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Winter Smut

Request:   So my request is, when you’re ready, is a winter soldier x reader smut. Like with no trace of Bucky, 100% bad soldier. Straight up non con, rough, spanking, slapping, choking, just bad Bucky all the way. Maybe someone orders him to fuck her or he just snaps, whatever you think would be good. 

Warnings: Plot? PORN!  Non-con, oral, vaginal, dirty talk, Smutty smut smut smut  TRIGGER WARNING.  THIS IS A NON-CONSENSUAL STORY.  PLEASE DO NOT READ IF THIS OFFENDS YOU.

Words: 3800

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               “Are you sure you don’t need an escort?” The other junior ambassador asked.

               “Don’t be silly.”  You walked towards the parking garage. “I’m not an important person.”

               “Not yet.” He winked at you.

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Artist/Person : Kim Jiwon

Group/Crew : iKon

Genre : Smut

Word Count : 2170

Requested : No

A/N: I’m sorry it’s short and that it took so long, but I was extremely busy. I hope you enjoy~~

He stared at me, eyeing me through the jail cell bars with that goddamn smirk on his face. His hair was messy, nose bridge cut and the corner of his mouth had a little smeared blood from his lip being busted. His eyes were dark as he looked at me, waiting for me to say the words he was waiting for. “This is him, Officer.”

As we walked out of the police station, side by side, I thought about my situation. Stuck living with the campuses main bad boy, who just so happens to be my big fat crush and friend with benefits, that just keeps pulling me into all his mess. Not only does he always bring his troublemaker friends over, but whenever something goes down, like he gets arrested or in a serious fight, I end up taking care of his mess. The smell if cigarettes pulled me from my thoughts. Looking over, I roll my eyes, watching as he smoked. “Hey, Y/N?” A sigh rolled from between my lips at his voice. “Yes, Bobby?” “You look cute.” My eyebrows furrowed as I looked to him. His eyes were looking straight ahead, but a smirk played on his lips. “Thanks.”

Getting into our shared apartment, I went straight to the bathroom to get the first aid before going back into the living where he was seated. I immediately started cleaning his cuts, focusing solely on making sure that the wounds didn’t get infected. “Y/N…” I glanced up to his eyes, our faces a couple of inches apart. “Look…I’ve been thinking…about that night.” I stood, shaking my head before smiling softly. “Done. I’m going to bed.” I turned to start walking away, only for his hand to wrap around my wrist to stop me. “Y/N- “, I shook my head as I stared straight ahead. “I don’t want to talk about it, Jiwon.” “We have to. You’ve been distancing yourself more than usual.” I sighed, easily pulling my wrist from his loose grasp before turning and looking to him with soft eyes. “You were right. I shouldn’t get involved with you. It was just some fun.” I smiled gently before making my way to my room, holding the tears just until I got inside and closed the door. Then I broke down. Silently sobbing until the wee hours of the morning when I finally fell asleep. Little did I know, Jiwon was still awake too. Thinking of what he had done.

Days of not talking to each other turned into weeks, then months, until it somehow ended up being nearly six months of no communication between us. We’d leave out without telling the other, and come back without telling the other. It was a bit sad, though. Every time we ran into each other, whether it be on campus, in the apartment, in a store, it’d be awkward. But then, we’d act like it never happened. Go back to being nonexistent to each other. That was until one Friday night at exactly 3am. The knocking on my bedroom door was just loud enough for me to notice if I was awake, but not even hear if I was asleep. But, I was awake. Doing homework that due the upcoming Monday. I stood from my desk and slowly made my way over to the door, opening it just enough for me look up at the male that I shared an apartment with. “Jiwon… what’s up?” I asked, eyebrow raised in confusion as he stared down at his feet. He’d just gotten back from the party he’d went to during the evening. His cap was facing forward and his head was hanging low, but he didn’t speak. “Jiwon…I don’t have to for your games. I have homework that I need to get do-What the hell happened to you?!” I gasped, taking his bloody face in my small hands. Inspecting his face, I could already tell that what every wounds were under all the blood, were going to bruise and swell up. “Come in, come in.” I ushered him in, sitting him on my bed before pulling a small first aid kit from my bedside drawer.

