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Wonderless (My love for you was bulletproof- part 2)


“Good morning” Tony’s arms wrapped around naked waist. He smiled and kissed my cheek

“Good morning tone” I yawned, he was laying down on his side, shirtless.. of course. I couldn’t help but fee guilty.. ’I can’t be doing this…’ I can’t just go up to Tony and be like “hey tone, I didn’t mean anything that happened last night.” even though we didn’t do “it”, we kissed.. more than once and to be honest I like it.

I’m giving myself another chance, an it’s with Tony.

“Are you hungry? it’s our last chance to get some Whataburger” he said as he ran his fingers through my hair.

“You Cali people don’t know anything about good burgers” I joked

“Hey! we have McDonald’s” he laughed I leaned down and glared a tony

“Tone, you and I both know NO ONE compares to Whataburger” He laughed and kissed my nose

“Well then let’s go,my treat” he got up and put his T-shirt on and he grabbed his keys and wallet from the night stand. I got up as well and threw on a Slipknot Tshirt along with some shorts and black Vans.

“besides we leave in a few hours (Y/N)”

“oh,well lets get the luggag-”

“I already put everything in the car and I already called the movers, i took care of everything” he smiled

i walked over to him and wrapped my arms around him

“Thanks Tone”

“Anthing for you sweetie” he kissed the top of my head.                                                                                I let go of him before something else like last night happened again and made my way down stairs                                                                                                                        

“lets gooo!!! I’m starving"                                                                                                             "alright alrigh! I’m going” he laughed as he walked behind me.

We got into his car and started to pull out of the drive way, I took one last look at my house. Everything was set, the rest of my belongings will be shippd to me once I’m over there.

It’s time. It’s time to move on, to actually heal completely and start off new.

And maybe this time, I won’t be so alone.

Tony reached for my hand and kissed it.



“And if you don’t find me on the front page… find a way to say that you kew me. And if you don’t find me in a movie.. find a way to say that you saw me.

And if you don’t find me on the front page… find a way to say that you kew me. And if you don’t find me in a movie.. find a way to say that you saw me. (You and I got lost along the way.. this will end someway someday)

And if you don’t find me at all… then I, won’t care..

If I coul find a place for the holiday’s maybe I would call. You’re a pay phone away from the mess that I’ve become..

I’m destroying what I love…”


“Whoa Vic.. that was great! what is it called?” Jaime asked from where he was standing across our home studio

“Wonderless” I sat down my guitar on the stand besides me

Mike stood against the door frame with his arms crossed.

Mike knows me more than anyone else, well.. not as much as (Y/N), he knows the meaning behind this song even though I haven’t told him anything about it.

“It sounds great bro” he smiled and Jaime nodded in agreement before stepping out into the hallway to take a call.

“Thanks” I grabbed my beer and took a sip.

“Vic-” Mike began

“yeah?” I took another sip not looking up at him.

“I know who your song is about.. it’s..it’s about-”

“(Y/N). Yes it, I won’t deny it-”

“You miss her.”

I looked down at the floor.

“Isn’t it obvious?”

Mike placed his hand on my shoulder and walked out of the studio.

“Hey Vic?” Jaime


“We need to get the guest room ready for Tony’s friend”

“Right,” I picked up my beer to take a sip “what’s her name, do you know now?”


I froze with the with the beer can nearly touching my lips

“Is everything ok?”

“umm..yeah” I forced a smile

I couldn’t help but think that it just might be her…(Y/N)

We went up stairs to get the guest room and started to take out all the empty boxes

“Vic, what are we gonna do with the extra guitars?”

“And the extra drum set??” Mike added

“umm.. we can just leave them in the room. We can hang the guitars on the wall, and leave the drum set in the room.. it is the master bedroom after all”

They nodded and began to arrange the guitars and the drum set it the room.

“I have some extra bed sheets and pillows in my closet, they’re new”

“Alright thanks Mikey, I was about to do the bed”

**2 hours later**

“I thought we’d never finish” Mike collapsed on the couch

“Me too..”

