienne, who was made to realize from a very young age that she wasnt desirable or wanted by men, the woman mockingly called “Brienne the Beauty” whose maidenhead was the subject of a wager, the girl who was told a man would only want her wealth and status, and who devoted her life to renly simply because he showed kindness to her

like, you have two characters, who want desperately to be loved and feel they cannot, who gave themselves over completelely to other people when they gave them acceptance. you also have two characters who have never been in a healthy sexual relationship, and that is all very important to their arcs. 

so when i see articles saying that a jb romance would “cheapen the relationship” or would be a “disservice to flatten it into ‘will they or won’t they’” i gotta roll my eyes, because it falls miles off the mark

a jb romance would not only not be a disservice to the chaarcters and the dynamic, it would actually be a perfectly fitting closure to their personal character arcs, the way they have been set up for the past 3 books

The beautiful thing about this scene was that, at first, I was feeling like Tyrion, begging Jaime to stop doing what he was doing, begging him to turn back and save himself.

In a way, I wanted him to be selfish and run away.
But that’s not Jaime Lannister.

Jaime Lannister proved himself to be so selfless and brave and loyal, that I almost felt guilty in demanding those things from him. He showed strength and compassion, he showed that honor that Brienne has always seen in him, he proved to be the commander who doesn’t abandon his soldiers and the man who doesn’t abandon his family even when everything seemed lost.

That’s Jaime Lannister.
That’s who Jaime Lannister truly is.
And I am so proud of him.

What does consent look like?

If the objection to Jaime/Brienne is that Jaime’s a rapist and therefore Brienne can do better, then there should be alternatives other than shipping her with Tormund.

If the problem with Jaime is “he’s a scumbag rapist,” then Brienne’s relationship should be centered on her consent. With that in mind…she does not consent to romance with Tormund.

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Apparent Game of Thrones Season 8 script leak:

First Episode: Opening is showing how dark sky take over the sun. Then we see NK riding Viserion and burning Castle Black and killing all the watch. Edd dies in battle against a Walker. Then we are in Winterfell. Huge army of North and Danys army together. All the Starks in Weirwood tree. Bran using his power and tells it’s happening. Big battle where they’ll lose a lot of their friends. There is Drogon, Rhaeger and Viserion battle. Starks army and Danys army meets Jaimes army. They talk about situation and what to do next. Cersei close the Kingslanding from people and gather all the wildfire for bombs. She’s crazier than ever. She has lost a child in final episode in season 7 and can’t take it.

Second Episode: NK attacks Pyke. Euron fights NK. Euron has valyrian armor. Also that axe he use is valyrian steel. He use the axe to hit NK, but NK doesn’t die. Only bleeds blue blood. Pyke is destroyed. Euron escapes with the rest of his fleet. Jaime and Tyrion decide to go back to Kingslanding for one last time. They’ll try convincing Cersei to help them and give them all what they need to defeat the dead army or they’ll all die eventually.

Third Episode: Euron meets Jon, Dany and Jaime. They want to kill Euron, but can’t. Eurons navy is too great and would escape if they kill Euron. Euron tells that NK can’t be killed like other Walkers like Jon told them in Kingslanding. Valyrian steel only bleeds him. Episode ends as Melisandre returns. Before the war comes to its moment, A Great Council is held and Jon is chosen King by the remaining lords. Dany is told she is pregnant.

Fourth Episode: All the armies of Jon, Dany, Jaime (Bronn is in charge) and Euron are preparing for battle against the dead army. Bran use his power to talk with NK. NK show why he is doing this all and it’s because he hates humans from what they did. Bran doesn’t understand it and NK uses his power to make Bran hurt. Bran goes crazy and sees things in the past. He sees original Azor Ahai and how he makes his sword to be Lightbringer. Euron takes Theon to Yara. Yara is captured in the ship Silence and there is more prisoners too. Euron bleeds them to make his ship stronger and to make fog to hide his navy. Theon tries to fight Euron, but loses. Euron tells them that he has plan to take over the Long Night. Jaime and Tyrion has gone to Kingslanding. Cersei doesn’t open the gates, but they found away to inside. Cersei uses Mountain to keep them away. The Mountain and Jaime fight. Jaime loses but Cersei stops Mountain from killing Jaime. Jaime is imprisoned. He talks with Cersei and Cersei wants to burn Kingslanding and them in it. Jaime kills Cersei by strangling her. Tyrion meets Qubyrn and kills him with dagger. He founds the map and finds out where the wildfire bombs are in the Kingslanding. He has an idea how to use them.