As I cleaned him up, we both stayed quiet. He let my clean him up, and I focused on his wounds. Wiping away blood, dabbing ointment, and bandaging up the cuts. When I was done, I pulled away from his body. Not even realizing that I ended up straddling his thighs as I cleaned his face. “I’m done now.” He merely nodded and went to get up and leave. “No. Tell me what happened. I haven’t seen you that beaten up since we first moved in together.” “Y/N, it doesn’t matter. Just get back to work. Thanks for your help, really, but I don’t want you involved.” Shaking my head, I forced him back onto my bed by pushing his stomach. At his hiss of pain, my eyes widened in worry before realization set in. “Pull off your shirt.” “Y/N I really don’t think that that’s a goo- “. “Take off the goddamn shirt, Jiwon!” At that, he silently pulled off his hoodie and t-shirt that hid underneath. And that’s when I saw all the bruises. Some were purple and blue, while others were red. I held my hand to my mouth as I scanned his body. “Jiwon…what the hell happened?” I look up, finding him with his head low. His jaw was set in a tight clench, his hands gripping my bed. I stood in front of him, placing my hand on his cheek before lifting his face to look up at me. As we made eye contact, my face softened. His arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me between his parted legs as he rested his cheek against my bare stomach. His hold was tight, fingers digging into my sides. My fingers automatically went to his hair, playing in the soft, blond strands.

We were like that for a while, sitting in silence as he held me in a steady grip and I played with his hair. That was, until he moved his head. At first I ignored it, thinking that he was just adjusting for his neck. Then, he started placing soft kisses on my exposed stomach. “Jiwon… what are you doing?” I asked softly, looking down at him. “I’m showing you sorry I am. I hurt my princess and I didn’t mean to…” He muttered, his hands moving down to my thighs and pulling me onto his lap. Attaching his lips to my neck, he rubbed his hands up and down my sides. I couldn’t help the way that my head fell back and moans slipped from my lips so effortlessly. My hips started moving on their own, grinding against him and pulling moans from him. “Princess…fuck…I missed you…so much…” He groaned, nipping at my neck as he pushed me against him harder. I nodded, eyes shut as I moaned out softly, gripping his shoulders. “Baby…” I whimpered, clenching in need around nothing. “I need you.” And then, everything stopped. A whine left my parted lips as I opened my eyes and looked to him. His eyes were set on me, dark with lust, as he bit his bottom lip. Then, my back was on the bed and he was kneeling on the floor between my legs, yanking down my cotton shorts and panties. We stared into each other’s eyes as he leaned forward and gave my lower lips a small peck. Slowly he slipped his tongue from between his lips and licked a small strip up my womanhood, causing a small moan to slip from me. At that, he found some encouragement and dove in. He ate me out like it was the first time he’d eaten for months. Twisting and turning his tongue in different ways, nipping and sucking at anything he could. I was a squirming, moaning mess. Head moving back and forth in pleasure as I called his name repeatedly, hands buried in his hair as I tugged on it. I clenched around his tongue, subconsciously pushing his face closer to my core. “I’m close…so close.” I whimpered, only for the feeling of him humming into me. “Cum for me, princess.” He muttered, making my eyes go crossed as the familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach snapped. My back arched off the bed, mouth open in a silent moan, and my toes curled. He held my hips down, lapping at my core. When my orgasm passed, he pulled away and stood, looking down at me with a smirk playing on his lips.

Our clothes were shed in a matter of a few minutes, a condom slipped onto his length. He was hovering over me, both his arms resting on either side of my head, his lips brushing against mine gently. “I’m sorry for hurting you.” He muttered, pecking my lips softly and looking into my eyes. “Show me how sorry you are…” I breathed, my hand making its way from where it rested on his shoulder to his neck as I pulled him down for a kiss. As our lips moved together slowly, I felt him slip into me. I pulled away, my lips parting in a silent moan. He pushed into me until our hips connected, using all of his self-control and staying still. “Move.” I spoke in a hushed voice after a few seconds, pushing my hips towards his a little. He slowly started to thrust in and out of me, his forehead resting on mine. “Jiwon…” I whimpered, gripping his biceps. “Don’t hold back.” I breathed, looking him in the eyes. His eyes darkened at my words, his pupils getting slightly bigger as he gave a stiff nod. I felt him pull out until only his tip was left, then he snapped his hips back roughly. I let out a squeak, feeling him do it over and over again. Then he gripped my thigh with one of his hands and pulled it onto his hip. His thrusts were fast and hard, grunts coming from his as he gripped the sheets. Feeling myself clench around him, I didn’t even have time to warn him, before I came. “Fuck!” I cried out, my nails dragging down his back. His face scrunched at the pain that shot through his body, but that only made him thrust harder. Then, he pulled out completely. “Get on all fours.” He growled, his eyes almost animalistic. I nodded, scurrying on my hands and knees, ass facing him as I arched my back.

