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King for a Day (feat. Kellin Quinn) - Pierce the Veil

(Live at The Tabernacle 2.22.15)

video crediting myself cheers



imagine hanging out with PTV

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Pierce the Veil Talk Internet Haters, Grunge Inspiration, Risky New LP
Vic Fuentes on how cabin fever, relentless touring and a "dream-maker" producer fueled 'Misadventures'

Vic recently caught up with @rollingstone to discuss the new record ‘Misadventures’. Check it out here.

Wedding Anniversary

Pierce the Veil Preference


A year later and we’re still just as in love if not more :) Y/N is my best friend and now my gorgeous wife, no matter how long i’m away I know she’ll always be in San Diego when I get back. We made it a year let’s try for 100 more< 3 


#tbt Back in high school back before I married my beautiful wife Y/N I dyed my hair blue to match hers for prom. Holy shit I look terrible, why Y/N even married me I’ll never know but we’ve made it 5 years and I think we’re even more in love than when we took this picture. (Oh yea she’s wearing a super old PTV shirt in this picture) Love you babe<3


3 years ago today Y/N made me the happiest man alive <3 I love you so much baby.


Felt like a horrible husband today v.v today was our 10 year wedding anniversary and I couldn’t be there with Y/N. She’s always there for me when I need her and I couldn’t ask for a better wife then Y/N. She’s kind and loveing and doesn’t judge my love for Star Wars, then while i’m gone makin music with the guys she stays at home and holds down the fort and takes care of our bae without me. Wish I could’ve been there baby, i’m so sorry :(