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The First Time's A Charm. (A Tony Perry Smut)

Can you do a tony perry smut where he’s a virgin and you’re not?


-Your POV- “Come on.” A drunk senior begged me. He’s begging me to sleep with him, and that’s not going to happen. See he wants to get with me because he’s a virgin, and I’m not. I lost my virginity during my sophomore year, I’m a junior now. For the last time, jerk off.” I said sternly. Clearly I don’t. He took it and walked away with the red cup of beer in one hand. Finally. I sat in the couch as the party around me kept on going. I hated these types of things. My friend wanted me to come, so far she’s off somewhere. “Aye, y/n!” A familiar voice behind me said, I turned around and saw Jaime Preciado smiling. "Jaime!” I exclaimed and run up to him and hugged the shit out of him. "Easy there.” He laughed out, being strangled. "So what’s going on tonight?” I asked. "Well from what I know Mike brought the weed, Vic went to go get more beer, and… Oh have you met my friend Tony?” I shook my head. Tony. Where did I hear that name before? “Well he’s over here.” Jaime lead me to his friend. I saw the cutest guy ever! He’s about 5’8, he has snake bites, black hair, and big brown eyes. God damn he was sexy as hell. But, Tony, seemed a bit shy. Once I greeted him he barely smiled. "I’m y/n.” I said, slightly blushing. "T-Tony.” Tony stuttered out. "I’ll leave you two alone.” Jaime said to us me as he winked. I rolled my eyes and smiled. "So, you’re a senior?” I asked. "Yeah, and you?” I shook my head. “Junior.” I simply said. "C-cool.” "Why are you nervous?” I asked. "I’m always like that.” Tony said lowly. "It’s okay, I won’t bit… Maybe.” I chuckled out, so did Tony. Yes, I maybe flirting. Oh well! Through out the whole night we talked about our likings, dislikes, everything. Apparently he likes Star Wars and turtles! I love them if I do say so myself. After that Vic brought more beer, Tony and I didn’t hesitate to get some. "Drink responsibly kids.” Vic said playfully, pointing a finger at us. I chuckled, clearly he’s drunk. "Yeah, whatever.” Tony responded before taking a sip at the cup. Wow. Tony is really social when alcohol is around. By now we’re both buzzed, not drunk. There is a huge difference! I was talking to Tony about something that happened last week. It was pretty humorous. That’s when someone dropped their drink on me! "Ah!” I gasped at the coldness. Tony then grabbed my hand and took me upstairs. We entered a random room withe a bathroom in it. Tony then took me into that bathroom and washed me up. "Thank you.” I said as he cleaned my face. "No problem, and you smell like beer.” He laughed out. We then sat on the bed, just talking. I have to say, Tony is such a interesting guy. He may be shy, but he’s really social to people he starts getting comfortable with. Tony’s lips started to get closer with mine. "Tony?” I question. "C-can I try something?” Tony asked, lips getting closer. "Yeah.” I whispered. Seconds later Tony smashed his lips onto mine. I kissed him roughly, damn those lips of his are good. I moaned into the kiss, Tony just chuckled a bit as he pushed me on the bed. I know where this is going, and I don’t mind one damn bit. I slid my hand down to his crotch and rubbed his length through his jeans. He moan loudly and he threw his head back, he must be enjoying it. I smirked at my actions. I pushed Tony in his back then straddled his lap. To top it off I took off my shirt, revealing my chest to him. Tony just starred with amazement. "Y/n.” Tony said worriedly. “I’m a virgin.” I smirked to him and bend down to kiss his neck. I went up to his ear and whispered, “I’ll take good care of you.” I then felt him shudder under me. Once again I rubbed his dick and I kissed his neck leaving hickies behind. "Take off that shirt Tony.” I mumbled. Tony nodded as he sat up and did what I told him to. After that we continued to make out, this is nice. I decided to take off my bra and jeans, I mean why not? I’m going to have sex with a hot guy! I don’t mean to sound like a slut, this is my second time having sex. "Damn, y/n.” Tony whispered as I felt him get hard. I giggled and tugged his jeans too. Tony blushed as he took off his jeans. I the saw a pole on his crotch area. Finally, it was our underwear. I took off my panties and threw them somewhere. Tony then blushed like crazy. "Your turn, baby.” I smirked to him. Tony slid down his red boxers, revealing a huge length. I gawked at it. "W-what?” He asked nervously. "You’re… Huge.” I squealed out. I went down on him. Once again, why not. I teased the tip as Tony moaned. I chuckled before taking him whole in my mouth, and he moaned like there’s no tomorrow. Bobbing my head I gagged a bit. I just kept on sucking him. "I-I feel weird.” Tony said with a moan after. "You’re probably close.” I said then stopped sucking. "Now, Tony, this might feel unusual but you’ll get used to it.” I warned him. "Okay, I just don’t want to hurt you.” Tony said concerned as he creased my cheek. I blushed a bit myself. "You won’t.” I said. Tony climbed on top of me putting his hands on one side of my head. I rested my own on his shoulders, ready with everything. "Ready?” Tony question, I nodded. Slowly and gently Tony slid into me. I moaned at sensation. “Y/n?” Tony whispered. “Want me to stop?” I shook my head. "No, keep going.” I moaned out, wanting more. Tony nodded as he went faster. At this pace and his size, it felt amazing. Tony grunted my name, he never felt like this. One because he’s a virgin, two because he’s moaning and grunting a lot. So am I, but Tony I mostly moaning. "TONY!” I moaned out. “Faster, harder!” Tony nodded as he did. Holy shit this is amazing. With a few more thrusts I became close. I know Tony is too, I feel him. "Tony I now you’re close, cum. Cum for me!” I encouraged him. "O-okay. Oh shit y/n, this feels amazing.” I chuckled at Tony’s response. Moments later we both released. Tony pulled out of me and laid next to me, oh shit that was amazing. "Tony.” I said breathlessly. He turned to look at me. “You’re. Amazing.” I said. "So are you…” Tony smiled out before he kissed my cheek. After that we both got dressed. As I bend down to get my panties Tony came behind me and smacked my ass. "Let’s do this again sometime.” Tony said with a wink. "Okay,” I agreed. “As long as you’re in charge next time.”