The sound reached my ears before I felt the sharp sting from him slapping my ass. I whimpered, my head dropping at the pain. The bed dipped behind me, then his hands gripped my ass and parted it as he slipped into me. My eyes rolled back at the angle, my arms almost giving out. His hand tangled itself into my hair before he tugged my head back, making my back arch more, before he started thrusting into me mercilessly. Our moans and groans were bouncing off the walls, adding to the loud sound of the headboard hitting the wall. I was clenching around him tightly, pushing myself back onto him. “Are you close, princess?” He grunted, rolling his hips into me harder. I nodded, letting out a soft ‘yes’, that sound more like a squeak. He nodded before slipping his hand to my front, pressing quick figure eights onto my clit roughly. I let out a low moan, my arms giving out just as he let go of my hair to grab my hips. My face fell into the mattress, as another orgasm ripped through me. He stilled, his grip on my hips tightening as his orgasm hit him. Waves of pleasure coursed through him, before it all slowly came to a stop. Pulling away from me, he rolled off the condom and disposed of it. Laying down next to me, he wrapped his arms around me and pulled my sweaty body to his.

When I woke up the next morning, he was still next to me. His face buried in my chest and his arms wrapped around my waist tightly as he slept peacefully. Soft snores leaving him, and anytime I moved even the slightest his hold would tighten before loosening back up slightly after a few moments. When he finally did wake up, two hours after me, he looked up at me with a smile. “Good morning, princess.” Looking away from the small screen of my phone, I made eye contact with him and smiled back. “Good morning, baby.” That only made his smile bigger as he held me closer, if that was possible. Placing a small kiss on my collarbone, he rested his head back on my chest and let out soft sigh. “Y/N…I think I love you.” He muttered softly. My eyes snapped to him and I smiled before giggling softly at his reddened ears. “I think I love you, too, Jiwon.”

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i can't believe that jimin's frame is small enough to fit through jail bars 🙄 and jEON WAS LIKE 0.0 DAMN WTFFFTFTF

I’m seriously cackling like look at Jeon’s face! The little mochi strikes again, he never ceases to amaze


Do you even understand how much I love quotes from Series ½/3 revived in the context of canon Johnlock

  • Sherlock choking out, “I was away for two years.  I thought you’d got on with your life.”  John half-jokingly responding, “What life? You were away.”

  • John and Sherlock awkwardly kissing through jail bars and a frustrated John tugging him close and growling “We’re going to have to coordinate.”

  • Them finally having the What Are We talk and John grinning and saying, “Then you’re attached, just like me.  Fine.  Good.”

  • Casually holding hands outside for the first time like “Now people will definitely talk.”

  • Getting hot and heavy like “Do you know you do that out loud?” “Sorry, I’ll shut up.” “No, it’s… fine.”

  • Proposal like “You are the best man and the most human human being that I have ever known.  And there is just one more thing, Sherlock, one more miracle.  For me.”

  • The proposal of course getting interrupted by Crime, and the response coming apropos of nothing, a day later:  "I need you around when I’m thinking, and sometimes I keep talking to you for days on end.  Does that bother you?  Potential husbands should know the worst about each other.“

  • Sherlock freaking out over event planning, and Mycroft glancing at John’s new ring and saying "I’d warn you to stay away, but I can see from your left hand that’s not going to happen”

So I was thinking about it and I decided to write it down. I think I have another headcanon of this AU but ideas change! Anyway, I wrote down an outline for a Stony!The Mummy AU because I’m weak.

