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Pretty Green Eyes J.M

Pretty Green Eyes J.M

Pairing: Jonah x reader

Summary: Jonah gets jealous and annoyed when he finds out Logan flirted with you.

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Warnings: jealousy

Sorry this took so long but it’s here and enjoy!

You and Jonah had been together for nearly three years. Both of you completely in love, faithful and going strong. You had been there for him through many different events, both good and bad, and he had been there for you. Not many knew of your relationship together as you guys chose not to publicly display your whole relationship. Sure you appeared in the odd livestream with him or the two of you posted a picture together. It just wasn’t all the time. You were happy with that.

You were excited when Jonah invited you to come and film a Mashup at Logan’s. You were quick to get ready as the boys were shortly leaving.

“Y/n we’re going to Logan’s to film a new Wednesday word. Do you wanna come?” Jonah asked you. You were bored aimlessly scrolling your phone. Of course you were going. You needed something to do, anything would have word. Hell even murder would have - ok maybe not quite anything. Murder is heavily frowned upon and jail didn’t really suit you - any how, you were quick to accept his offer. You hadn’t been to Logan’s or even met him in person.

“Ye, let me just finish getting ready” you smiled, practically jumping to your feet and running up the stairs. Once you reached the top you headed straight for yours and Jonah’s room, fixing your hair -nothing fancy just made it look tidier than it was- and put on your white vans. They suited well with you blue skinny jeans -ripped and high waisted- and light grey t-shirt tucked into your jeans. The weather was warm out so you didn’t need a jacket. As soon as you were done you rushed down the stairs to meet five boys patiently waiting.

“You where quick” jack smiled, opening the door as everyone began to file out the door.

“I had no reason to take several hours Jackie” you smirked as you passed. Jack just rolled his eyes laughing slightly. You where the only one he let call him that -besides Isla- because you where like a sister to him. You and Isla got on really well, you got on with everyone in the why don’t we family. It made Jonah smile, you always seem to relate to everyone in some way and you always made sure to be there for them. He loved it when he saw how well you and Esther got on when you first met.

Everyone quickly got into the car and headed straight for Logan’s. It didn’t take long. The car ride was filled with cheesy jokes and the boys singing their hearts out as usual. Harmonising with each other. As soon as jonah pulled up, everyone quickly filing out of the car and heading straight for Logan’s door. It didn’t take long for him to open the door and to their surprise he wasn’t vlogging.

“Can you film us a mashup?” Corbyn beamed walking into the apartment. “Daniel bought his guitar”

“Alright my dude” Logan smiles as the boys began wandering in. He greeted them all as they passed. Then his eyes fell on you. A mischievous smirk filling his features

“Well hello, who’s the cutie?” He smirked. Jonah’s attention instantly snapping to him quicker than the speed of light.

“I’m y/n” you introduced awkwardly.

“The names Logan” he beamed attempting to flirt but miserably failing. You quickly slid past him, but he didn’t take the hint. You hadn’t noticed Jonah glaring at him “Why don’t you let me get them digits, allow me to slide into them dm’s” You offered him a friendly smile, feeling awkward. You jumped slightly when you felt an arm wrap around your waist tightly but not tight enough to hurt you.

“Uh hmm” Jack coughed catching Logan’s attention. He nodded to Jonah, still glaring at him but Logan -as stupid as he can be- didn’t make the connections. Logan just frowned in confusion but quickly went back to flirting as everyone else began to get up and prepare for the mashup.

“So’s a pretty girl like you single?” He asked rather forwardly irritating Jonah more.

“Um, no” you replied getting a little comfortable. Jonah then hugged you from behind still glaring at him, it suddenly became clear to Logan causing Jack, Daniel, Corbyn and Zach to burst out laughing at him as his face dropped in realisation.

“Oh!” His mouth hung open slightly in an O shape. “Ooh… I am so sorry! I didn’t know I swear! I wouldn’t have if I’d have know. I just thought she was a friend. I’m sorry bro!” Logan began defensively. Jonah’s features soften but his hold didn’t change.

