I swear to God, I’ll never understand how you can stand there straight and tall and see I’m crying and not do anything at all.
—  The Last Five Years (2014)

Valentine stuff for @just-super-things !!

I was kinda debating on whether or not I’d draw some of the supers ((since I’m not done with the centaurs and a few other V-Day things)) but it was a good chance to work on my girl (mostly her story, her patterns and colors are always changing) and I had fun doodling them, so it was worth it *V0V*

(Cadeau is mine, the others belong to @ladycadmium @luleo and @hubedihubbe!!)

GoT community in a Nutshell:

Arya kills dozens of people: she is so strong and independent.

Bran gets Summer and Hodor killed, bc he wanted to explore the greendreams himself: He is so cool. mistakes happen. he is so important.

Tyrion making dickjokes instead of showing his intellect: he is such a funny guy.

Daenerys plans to conquer a continent she has never seen with 100k of rapists: GO girls, take whats yours (even if its not)

Jon gets thousands of men killed bc he couldnt stick to his OWN battleplan: he is our king!!

Cersei burns down half the city: Wow she is a beast of a woman 10/10

Jaime makes 180° turn on his s4/5 character: he is sooooo cool.

Sansa jumps over her own shadow and asks the man that sold her to a rapist for help and dares to show own ambitions to take back her family home and speaks harsh truths(rickon) and then dares to enjoy the first time she has power: SHE IS SUCH A STUPID BITCH. SHE GOT LADY KILLED. SHE GOT NED KILLED. SHE BURNED DOWN WINTERFELL HERSELF. SHE GOT RICKON KILLED. I WANT HER DEAD SO MUCH. SHE IS A POWERHUNGRY BITCH THAT ALWAYS BETRAYS HER FAMILY. I CANT WAIT FOR HER TO DIE.

-¿Hasta cuándo te tendré a ti definitivamente? ¿hasta cuándo dejarás de ser improbabilidad, afán y perspectiva? Yo me canso ya de escribir, yo desespero; yo quiero hablar.

Te me estás haciendo sueño, lejanía, irrealidad.

—  Jaime Sabines / Cartas a Chepita

Meanwhile in Winterfell Tormund and Jaime find they have more things in common than they thought.

Jaime: “I’m sorry, I didn’t get you?”

Tormund: “I said I too had an encounter with a bear once although mine had a somewhat happier ending, har!”

Coloured pencils and ink.