  • Steve is the Captain of a fleet that has been sent out to deal with disputes and fight battles in Northern Africa. He eventually gets caught when his men are outnumbered and he’s abandoned by his guide, Zola.
  • Tony is an inventor and scholar has moved to Egypt to work under Erskine. He was offered a position by him and decided to make the trip after his parents’ death. He’s been there for about a year now and is enjoying life there.
  • Tony has always been about the myths and legends in Ancient Egypt history so it’s something that he finds himself reading about in his spare time. Due to being a fast learner, he has already picked up Egyptian very well and is teaching himself how to the read the hieroglyphics.
  • Clint (think AA!Clint) comes to visit Tony and shows him an artifact he won during a bet. Tony asks what kind of bet and Clint tells him not to ask. They soon found out that a map is inside it and it leads to a lost city (it can be Hamunaptra or something else??).
  • Tony is excited at the prospect of an adventure and he proceeds to show Erskine who tries to convince Tony and Clint that the city doesn’t exist. It doesn’t work since it’s Tony, who are you trying to fool? Erskine tells them about the city and what lies there and says that if they’re going to go searching for it that they should be careful.
  • Then he points them in the direction of Steve Rogers, a man who was there before and knows the way.
  • The only problem is that he’s in jail and about to be executed.
  • Tony has to bargain with the head jailer (???), Justin Hammer, and tells him that if he lets Steve live then he can have some of the treasure that they’re surely going to find.
  • And who can say no to treasure.
  • Steve totally kisses Tony through the jail bars by the way (he thought he was gonna die, Tony’s a very good looking man so why the heck not?)
  • Steve is freed and they begin their trip to the city in order to quench Tony’s thirst of knowledge and Steve’s thirst of adventure.
  • Clint is also an overprotective brother with Tony, like he doesn’t like Steve at first but slowly warms up to him. He also has excellent aim with firearms and uses a bow and arrow like a pro when he can get his hands on one.
  • Steve is well-mannered and mostly stays to himself but finds himself becoming very protective of Tony and also highly impressed with his knowledge and array of skills, calls him Genius as an endearing nickname. He kicks ass like no one’s business.
  • Tony’s young and filled with excitement, shows his dislike for Steve for the onset but that changes gradually and cares dearly for Clint. Can handle a gun quite well, is a complete badass and sarcasm is pretty much his second language.
  • They make up the dream team.

Compromise, conformity, assimilation, submission.

Ignorance, hypocrisy, brutality, the elite…

All of which are American dreams!
All of which are American dreams!
All of which are American dreams!
All of which are American dreams!
All of which are American dreams!
All of which are American dreams!
All of which are American dreams!
All of which are American dreams!

Party Like it’s 1977

Drabble for May the fourth! 


“We’re having a what?”

“A Star Wars party,” Cassian repeats calmly. And doesn’t smile when Jyn crosses her arms and scowls at him, no matter how much he wants to.

“That’s what I thought you said.” She sounds irritated.

Cassian doesn’t necessarily consider himself a people person. He knows how to handle himself pretty well in most situations, sure, but he almost always prefers to be left to his own devices.

But Jyn is extremely not a people person. She basically always looks like she wants to fight the entire world. It’s part of what he likes about her.

“What’s the problem?”

“I hate parties.”

“But you like Star Wars,” he points out. “And you like Bodhi, and Chirrut and Baze, and Kay.”

She scowls harder. “You take that back.”

Cassian lets himself smile this time. “Alright, you haven’t yet killed Kay.”

“I just haven’t found his off switch yet,” she mutters.

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OK. Everybody has headcanons about modern!Lamen. I have those too. So here it goes

·         Lauren likes things clean. Clean apartment, clean clothes, clean dishes.

·         Damen is a mess. He doesn’t care that his T-shirts are on the floor and there are no clean plates in the house.

·         But he cares for Laurent, so he pays attention to keeping things tidy.

·         Lauren wears “office clothes”. Like suits and jackets and ties, and he’s always all buttoned up.

·         Damen hates all those buttons. He wears T-shirts and jeans and sneakers.

·         When they go out somewhere fancy, Laurent makes Damen wear a suit, and makes sure it suits him well.

·         When they go out somewhere fun, Damen makes Laurent wear T-shirts and jeans.

·         When Damen is out of town, Laurent wears his too-big-for-him T-shirts at home.

·         Laurent has a shoulder-length hair which he usually keeps in a neat pony-tail. He likes the way Damen runs his fingers through his hair when they watch TV while Laurent is lying on a sofa with his head on Damen’s lap.

·         Damen has a short haircut. Easy and practical. He likes the way Laurent’s fingers brush the short hairs on the back of his head when he kisses him.

·         Laurent is the one who cooks. Rolling sleeves of his white shirt up to his elbows and wearing an apron. He’s been cooking Damen’s favorite dishes so often that now they are his specialty.

·         Damen was always a sports enthusiast. Laurent got into sports after meeting Damen and got really into it after a while. Now they exercise together.

·         Damen has a lot of friends. Most of them don’t like Laurent. That’s why they never come over to hang out together. Damen feels bad leaving Laurent alone when he goes to hang out with his friends, but Laurent insists that he’s fine and makes him go, even though…

·         …Laurent is the jealous one. And it makes it worse that 90% of the time Damen is oblivious when someone is flirting with him. Laurent hides it well from Damen, but he disposes of everyone who tries to make a move on him. Once he made a girl cry with just 3 words and he didn’t even feel sorry.