“Meet my girlfriend, y/n.” He explained.

Jack pats Logan on the back “I did try hinting dude, you just didn’t get it” Logan just stared awkwardly causing Jonah, yourself and the boys to laugh.

“I’m sorry bro I swear I didn’t know”

“Don’t worry, I know. But you do now so hands off” Jonah offered a playful smile before his attention was taken by Corbyn.

“So we ugh gunna film our new Wednesday word?” He asked. Everyone nodded and went to sit but Logan pulled you aside. Jonah noticed and watch cautiously.

“Hey y/n, I’m sorry about the whole flirting thing I didn’t you was with Jonah. So like could we ya know, start over?”

“Sure. Hi, I’m y/n” you smiled holding your hand out to shake his. He smiled shaking your hand.

“I’m Logan. It’s nice to meet you” he smiled before you and him joined the others allowing Jonah to relax.

“Babe green eyes don’t suit you” you smirked. Confused for a moment jonah frowned but soon realised what you meant. Jealousy.

“Sorry babe” he blushed awkwardly scratching the back of his neck.


Tucker Cipriano and friend Mitchell Young, would be sentenced — as was expected — to mandatory life in prison for the April 16, 2012 murder of Robert Cipriano, Tucker Cipriano’s 52-year-old father.

Cipriano, now 20, entered the court in an orange jail suit, shackled, with a groomed brown beard and mustache.

In his pre-sentence statement, he admitted only to having been in an altercation with his younger brother, Salvatore, with a BB gun. Salvatorre Cipriano more than a year later remains hospitalized from his injuries.

Tucker Cipriano, who was adopted, accepted no responsibility for for the fatal beating of his father, whom he called a “great man,” or for beating his mother, whom he referred to as an “amazing mother.”

“She did anything she could do to help me my entire life,” Tucker Cipriano said with tears in his eyes. He said she drove him to Ann Arbor frequently since second-grade to get treatment for his Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and learning disability.

In his teens, when Tucker became involved with drugs and alcohol and began getting into trouble, his mother attended substance abuse classes to learn more about her son’s condition.

Rose Cipriano was beaten nearly to death and left alongside her son, Salvatore Cipriano, in a stairwell leading to the basement of the family’s Farmington Hills home. In the landing of the stairwell under Salvatore lay the two bloodied baseball bats that were used to beat them, prosecutors said during Young’s trial.

Lovingly Returned

Request: yes

Summary: It’s been a while and some things have changed, but not everything. Timestamp to Disobediently Forgotten 

Warnings: pet play, reference to dubcon issues, subdrop, men of letters au

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The new world order was all about starting over, weeding out the weak and building up the strong. Somewhere along the way, the lines blurred and the powers shifted. A new generation was rising,they called themselves Hunters in honor of those who died for their sins. Rebellion and resistance was hopeful. 

Many Men of Letters scoffed at this, determined to maintain the order and same insistent mantra that “Knowledge is power, monsters are extinct, we are your leaders.” The Winchesters not so much. Both brothers were shocked into their humanity after their pup left. 

They knew she would need time to heal, adjust, process, whatever. Never had they thought she would leave, but she did. Several weeks had passed since the storm she barely weathered when they left her alone for the first time. Not long where they gone, a pointless beer run, but it was enough time for her to pack her things and leave. 

Forgiveness was not easy. Her chest ached at every pitiful look tossed her way. She couldn’t walk right for days after the tail incident, not to mention the rattling cough that shook her chest with every breath. Y/N still remembered Masters, how happy they were together, how gentle, but that was so long ago. So she packed what few things she owned and left, not before thing her tags around her neck in a choker.Times were changing, sure, but that didn’t change how dangerous it would be for her to get caught without her ownership tags. Jumping the first bus she could find, she headed east, up to New York where the revolution was starting. 

Sam and Dean had returned home, armed with a little something extra for their girl, dropped their bags beer bottles breaking as they took in the empty bunker. Y/N had feally left. While distraught, both men realized they couldn’t fault their little pet resulting in a slow road toward acceptance. Moving on would not happen, the pain was still there. Every day Sam fought tears as he sat at his desk waiting for the phantom brush of her head against his ankles. 