Fifth Episode: Before the war A Great Council is held. Jon is chosen King by the remaining lords. Night descends over Westeros(its now Mid Day). Arya, Sansa, Brienne, Pod, Tyrion and Greyworm will lead the defense of Winterfell * Bran is at The Wierwood with Maester Wolken and Sam. Howland Reed is ordered to flood the neck with Wildfire if they lose. With The King are Davos, Beric, The Hound, Jorah Mormont & Melisandre. We see Drogon (ridden by Dany) and Rhaegal (controlled by Bran) scouting for the army of the dead. Dothraki & Freefolk(from the Dreadfort) are at the kingsroad. Knights of the Vale are north of the Wolfwood at the bottom of the mountain. The fighting beginss. Wights begin descending over the mountain. The Knights of the Vale fall back in the Wolfwoods. The army of the dead are marching down the kingsroad. Dothraki and Freefolk meet them head on. The Night King appears on Visirion. Visirion kills most of the Dothraki. The Night King moves the whole army to the Wolfwood. The Dothraki and Freefolk survivors join the main army. Has does the Manderly army from White Harbor. About a thousand square feet of the wolfwood has been cut out. All survivors move into the deforested area. All the Wights enter the wolfwoods. Melisandre and Beric use magic and give up their lives to burn down the wolfswood. All the wights perish. Drogon & Rhaegal Burn the wights that didn’t enter the forest. The Night King/Visirion and Dany/Drogon crash into one another. Dany falls a great distance from where Drogon landed. The Night King tries to attack Dany but he is stopped by Tormund. Tormund is killed by The Night King, He turns back to Dany. King (Jon) & Jorah See this and run to help her. The Night King stabs Dany in front of The King and Jorah. Drogon and Rhaegal scream out in rage. Bran is disconnected from Rhaegal. Tormund is turned into a wight. Jorah get Dany out of the fighting zone. Visirion lands in front of Jorah. Jorah is killed by the Visirion. Visirion flies to Winterfell. Bran takes back control of Rhaegal. Visirion lands in front of the weirwood tree. Sam is defending Bran. Sam Slays Visirion using Heartsbane. King (Jon) wins his duel with Wight Tormund. King (Jon) is now 1 on 1 with The Night King. King (Jon) duals valiantly but he falls. The Night King is about to deal the Final blow. But Drogon & Rhaegal both land behind Jon. Jaime Lannister rides by and knocks the ice sword out of his hand. With a distraction from King (Jon). Jaime stabs The Night King in the chest and takes the dragon glass out of him. Night King Turns back into a normal man. Drogan & Rhaegal roast the man. The army of the dead is defeated. All gather around Dany. The King holds Dany. She tells him will make a great King. Danaerys dies. As the Night King has died, and he’s the one who brings storm and darkness with him. Then the “Long Night” has ended, Winter is over and Spring has Returned. Somewhere in the mix Sansa and Tyrion end up together.

nonnie-villeneuve  asked:

Heyyy!! I saw your last Jaime Lannister imagine...I was hoping you'd do a modern Jaime imagine...you know how I f**king love him! Haha! Thanksss!!

Pairing: Jaime Lannister x Reader
Fandom: GoT ; ASoIaF
Warnings: language + almost smut (lol, I know)

A/N: you know what? thanks to your request, I fell in love with the idea of a modern lannister family. I really had my fun with this and might even continue with it, like.. damn. HOPE YOU LIKE IT BOO <33


“Wait, let me get this straight,” you put down your coffee and were already laughing. “Your father wants to have a family reunion. With the family that you haven’t had contact with in ages, apart from Tyrion. And because your sister still seems to be obsessed with you, you told them that you would bring your fiance, despite of the fact that you don’t have one, and said that I was the fiance?”

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anonymous asked:

I think you're completely right that Jaime sees Aerys in Dany and that that's why we got his POV on that scene, but the irony of all this is that it's Cersei who's Aerys. Cersei who did the very thing Jaime was terrified Aerys would do and killed him to stop. Jaime is seeing the parallels between Aerys and Daenerys for obvious reasons, but missing the ones between Aerys and Cersei, or choosing not to look at them. Dany is actually much further from Aerys than the woman Jaime loves and supports.

Right… And that’s why I am saying it’s not the Dany and Aerys parallel that actually is the important one. It’s the Jaime parallel.

Jaime has the perspective of someone who’s uniquely familiar with the madness and cruelty of the last Targaryen ruler. And whether he was right or wrong, that’s what he perceived when he looked at Dany and Drogon during that battle scene. The effects of trauma and terror and fear aren’t always rational. (Obviously because he took off towards a grown ass fire breathing dragon and literally EVERYONE was Tyrion in that moment he wins #bigmood of the episode.) People in Westeros have this ~idea~ of who the Targaryens are in their heads. Yes, a majority of it has been fed by exaggeration and legend. But for other people like Jaime, it’s based in life experience.

You’re right, Dany is not Aerys. Cersei is definitely the clear, obvious, heavy handed Aerys parallel… But Jaime wasn’t there when Cersei burnt down the Sept, I don’t know how he would have reacted. Any attempt on my part to try  and guess would be pure conjecture. But all I am saying is that there was a reason Jaime saw this moment and this battle specifically.