Jaime came into the room talking on the phone

“Oh alright. Ok. Yeah, we’ve got everything ready already, we can’t wait to finally see you and your friend,” he smiled. He was talking to Tony.

“Alright tone, we’ll see you and (Y/N) soon” he said good-bye and hung up.

“It was Tony” he smiled

“No shit Sherlock” Mike said sarcastically and rolled his eyes

I hit Mike’s lap, cleaning up makes him grumpy

“What’s up? What did he have to say?”

“Just that they’ll be here later on tonight, or tomorrow” he looked down at his phone and smiled

“hey guys I gotta go, I’ll be back soon. I’m hanging out with some friends”

his cheeks turned a bright red

“Oh alright Jaime. Have fun.”

“Yeah, thanks for helpin us out” I said sitting down on the couch next to Mike.

“I will” he smiled again “see ya later”

Jaime headed down stairs and out the door

as soon as we heard the door close, Mike turned to look at me

“Alright, Start talking”


“you can’t lie or hide anything from me. I know you well enough to know when you’re feeling sad or uneasy about something, you’ve been drinking for a week now.. and I bet I know what it is. Or who it’s about”

“Mike.. stop” I crossed my arms and looked away from him

“Vic.. it’s not your fault” he stood infront of me

“It was MY fault!” I looked up at him… “she wasn’t to blame for anything… but I blamed her for something I did. I looked for someone else.. I told her it was ALL her fault.. she was just focusing on her education.. I was starting the band.. it all went to my head.. she loved me.. I took her for granted..”

“Vic.. you have to let go..” He kneeled down infront of me, my tears running down my cheeks as Ii hid my face with my hands “You’re gonna be ok, I promise”

“Just leave me alone Mike.” I got up and walked down stairs grabbig the keys from my pocket

“Where are you going?” He called behind me “Vic?”

“Somewhere, I don’t know.” I slammed the door and walked to my car, tears still running down my face, I started my car and drove down to the beach, I miss her like crazy… I just want to see her again, I want to tell her I’m sorry even though that doesn’t make what I did, I sat on the sand, covering my feet in it.

My mind flashed back to a summer night where we were at the beach

“Vic, my love for you is bigger than the ocean” She held my hand as we walked along the shore

“God..” I stopped and stood infront of her

“What?” she pouted

“I love you!” I picked her up and spun her around “promise me we’ll get married on a beach in California”

My tears we uncontrolable now,

“I love you too” she laughed as I spun her around, “I promise, you know how much I love the beach” she tangled her fingers in my hair and gave me a soft kiss.

‘How could I let her go?!’ I screamed toward the ocean, the waves just roared back

“Whenever you see the coast, I hope you think of me” that night it all ended…her voice sounded almost like a whisper.. tears rolled down her face.

“How could you Vic?”


after getting lunch with (Y/N), we headed  to the airport our flight was delayed two hours, she was tired by the time we got on our plane to Califoria

I sat next to (Y/N), she was looking out the window, watching the sun as it set, she smiled when she saw me looking at her

“what?” she blushed

“you look beautiful”

“Oh tone.. I’m not wearing make-up or anything”

“exactly. Even without make-up, you look beautiful” I smiled and her kissing her cheek

she took my hand in hers and held it,

“are you tired?”

“a bit” she yawned

“here,” I took of my sweater and covered her with it, while I put my arm around her waist. She rested her head on my shoulder and looked up at me

“I’ll wake you up if anything,” I placed a kiss on her forhead “just rest”

I didn’t have to tell her twice, she fell fast asleep as I held her.

She’s so amazing.

-(Y/N)’s POV-

When I woke up Tony was asleep, holding me in his arms. It was dark outside already, but it wasn’t too late.

