She played for 80,000 people, got on a red-eye, and landed on, like, two hours of sleep, and threw this crazy baby shower, and then left a day or two later to Germany. She flew all the way from New York to L.A., and then to Germany, just to give this baby an amazing baby shower. Her loving is so big, that’s the gift. The gift is so far beyond a physical thing. She’s really just all love.
—  Jaime King on Taylor Swift Throwing her Baby Shower (x)
I wrote it when I was like 18 or 19, but my friend [Jaime King] just had a baby and she made me godmother of it and I was holding this little baby the other night, and I was just thinking differently. When you’re holding onto something that’s so innocent and so perfect and has no idea what’s coming for it with the world. The world is going to throw so many things at you as we grow up.
—  Taylor Swift on her Godson before Never Grow Up (x)