jailbreak glitches


Glitch slipped into the lab, after a few days of Frisk not talking to it. It wanted to convince the kid so badly. This could really work! So it slid the door open, slipping inside. 

Frisk sat in the dark, staring at the wall. They hadn’t moved except to retrieve food. Thankfully, potato chips were just as healthy here as anything else- monster food being made of magic had its benefits. They bristled when Glitch entered, glancing back and flinching. “What do you want?”

“We ͏w͠ant t͝o̶ h̛e̕l̵p̀.̴ W̸è h͝a̷ve͟ a̶n͡ i̸d̢ea͞.” Glitch replied, sitting on the counter behind Frisk. “W͟e͢ ̴c͟a̴n̛ ́b̢r͏e͟a͝k̷ ͝it.͜ U͞s a̷n͝d ͞y̧ou.̡ ͘You ̛an̨d̴ us. T͢oge͟t͏h̢e̵r. ̶No dyįǹg.”

Frisk shuddered. They wanted that to be true. But just because Glitch was offering them something they wanted didn’t mean they could trust the thing. “How do I know you’re not going to steal my body again, huh? After what you did the last time I listened to you, I should just…” 

The kid swallowed, and Glitch frowned. “N͝òt͘ us. ̡Won͝’t ever ̶ha͢p͠p̀en. Do̴n’t ́w̶an͝t.͢”

Frisk inhaled. They weren’t even sure they COULD reset anymore, and even if it was possible, breaking the barrier might have some very real effects this time. Glitch didn’t seem capable of hurting them, or it’d be in their body already, wouldn’t it? It wasn’t like Frisk could defend themself against it. And they’d been so defeated lately, with Rewind gone and the barrier seemingly impassable… 

Maybe it was worth a shot.

“I’m listening.”

Glitch burbled, hands patting its knees repeatedly. “Can͡ ͝u͏s̢e͡ th̷e ͘s̢oưl̀s.̶ Ca͢n̢ bǫrr͞oẁ ̧f̛r̡o҉m you͟,̢ b͞ut̛ not ͏t̕a̧ke̴. C͝on̵nec͟t͞ a̶nd ͜u͠s҉e pow͢e̸ŕ,̵ ǹot͟ a͟b̸s͞o͡r̕b soul.̕ ͜N͢e҉ed͞ yo͏u̕ ̀to ̴di҉s҉tra͢ct̢ ̨dad.̛”

“You sure that’ll work? I thought…”

“D͢iff̕e͞r̀e̸n̷c͘e is ̢w͏íl͘li͞ngness!͠” Glitch hopped off the counter. “Ca͜n̶no͡t forc͢e ҉s̴oul̢ to ̴dò an̸y̕th͞ing͢ ͠oth̕erwi͝sé,͝ ̵not f͏or ̵l̕o͜n̛g.̀ ̛He͢ ̷lea͝r̕n̵ed͘ t̀h̕a̢ţ.”

Flowey. Well, it was probably true, at any rate. Frisk stood slowly, swallowed again. They didn’t have a choice, really, did they? If they didn’t try this, then the barrier stayed up. Nothing changed. Nothing was different. Sans and Papyrus and Undyne and Alphys. They owed this to them. Besides, this time they didn’t even have to defeat Asgore. If Glitch got the Six, the two of them could start breaking it whether Asgore was still standing or not.

“Let’s go tell Sans before we leave, okay?” Frisk said, grabbing the stick they’d found in the trees of Snowdin. It’d come in handy recently for finding their way around, and they didn’t intend to relinquish it. 

A few minutes later, a knock came to Sans’ bedroom door.