He’s been so sweet to me.. I felt this warm fuzzy feeling in my chest.. oh god.. i’m having feelings for Tony…

They announced we’d be landing in LA in 20 minutes, Tony woke up as soon as her heard

“Good morning sleepy head” I laughed

“good morning” he stretched, “we’re almost there” he smiled

“I know, I’m excited… and hungry” I snuggled up next to him again

“we’ll take you out for dinner, we’ll take you to one of the best sushi places in California”

“Ooh, sounds yummy!”

*at the airport*

we grabbed our bags and grabbed a taxi to the boys house,

Tony kept telling me things about them, how I’d really get along with them and how he’d take me to the studio so I could hear what they sounded like

“Well here we are” he smiled as the taxi came to a stop

We grabbed our bags and walked up the steps that led to the front door,

“are you ready?” he grabbed the door knob, I nodded a bit nervous

“Don’t be nervous, you’re really gonna like them. it’s ok”

he opened the door and stepped in first holding my hand, I stood behind him

“Vic?” there were footsteps coming down the steps, “is that you?” the person speaking became visible,a tall slim guy with a lip ring came down the stairs followed by another guy with a highlight going up his hair

“Tony!” they screamed running up to him as they hugged him

“Hey!” all three of them hugged

“guys,this is (Y/N),” I smiled at them “(Y/N). this is Mike and Jaime”

“Hello” I said shyly

“Hey (Y/N),” Jaime shook my hand “I’ve heard nothing but good things about you” he smiled

“thanks” I blushed

“Tony wasn’t kidding when he said you were very pretty, but that doesn’t even beging to describe you, you’re gorgeous,” Mike smiled “I’m Mike, by the way”

I blushed even more, gosh they’re so sweet “Thanks, Mike”

“Where’s Vic?” Tony asked

“umm.. out” Mike forced a smile “he won’t be back soon”

“Oh,  I really wanted all of us to go out to eat together”
“He’s been having a rough week”

“Oh,” Tony tured to look at me “Why don’t you go freshen up, and then we’ll leave?”

“Yeah, let us show you your room” Jaime smiled

the boys helped me get my bags up stairs, as they showed me to my room,

“We’ll be waiting for you down stairs” Tony said, he and the boys headed to their rooms to changed.

*At Dinner*

We all sat together and we instantly got along with each other, the guys were really funny. “So then Tony goes into the liquor store with a ski mask” Jaime continued while Tony hid his face in his hands, he was blushing.

“Wow Tony” I laughed

“You guys promised not to say that story ever again!” he laughed

“Hey, we’re just trying to emberass you” Mike patted  him on the back

after dinner we headed back home by now it was pretty late and tony and I were very tired

We said goodnight and headed off to our rooms. I really need to meet this “Vic” so I can get this feeling off my chest, who am I kidding.. I secretly want it to be him. I miss him.


Pierce the Veil Preference 


“Come on princess you can do it!” I watched Mike cheer on our 3 year old daughter to get in the pool. “No papa.” she was holding her knees sitting by the pool. “Come on princess daddy is having fun in the water.” he splashed around while Vic and Tony continued their splash fight. “Noooooo.” she whined “Come on princess I believe in you!” Mike cheered. “Mommy!” she came running towards me. “What’s wrong baby girl?” I asked her sitting up from my lawn chair. “Papa wan me te swim.” she burried her face in my legs. “Do you want mommy to make him go away?” she nodded and held on my legs tightly. I picked her up and walked over to the pool. “No Papa.” she hid her face in my chest. I rubbed her back “Come on princess, the water is nothin to be scared of.” Mike called to her. “No papa.” she held onto me tighter. “Come on lets go sit in the water baby.” she shook her head and held onto me as tight as possible. “Mommy won’t let go of you honey.” I kissed her head and got into the water to sit on the stairs in the water. “See baby girl, it’s just water nothing to be scared of.” she started letting go of me little by little. “See your okay.” I smiled down at her. Mike came over to us. “No Papa!” she screamed splashing Mike. “Come on Amy, Papa will make sure you’re okay. See tio Vic and tio Tony are okay.” Vic and Tony looked over at Amy and waved at her “Come play with us Ams!” Vic called. Amy cautiously let go of me and Mike put out his arms for her. “Come on princess, you can swim like Papa taught you to.” he cheered. Amy cautiously got off of my lap and started swimming the towards Mike with help from her water wings. She swam into Mike’s arms and he smiled “Good job princess!” he cheered and held her against her hip. I smiled, I loved father daughter moments like.


