mrgamenwatch-blog  asked:

Question: Zoey, seeing as how you're the lead fish harmonikist in "The Jailhouse Six" would you happen to know all the locoations which you've toured?

In our debut “Six Degrees of Kevin Mushroom” tour of 2012; named on the belief that every mushroom is 6 mushroomkin away from knowing the famed Shroomywood actor, we had a fairly low-key tour, mostly just performing in Mushroom Prison, Blackrock Hold, a creepy house we later learned was called Nightmare House, and Newpool.

We held a charity concert for New Year’s deep in the B.A.R.R.Y. laboratory, named “Six Feet Under”, where we had hoped that our rockin’ vibes, along with donations, would some how re-power the lab.

Our “Six Finger Discount” tour in early 2013 broadened out a bit more, and was our most popular tour so far, due to the lack of entry fee, and we hit all the previous locations, plus Edwin’s Farm, Nova Prospekt Jail, and The Cave, with a brief performance at Sips Co. which resulted in us being booed off the stage by a strange little gray man.

We had another tour planned in 2013, the “Six Million Dollar Tour”, named because of George’s excessive spending in trying to book a tour across various locations in Morrowind, but we just couldn’t get the proper funds and equipment to run it successfully.

We held a private evening jam sesh shortly before the chickcident, at Hannah’s Owl Sanctuary, we called it “After Six”, Rythian doesn’t know about that.

We attempted to do one final sesh at the time of Blackrock’s evacuation, called “The Sixth Sense”, named on Fishton’s hunch that something bad was about to happen, but our safety was our top priority instead, so we each promptly evacuated and/or exploded.

We’ve sold out tickets for our 2013 tour “Six Weeks Later”, where we will be visiting new and exotic locations, The End is pencilled in, plus Castelia City in the Unova region and The Lucky 38 casino in the Mojave Wasteland, along with most previous locations. This has been put on hold however until everyone is sure there’s still six of us.