·         Damen is seldom jealous (Laurent does not allow suchlike situations), but when he is, he gets possessive of Laurent. He pulls him close to himself and smiles at the rival looking intimidating AF.

·         Damen is the cuddler. So it’s not Laurent who sleeps with his gentle head tenderly perched on Damen’s shoulder, but Damen who wraps his arms and legs around Laurent. Sometimes he also tries to put his whole body on top of him, but Laurent pushes him off lest he is squished to death.

·         Once or twice Laurent had to bail Damen out of jail after bar fights.

·         Damen has a tattoo on his shoulder.

·         After they fight, Damen is always the first to apologize.

·         Laurent never apologizes, but he cooks some favorite dish of Damen’s and touches him a lot until he’s sure that the fight is over and all the bad emotions are gone.

·         Laurent can’t drink. When he does he talks a lot and never thinks before he talks. Damen is always amused by that and he follows him around to prevent people hitting Laurent in the face, because we all know Laurent has this mouth of his.

·         Nicaise is a rebellious teenager.

·         He runs away from home a lot and always goes straight to Laurent. He lets him stay until the boy’s chill out and is ready to go back home.

·         Nicaise hates Damen, but then again, he hates most people.

·         Anyway, he picks on Damen as much as he can during their stay.

·         Laurent does nothing about it as long as Nicaise doesn’t cross the line.

·         Damen is annoyed at Nicaise, but he understands that the kid is one of the few people Laurent cares about. He tries to stay out of the way while Nicaise is with Lurent.

·         Nicaise listens to loud music and likes to go through Laurent’s stuff asking him about everything he finds in his drawers.

·         Laurent allows him that too, teasing him when he gets too carried away.

·         He always clings to Laurent when Damen is around, totally occupying his attention to himself only.

·         When Nicaise runs away and does not go to Laurent, Laurent and Damen go to search for him, and Laurent is worried out of his mind until they find the boy.

·         Auguste and Damen are indeed good friends. When Auguste comes to visit Laurent is always annoyed for the first couple of hours that the two of them always spend chatting to each other and sharing news.

·         Auguste is really protective of Laurent and when he first started going out with Damen, he put the later through a rough test to see if he’s worth his little brother. This is actually how they became friends.

·         Auguste and Damen actually have more common interests than Laurent and Damen.

·         Laurent gets really pissed off when people joke that Damen should’ve gotten with Auguste instead of Laurent and that Laurent is lucky his big brother is straight.

·         Auguste is always busy at work and travels a lot and does not have time for anything, but he makes sure to keep in touch with Laurent.

·         Auguste looks very much like Laurent: same blue eyes, same golden hair. He is taller and wider in shoulders though.

·         Kastor is in charge of the family business.

·         He is married to Jokaste.

·         Damen does not keep in touch with his family too much, but they get together for family holidays. He often brings Laurent with him because Laurent never goes to see his family if Auguste isn’t there.

·         Jokaste and Damen used to date and knowing that Laurent is jealous AF. He tries to hide it, but Jokaste knows and teases him a lot.

·         Kastor and Damen are not on good terms.

·         Kastor does not approve of his brother dating Laurent. Damen couldn’t care less though.

On August 7, 1930 The last confirmed lynching of blacks in the Northern United States occurred as Thomas Shipp and Adam Smith were lynched by a white mob in Marion, Indiana.

The night before a young white factory worker named Claude Deeter was shot and critically injured. Deeter and his companion, a young woman, told police they had been attacked by young African-American males. The woman told authorities she had been raped, a claim she later admitted was false while under oath. Sheriff Jay Campbell set out to look for the alleged perpetrators and arrested Thomas Shipp, 19, Adam Smith, 18, and James Cameron, 16, at their homes.

The three young men were held at the local jail on suspicion of murder, robbery, and rape where they were beaten by the sheriff and his deputies until a “confession” was secured.
Word spread quickly through the county and throngs of people descended on the town clogging the courthouse square with bodies. Some estimates by local journalists put the number of people between 7,000-10,000.

Around 7:30pm word reached the crowd that Claude Deeter had died at Marion Hospital. Police brought Deeter’s bloody shirt to the square and hung it on the front window of the police station. This incensed the mob and members retrieved a length of new rope from the local hardware store along with sledgehammers and crowbars. Though he refused to unlock the jail, Sheriff Jay Campbell ordered his men not to attack the mob who soon gained entry.

