We were investigating a unknown and powerful source of wild magic in a Library, that was causing all other kinds of magic to run amok. This was unfortunate, as I play a Wizard named Theia

Theia: I cast Grease

DM: Okay. Everyone else make perception checks

*they all fail, apart from the Ranger*

DM: Theia is suddenly gone. Jaik (Ranger), you can see a vague outline where she once stood

Jaik: I reach out at feel the air

DM: You feel the fabric of her robe

Jaik, Chaotic Neutral and a huge flirt: I give a cheeky grope

Theia, a Colossal Lesbian who is on a quest to find her GF: Can I use my bonus action to slap him?

(she missed)

Also I like how we have to wait a few days to see what the quests with Jamie will be. Apart from her ‘cooking’ making any cooking enthusiast cringe. That and the potential for more wild pets, I love that idea (I know a certain character who’d like it too, though he’d probably prefer to leave the animals in the wild unless they chose to follow him home)

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Nickname: jaike from statefarm, james

Zodiac: Pisces

Height: 5′1

Last thing googled: pride festival nearby

Favourite music artist: C H R I S T I N A, Dodie, p!atd

Song stuck in my head: LA Devotee

Last movie I saw: Everything, Everything (it’s real good go watch it)

Why did I choose my URL: it’s my name lol

Do I have any other blogs: @hhhhhhhhhhheck

What did ur last relationship teach u: taught me that i’m gay 

Religious or spiritual: Idek

Favourite Colour: Deep Blue

Average hours of sleep: 4-6

Lucky number: 19

Favourite Character: Idk

How many blankets do I sleep with: A sheet and 1 blanket

Dream Job: Graphic Designer, Talent Manager or working in the arts in general

Late Cuts 4

23 Pages, 7 x 8.5 Inches, One Colour Risograph, Edition of 50, 2014

Featuring Contributors:

Olivia Meek
Rob Ondzik
Kurtis Wilson
Courtney Garvin
Justin Gradin
Logan Sturrock
Ainsley Willow
Sangito Bigalow
Shallom Johnson
Mel Paget
Sara Wylie
Spicy Man
Mike Lachman
Sharona Franklin
Spicy Man’s Homie
Nick Howe
April Rivera Johnson
Juli Majer
Justin Gradin
Melanie Coles
Jaik Puppyteeth
Eight Oaks

To be released at the Vancouver Art/Book Fair, this Saturday and Sunday 12pm-5pm at the Vancouver Art Gallery[free to the public]