Day 5 of 30 days of tubers series Jaidan Animations.

Animator, artist who lives in the oven that is Arizona and makes entertaining cute videos on her opinions and experiences, as well as her embarrassing moments, she also has a dog called Ari.  

Until next tuber Laters :)

I just finished all three seasons of Being Human US

Season 1: Jaidan, I ship that shit…
Season 2: Nosh, baby, Nosh’s the new shit I ship…
Season 3: Saidan, Now it’s Saidan…

Why do my ships change with every season? =/

Furthermore, when did I become part of the people in tumblr that watch shows just because of a ship?

Arrow / The Flash / Supergirl - Poster - Heroes And Villains


Always// Josh&Aidan Being Human US version