jail house blues

Criminal Record: A Familiar Face
  • The Ambitious Barrister, walking into New Newgate: So what exactly is my client being accused of?
  • A Constable, looking at a clipboard in his hand: Theft, burglary, attempted murder, successful murder, repeated murder, assaulting a police officer, public intoxication, consumption of spore toffe, being the Vake, public discharge of a firearm, owning an illegal amount of dynamite, possession of proscribed literature, attempted selling of said literature, annoying Mr. Iron, performing acts both heinous and embarrassing at the Parlour of Virtue...
  • Barrister, looking at the Player inside their cell: Oh, is that all?
  • Constable: Actually this is just the front page.
  • The Player: *grins*
  • The Barrister, turning away: You know what? They could probably learn from some time in here.
  • The Player, shouting: You know I'll just break out of here!
  • Constable: Remind me to add 'plotting an escape' to this.

Jail house blues (Freestyle) - Kodak Black

Jail House Blues {Gabe & River}

The corridor of  Stormcage Containment Facility were dank and dark and smelled slightly of singed metal, ozone, and smatterings of guilt and defeat. Rather a dreary place to make a permanent residence, but hey, it was better than hell. That at least was for sure.

The incoming and rhythmic sound of army boots on the cement ground reverberated loudly down the dim hallway, causing the tall (yet somewhat skiddish) guard that stood in front of River Song’s cell to raise his weapon and turn warily in the direction of the unknown newcomer. But, when the form of a tall rather good-looking bright blonde gentleman with a handsome smile and enough stripes to outrank the man two times came into view, the guard visibly relaxed as he lowered his weapon and saluted quickly. “At ease,” the man said smoothly, stopping just in front of the guard. His voice was hard and full of stature but at the same time there was a charismatic snark that didn’t seem to fit into the norm of an army man. Not that the guard noticed, more interested in impressing and not pissing off his supposed superior than looking for slight differences.

“You are relieved solider,” the superior continued, “A situation has arisen that may require Doctor Song’s… unique talents. I’m afraid the details are classified so I will be taking your place until O-nine hundred tomorrow. Understood?”

The guard saluted again and gave an emphatic “Sir, yes Sir” before taking off down the hallway quickly to give the blonde the privacy his mission required.

The man watched the guard until he was no longer in sight before breaking into what seemed to be a contented smirk that his face didn’t seem to be able to even contain. He finally turned to look into the cell, moving up to the bars as he slipped his hands into the pockets of his pants.

“Like what you’ve done with the place,” He said with ease to the woman inside, eyes flitting slightly around the dressed up prison cell before landing squarely onto the woman, “You know, for a prison cell, it’s pretty homey. Got cable?”

Jail house blues || Sam and Dean

It was times like this that he really didn’t have faith in humanity.  If his justis system was willing to throw him behind bars without so much of a second thought about it.  The facts all pointed to it not being him, all they had to do was cross referance the DNA on the bags or even the black van that had been ditched at his house.  It wasn’t that hard, why didn’t they try and at least try and believe him? It made no damn sense, he was definitly moving out of Kansas after this, obviously things were going down the shitter and real fast.  The had idiots judging others.

Sam sighed softly to himself as he moved down the cramped hallway, other prisoners shouting less than desirable things at him.  God he just wanted out of here, and quick before he became part of the rape statistic. He stopped in front of the small cell the guards led him to, shoving him inside.  He huffed to himself, his eyes falling on the other man in the cell.  “Hey.” He greeted, placing his things down on the free bed.  “I um..I’m Sam.” He introduced himself, turning around to the other.