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Page-a-Day Jailbreak Introduction and Rules

Hello! This is a page-a-day reading of Mspaintadventure’s first comic, Jailbreak.
This is a rather self-explanatory project, we will be reading and uploading a page of Jailbreak everyday, hopefully without any delays!

Here’s a basic rundown for the rules we have setup for ourselves
-A page must be uploaded daily, with the exception of holidays and emergency situations
-SFX will be provided by a member who is NOT currently narrating
-The narrator shall be responsible for both the editing and uploading of their page, which shall be put up on their respective blogs
-ALL SFX must be done orally. Have fun explaining this to your family members

Your team of trash masters will be myself, Jeremy, and Cole. Once all is said and done, all the pages will be compiled into a singular horrible read through.

Keep an eye out, the start of the read will be unlocked within the next day!

[Start Locked Until Tomorrow]

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  • Jasper:fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak gems stronger.
  • Garnet:*beats the shit out of Jasper*
  • Jasper, shoving Lapis into her purse:sorry but i have to go to the bottom of the ocean right now immediately.

ok but can we talk about ruby and sapphire in this episode?

ruby wasn’t just crying. she had a near breakdown. and a fusion has to be stable, obviously, and one gem having a breakdown like that isn’t good for the fusion’s stability. maybe “breakdown” isn’t necessarily the right word, but you get what i mean. that was why garnet began to defuse.

ruby is more emotionally unstable than sapphire, and also easier to anger. that was shown in keeping it together, and also in jailbreak when ruby freaks out about being separated from sapphire.

and what’s worse is that ruby and sapphire had a bit of an argument after putting the fused gems in a bubble.

though it wasn’t much, it may be a sign that there will be more conflict between them later. and for ruby and sapphire to have more conflict could likely cause them to defuse.

that could change a lot of things.