Months had passed, the revolution becoming increasingly violent. The brothers became sympathizers, offering aid to the rebels in exchange for information. “No sir, I ain’t seen her” and "I’ll let ya know if I do” were common place, said as casually as “hello” and “goodbye”. All hope seemed lost in finding her, in truly apologizing until the raid. 

It was broadcasted all over the world, the subs directly defacing and destroying a men of letters headquarters. Dean hadn’t given a fuck, really, until the mugs were thrown up on screen, “Holy crap.” Sam’s jaw dropped out of shock, sure, but sheer joy. 

The phone call arrived soon after, Sam picking up nearly in tears at the sound of her voice. “Master?” She squeaked, the hitch in her throat indicating how scared she truly was. 

“It’s okay little pup, daddies are on their way. You sit tight and we’ll come get ya.” He stopped short of "bringing you home”. 

Sam and Dean strutted into the jail wearing their best suits, canes in hand as they pulled out her bail. Both men eagerly went to her cell, smiles on their faces. “Come on pretty girl.” 

Y/N was a vision, despite being covered in weeks worth of grime. She had thinned out slightly, due to life on the road they figured. Yet, she still had the same softness to her they treasured late at night. Customary to practice, the officers left the handcuffs on leaving it up to the owners to remove.

The shame of being led out in handcuffs by not one, but two masters was heavy on her shoulders as she passed her peers. Biting her lip, she nudged Sam softly, softening her eyes. “What is it girl?” He cooed.

"Favor?” She asked in her play voice. Sam nodded for her to continue. “Help fwiends too? Dangewous in here.” 

Dean raised his eyebrows in consideration, mulling things over. He had been itching to raise a little hell, he still resented the men for the assaults of his pet by their prissy ass hands. So he nodded, more to himself than Sam, and pulled out his gun while Sam pulled the lever. They signed over their positions as supporters, becoming the face of the rebellion. 

After directing her friends to safe houses, the boys led Y/N back to the bunker. The memories held tight, but it felt so nice to be in sub space once again having gone so long without it. Dropping down to her tummy, she looked up at masters with bright eyes, wriggly butt in the air. 

“Y/N you don’t have to. Please, get up darling.” Dean would lie if he said his lip didn’t tremble with the hope of having her once again. "Don’t discredit your cause.” 

"Can still be equal and pet.” She pouted nipping softly at Sam’s ankle. He loved that little nibble more than anything. 

Taking her head in his hands, Sam dropped to her level offering small scratches behind the ear. “If that’s what my pup wants, then that’s what she’ll get.” 

So they spent that night online, Y/N curled up with her chin resting on Sam’s foot getting fed bites of pizza, looking for a new set of ears and tail. While it took time and understanding, Y/N came to pick the beautiful golden red fox ears with the matching tail to happily run around in. Life was not perfect, how could it be, but they had each other and that was fine with them.

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Yeah, he’s fine. Same condition as in 81.

Kurona impaled him in the leg and Nakarai patched it up enough to stabilize him before going in to aid Suzuya. He’ll need proper medical attention and some recuperation, but he’s fine. 

Kurona fled, and Suzuya called in his location for medical to come pick him up.

Hopefully command is running smoothly enough to do the basics. There is a whole command room down there. They don’t need Matsuri to send a medical squad to help our dear Hanbee limp back to shore, I don’t think.

Which is good, because last we saw Matsuri, he was still crying hysterically (I say, fully aware of the anachronistic connotations of the word) on the floor of the upper level of the ship…

Maybe with Suzuya in his Arata armor and the rest of his squad, plus the Quinx, the CCG will have a chance to take out the stronger younger brother of a ghoul that, according to Houji could easily destroy the entire CCG force.

Oh wait, Takizawa is there, too. 

Yeah, Hanbee is the SAFEST member of the Suzuya squad.

Unless, you know, Shikorae shows up. He’s terrifyingly unaccounted for.