“Jaime what are you doing?” I called when I saw him hold our 12 year old son David, up in the air. “Dad’s teaching me how to crowd surf.” David called “I regret questioning this.” I walked around the pool to where our 4 year old son was sitting next to the edge. “What’s wrong Alex?” I asked him, “Nothing.” he said. I sat next to him, “You scared bud?” “No.” “Don’t you wanna go in the water with David and daddy?” he shook his head “Why not?” “I’m scarred.” “I knew it. Come on Mommy’ll keep you safe like when you were in my belly.” he nodded “Okay mommy.” I got in the water and put my arms out for him and he grabbed on my hands and I pulled him into my arms. “Oops.” I pulled up Alex’s swim trunks “It’s okay now.” I smiled at him. Jaime walked over to us with David still in the air. “See Alex were all having fun hu?” I asked him. Alex nodded and splashed Jaime. Jaime dropped David in the water. “It’s on!” Jaime and Alex started splashing each other and David resurfaced and pushed his hair back before joining in on the splash fight. I squealed and tried to get out of the pool. “No get back here!” Jaime yelled grabbing my waist pulling me into his arms. Alex let go of me and swam to David was and joined in on splashing me.


I smiled as I watched Vic sit in a kiddie pool with our 2 year old daughter Michelle. She was squealing and flapping her arms up and down smiling and Vic tickled her. I walked over to them and Michelle squealed “MOMMY!” I smiled and picked her up. Vic whined “Be daddy.” Michelle waved at him. I walked up to the porch and wrapped Michelle up in a big fluffy towel. “You comfy baby girl?” “Daddy!” she squealed I turned around and Vic started spraying me with a water gun. I squealed “Come on Vic i’m wearing a white shirt!” I ran off the porch and he chased me spraying me with water. I saw Michelle sitting on the porch laughing. 


“What are you guys doing?” I questioned my husband Tony and his band mates. “Having fun with baby turtle.” Tony answered me. I rolled my eyes when I saw our 6 month old daughter in a turtle floaty thing in the pool with them. She wasn’t used to it so she was clearly upset about it. “You do see baby turtle is upset right?” Tony turned around and pulled the floaty closer to him. “It’s okay baby.” he said to her while the other guys horsed around. I got in the water with them and swam over to where Tony was. “It’s okay princess the turtle will keep you safe.” I kissed her forehead and she floated in the water grumpily. “I don’t think baby turtle is gonna be a pro swimmer.” I said to Tony. He shrugged “She’ll do what she wants.”


Props & Mayhem - Pierce the Veil 

(Live at The Tabernacle 2.22.15)

video crediting myself cheers

Your Daughter's 18 Birthday

Pierce the Veil Preference 



Baby Fuentes #3 turned 18 today. I remember the day I held her, she was smiling the entire time and spit up on me, than again she did that a lot. I love my little angel more than anything. I’ve watched you grow up and learn, you found your passions and followed your dreams and you’re obviously my favorite. Happy birthday baby girl <3



My baby’s 18 today, I love you so much princess. Happy birthday Y/N!


Happy 18th Birthday Y/N! I love you more than anything in the world and I hope you like what me and mom did for your party tonight. If you could go back to being 4 for like another couple years that would be awesome, but i’m proud of you and everything you’ve accomplished and everything you’re going to accomplish. :)


Happy birthday sweetheart. 18 years ago you looked like an alien and now your hair is red and you have holes in your face but Daddy still thinks your the most gorgeous baby girl in the world :) I love you!