Shipp was taken from his cell first and quickly beaten to death with a crowbar. Then rioters dragged his body down the sidewalk kicking and striking it with bricks, boards, and shoes along the way. They then hung his body from the jail window next to Deeter’s shirt. The mob then returned to the jail and removed the 18 year old Smith from his cell. Though beaten, he was carried alive to the old maple where members of the mob prepared a second noose and lifted him into the tree. Struggling for his life, Smith reached up and attempted to untie the noose. Several men came forward, lowered him down, stabbed him and broke his arms before lifting him up again. They then re-hung Shipp’s lifeless body next to Smith. Photographer Laurence Beitler was called in to take a formal portrait of the dead boys and crowd, a regular ritual in spectacle lynchings.

After the murder, the crowd milled around for about twenty minutes taking photographs and then returned to the jail to retrieve Cameron. Barred by the Sheriff, they chanted loudly for the sixteen year old, something Cameron would remember for the rest of his life. Pushing past the Sheriff they took hold of Cameron and carried him to the tree where a noose was placed around his neck and he was lifted up. As the rope tightened around his throat, the crowd began to argue and debate among themselves. Some said Cameron was too young, others said he had nothing to do with crime. Those advocating for his life won out and they lowered him from the tree returned him to the jail where he was smuggled out of the area by Sheriff Campbell. Lifelong scars from the attempted lynching remained visible around Cameron’s neck.

Pictures of the event were widely circulated, sparking national debate. Much attention was paid to the presence of children during the lynching. Teacher, songwriter, and labor activist Abel Meeropol saw the photos during and subsequently wrote the poem ‘Bitter Fruit’ under his pseudonym Lewis Allan, a scathing attack on the American practice of lynching. He later set the poem to music and changed the name to 'Strange Fruit’. The song was covered by Billie Holiday becoming an international. The song brought much attention to the routine brutality against African-Americans that was so common during the era.

Many Northerners reacted with shame as lynching was widely and falsely believed to be a Southern phenomena. The stark photos brought to light the reality of the practice in the Northern territories and the horrifying carnival like atmosphere of the open murders. This was the last public lynching in the North. Pieces of the rope used in the lynching were kept by members of the mob.

Cameron later stood trial, charged with being an accessory before the fact to the killing of Claude Deeter though little evidence was available and he was definitely not present at the time of the shooting. He served four years in jail and after being paroled in 1935 he moved to Detroit, Michigan where he attended Wayne State University to become a boiler engineer.
After graduating he found a job, began raising a new family, and began his lifelong work in civil rights activism. He founded several branches of the NAACP, including Madison County, Muncie, and South Bend, Indiana. From 1942 - 1950 he served as Indiana State Director of Civil Liberties reporting to Governor of Indiana Henry Schricker on violations of the “equal accommodations” laws designed to end segregation. During his eight-year tenure, Cameron investigated numerous incidents of civil rights infractions. He faced routine death threats and violence because of this work

By the 1950’s Cameron had grown weary of battling militant racists and moved to Milwaukee seeking a safer life for his wife and five children. There Cameron continued his work in civil rights by helping to organize direct action to end segregated housing in the city. He also participated in both marches on Washington the first with Martin Luther King, Jr., and the second with King’s widow Coretta Scott King. He studied history in his spare time and between 1955 and 1989 he published scores of articles and booklets detailing civil rights and occurrences of racial injustices, including “What is Equality in American Life?”; “The Lingering Problem of Reconstruction in American Life: Black Suffrage”; and “The Second Civil Rights Bill”.

in 1991 Cameron was officially pardoned by Indiana Governor Evan Bayh and the Indiana Parole Board. In 1999 he received an honorary doctoral degree (Doctor of Humanities) from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

After a visit with his wife to the Yad Vashem memorial in Israel during the early '80’s Cameron was inspired to found America’s Black Holocaust Museum. He mortgaged his house and led a grassroots campaign to fund the project, gaining support from regular people and some wealthy philanthropists. A twelve thousand square-foot gym was purchased for one dollar from the City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and renovated with the money raised. In 1988 the museum opened to wide acclaim. It featured artifacts, photographs, postcards, and recordings dealing with slavery, lynching during Jim Crow, and the 20th century civil rights movement. Much of the material was from Cameron’s personal collection, gathered during his work as an investigator and political revolutionary. In 2008, two years after his death, the museum closed because of financial problems. It reopened on Cameron’s birthday, February 25, 2012, as a virtual museum.