jaime calderón

So, I drew the Collide album art. Worst decision of my life ffs this thing took like 10 hours (or something close to that) why is Vic so fucking extra smh like I can’t draw the girl at all

Also this is queued as I will be away for a while bc reasons and probs won’t have an internet connection

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Imagine being sad and your Uncles, Jaime and Tyrion Lannister, try to cheeer you up.

You didn’t know whether to be horrified or to laugh at your Uncles antics. For the most part you were pretty much used to your mother’s twin and dwarf brother acting this way when you were upset. But sometimes they took it just a little too far. Tonight, was one of those times. Not only were you in the company of your Mother and Father, the King of and Queen, but there were many Lords and their Ladies, Knights, and Entertainer there as well witnessing the act of your uncles trying to cheer you up.

“Dear Old and New Gods, make them stop.” you groan dropping your head into your hands, but deep down you were smiling from ear to ear that at least someone cared enough to try and make you happy.

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This whole thing looked way funnier in my head (as are all my original posts tbh) I’m sorry. Also a thing I notice from time to time is that people keep deleting my original captions, which is 10000% NOT COOL, so don’t do it. Like at first I’m like oh it’s just a caption who cares, but now for some reason it irritates me so don’t

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