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Yeah, he’s fine. Same condition as in 81.

Kurona impaled him in the leg and Nakarai patched it up enough to stabilize him before going in to aid Suzuya. He’ll need proper medical attention and some recuperation, but he’s fine. 

Kurona fled, and Suzuya called in his location for medical to come pick him up.

Hopefully command is running smoothly enough to do the basics. There is a whole command room down there. They don’t need Matsuri to send a medical squad to help our dear Hanbee limp back to shore, I don’t think.

Which is good, because last we saw Matsuri, he was still crying hysterically (I say, fully aware of the anachronistic connotations of the word) on the floor of the upper level of the ship…

Maybe with Suzuya in his Arata armor and the rest of his squad, plus the Quinx, the CCG will have a chance to take out the stronger younger brother of a ghoul that, according to Houji could easily destroy the entire CCG force.

Oh wait, Takizawa is there, too. 

Yeah, Hanbee is the SAFEST member of the Suzuya squad.

Unless, you know, Shikorae shows up. He’s terrifyingly unaccounted for.

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Taka Lyons was in jail. His tediously pressed suit traded in for an itchy orange jumpsuit. His expensive watch traded for handcuffs that chafed his skin. It was disgusting and he felt absolutely filthy. When he’d first arrived there had been talks about keeping him isolated from the rest of the inmates. If only because he was high profile and the news of what had happened was still circulating and fresh. But, in the end, what with Mufasa being such a beloved man even in death, they decided Taka didn’t deserve that treatment. Didn’t deserve to be protected from whatever was going to be coming his way.

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How to make a functional school without mod (TS4)

Zerbu’s mods are excellent. But I’m certainly not the only one afraid about scripted mod in my game (especially with all the game updates, meh).  So, I thought about an alternative way to create a school without any mod. Please, consider it as a suggestion. I’m really new to this “tricky trick sims things”. Follow all the steps and inbox me if it works (or not) in your game. For this, you’ll require “Get Together” expansion.

Step 1. Build a school or download one from the gallery. I personnaly prefere to build my own lots :). Place it wherever you like on the map (Willow Creek, Oasis Spring, Magnolia Crescent, Newcrest or Windenburg). Use a medium or big lot (It will be easier when the school activities start). Defines the lot as a library.

Step 2. Put some furnitures and clutters (chairs, desk, computers, books etc.). Keep in mind that’s a school : add a kitchen, severals bathrooms and toys. Kids will spend a lot of time there ! ;)

Step 3. Go on live mode. Pick a family with at least one kid. Create a club and name it “Classroom 1″ (for example). Then, add up to 8 kids sims with your club points. Then, go in another family with a kid and create an other club “Classroom 2″. Then, repeat the process with 4, 5 or 6 differents kids clubs. You can also change some pre-existing kids club in your game. You must put in their favorite location the “library /school” you select. You must put in their favorites activities sections (chose from this list) : do homework, read, play with the activites tables, monkey bars, eat, draw, play violin, play chess, use computer, play with toys, swim, be mean to adults). Advice : made kids clubs with different activities by following their inspiration ! Side note : if you want to make a private school, chose uniforms as their clubs outfit ! Side note 2 : if you don’t have many kids in your game, dowload a full kids family from the gallery and place it on a random lot OR let them in your unplayed homes.

Step 4. You need teachers. This is probably the hardest part. You need to made only one club of adults (young adults to elders) name it “Teachers” (for example). But most of the teachers need to have the mentor trait (1000 points) or/and have a level 10 in one skill ! With this particularities, they’ll gladly help kids with their homeworks or supervise activities. Select the “library/school” as their favorite location. Favorites activities (chose from this list) : read, use computer, be nice etc.). Side note : if you want to make a private school, chose some classy/strict clothes for teachers as their formal outfits. Then select “formal outfits” for this club gathering.