How to make a functional school without mod (TS4)

Zerbu’s mods are excellent. But I’m certainly not the only one afraid about scripted mod in my game (especially with all the game updates, meh).  So, I thought about an alternative way to create a school without any mod. Please, consider it as a suggestion. I’m really new to this “tricky trick sims things”. Follow all the steps and inbox me if it works (or not) in your game. For this, you’ll require “Get Together” expansion.

Step 1. Build a school or download one from the gallery. I personnaly prefere to build my own lots :). Place it wherever you like on the map (Willow Creek, Oasis Spring, Magnolia Crescent, Newcrest or Windenburg). Use a medium or big lot (It will be easier when the school activities start). Defines the lot as a library.

Step 2. Put some furnitures and clutters (chairs, desk, computers, books etc.). Keep in mind that’s a school : add a kitchen, severals bathrooms and toys. Kids will spend a lot of time there ! ;)

Step 3. Go on live mode. Pick a family with at least one kid. Create a club and name it “Classroom 1″ (for example). Then, add up to 8 kids sims with your club points. Then, go in another family with a kid and create an other club “Classroom 2″. Then, repeat the process with 4, 5 or 6 differents kids clubs. You can also change some pre-existing kids club in your game. You must put in their favorite location the “library /school” you select. You must put in their favorites activities sections (chose from this list) : do homework, read, play with the activites tables, monkey bars, eat, draw, play violin, play chess, use computer, play with toys, swim, be mean to adults). Advice : made kids clubs with different activities by following their inspiration ! Side note : if you want to make a private school, chose uniforms as their clubs outfit ! Side note 2 : if you don’t have many kids in your game, dowload a full kids family from the gallery and place it on a random lot OR let them in your unplayed homes.

Step 4. You need teachers. This is probably the hardest part. You need to made only one club of adults (young adults to elders) name it “Teachers” (for example). But most of the teachers need to have the mentor trait (1000 points) or/and have a level 10 in one skill ! With this particularities, they’ll gladly help kids with their homeworks or supervise activities. Select the “library/school” as their favorite location. Favorites activities (chose from this list) : read, use computer, be nice etc.). Side note : if you want to make a private school, chose some classy/strict clothes for teachers as their formal outfits. Then select “formal outfits” for this club gathering.

Step 5. Create a club to keep the school clean ! Select an adult and create a random club, name it (”staff member”, for example) and select the “library/school” as their favorite location. Favorite activities (important) : cook / serve food, clean, repair, tend garden, be mean to kids (why not ?), etc. Side note : Pick an uniform (maybe the Get Together jail suit in white or grey ?)

Step 6. We’re almost done. With all this done, pick your usual family. Select the kid of your choice from the classroom group OR select an adult from the teachers group. Then, start a gathering in the “library school”. Everybody should automatically show up because it’s for all of them their favorite location ! Kids, staff, teachers etc. And there will be a LOT of sims in the school, doing their own stuff and interact with each others in the way you decided to.

Hope you enjoy this little Sims 4 trick. Sorry if there is any mistakes in this tutorial or my sentences. I’m not really comfortable with english yet (or TS4). I do not have all the screenshots, but I’ll update this post later this week (real life priorities, urg). Please, tell me if it works fine in your game !

For all the kind souls who are following my simblr, I will use this school for my let’s play ! (Jennie is pregnant, yaaas !) I’ll put the full CC list later with all the school’s screenshots.

“November 15th, 1985 as Richard was being led from the courtroom, Ramirez appeared calm and confident. Dressed in a blue jail jump suit and chained at the wrists and ankles, he tapped his right foot and occasionally smiled and winked during two half-hour court sessions. He appeared to be growing a goatee. As he was being ushered into a holding cell at the end of the hearing, Ramirez paused and grinned as he passed Los Angeles County Sheriff’s detective Gil Carrillo, one of the lead investigators on the Night Stalker case, and then called out the Spanish slang word “Orale” as he walked by.  Ramirez’s attorneys later described the comment as a friendly greeting, in the nature of “Hi” or “Hello” although some Spanish speakers said the word can carry some connotation of a challenge.”