JaiLene’s 16th Birthday Celebration

April 3, 2015- The day this photo was taken. I still could not believe that we, fans from different cities and provinces, were united that day once again to celebrate Jairus and Sharlene’s 16th birthday. Actually, we also did this on their 15th birthday. But what do you expect? We are fans! Haha. Our admins were the ones who prepared the said event. While we, the members, also contributed to complete the needs for the party. It was very expensive for me, but it’s very worth it, too. I saved my allowance for 2 weeks just for me to be able to contribute to the party. I didn’t eat lunch sometimes coz’ I know that a single peso can help, too. But, yeah, just I have said, it was very worth it. My happiness that day was too much as a pay for those days that I didn’t eat lunch. Happiness that I’m sure I’ll bring until I grow old.



Jailene……it’s finally here, you’re eighteenth birthday.😁 You my friend are finally legal! Whoot whoot! Happy day of the birth Jailene….you are getting so old👵 haha. May your day be great and spectacular just luke you. Love you smash! And once again @jailene_bimbela_ #happybirthday #18 (at Burroughs Burros Football, Ridgecrest, Ca)