Step 5. Create a club to keep the school clean ! Select an adult and create a random club, name it (”staff member”, for example) and select the “library/school” as their favorite location. Favorite activities (important) : cook / serve food, clean, repair, tend garden, be mean to kids (why not ?), etc. Side note : Pick an uniform (maybe the Get Together jail suit in white or grey ?)

Step 6. We’re almost done. With all this done, pick your usual family. Select the kid of your choice from the classroom group OR select an adult from the teachers group. Then, start a gathering in the “library school”. Everybody should automatically show up because it’s for all of them their favorite location ! Kids, staff, teachers etc. And there will be a LOT of sims in the school, doing their own stuff and interact with each others in the way you decided to.

Hope you enjoy this little Sims 4 trick. Sorry if there is any mistakes in this tutorial or my sentences. I’m not really comfortable with english yet (or TS4). I do not have all the screenshots, but I’ll update this post later this week (real life priorities, urg). Please, tell me if it works fine in your game !

For all the kind souls who are following my simblr, I will use this school for my let’s play ! (Jennie is pregnant, yaaas !) I’ll put the full CC list later with all the school’s screenshots.


Tucker Cipriano and friend Mitchell Young, would be sentenced — as was expected — to mandatory life in prison for the April 16, 2012 murder of Robert Cipriano, Tucker Cipriano’s 52-year-old father.

Cipriano, now 20, entered the court in an orange jail suit, shackled, with a groomed brown beard and mustache.

In his pre-sentence statement, he admitted only to having been in an altercation with his younger brother, Salvatore, with a BB gun. Salvatorre Cipriano more than a year later remains hospitalized from his injuries.

Tucker Cipriano, who was adopted, accepted no responsibility for for the fatal beating of his father, whom he called a “great man,” or for beating his mother, whom he referred to as an “amazing mother.”

“She did anything she could do to help me my entire life,” Tucker Cipriano said with tears in his eyes. He said she drove him to Ann Arbor frequently since second-grade to get treatment for his Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and learning disability.

In his teens, when Tucker became involved with drugs and alcohol and began getting into trouble, his mother attended substance abuse classes to learn more about her son’s condition.

Rose Cipriano was beaten nearly to death and left alongside her son, Salvatore Cipriano, in a stairwell leading to the basement of the family’s Farmington Hills home. In the landing of the stairwell under Salvatore lay the two bloodied baseball bats that were used to beat them, prosecutors said during Young’s trial.

prisoner escapes from jail in orange jump suit, runs to forest, blends in as hunter.  skeptic cop says where’s your gun.  prisoner says i only eat what i can kill with my bare hands.  cop says ok.  prisoner free at last.  reblog if you were inspired

Sagging my pants as a form of protest.

Today, I am sagging my pants while being a student double majoring in Communications and Africana, minoring in Journalism, a lover, a brother, a creator, a writer, an intuitive thinker all at once. All existing in one being.

I feel like we too often create our own boxes… or allow the boxes created for us define us. I see that as an issue. Because for black folk, it is less often about who we are, but what we are associated with. By that I mean because of its association with me, it is badness. I, a black person, am badness personified.

Don’t give me that respectability bullshit either. The respectable black men are persecuted as well. In the struggle, black men in suits, IN SUITS, were still bludgeoned, still hosed, still burned, still noosed, still broken. So miss me with the bullshit tbh. Out existence, our pride, our creation (and us reaping the benefit) has always been the problem for “them which whom I must earn respect from”. HA!

His fight is so cyclical it’s scary. We don’t realize how often we face this opposition. The zoot suit was outlawed as well. Men thrown in jail for having baggy suit pants well ABOVE the waist in the 40s. Few years later it was a trend, because it was no longer ours. It was everyone’s. He thing is we create new trend a new culture and it is only okay in mainstream society when it is stripped from us.

You say you don’t want to see my underwear? Well my shirt is for the most part covering them. IS this indecency. What is a bathing suit?

Let me give you a tip:
There’s something I do when I don’t want to see something I don’t like. Idk, maybe because I have a neck and a head and a free will to turn those things where ever I please… It’s called not looking.