Deep Water

Prompt - Hi so could u do a Janoskians one shot where Jai has a phobia of deep water cause he nearly drowned as a kid, but only Luke, Beau and Gina know, but then they drive to the beach or lake or something one day and Jai doesn’t want to go into the deep water, so James and Daniel push him in and he starts panicking and his brothers need to calm him down and theres a lot of brotherly fluff? Pretty please? thanks xx


Only Jai, Luke, Beau and Gina knew. Luke was there luckily. Jai and Luke were swimming in the river. No one knows how, but his foot got caught. He couldn’t breathe. He was trapped. Thank god Luke was with him, and although they were only 10, Luke manage to drag Jai out of the water. Jai had never been in water again.

One day, Beau, Jai, Luke, James and Daniel had decided to go to the beach. It was nice weather and they were going on tour soon, so who knew how long it would be until they could fully relax again. They drove down to the beach and spent hours there.

Naturally, everyone wanted to go in the sea. Jai would only go in knee deep. Luke always stayed with him, but this time, him and Beau had gone to get ice creams. Daniel and James were busy splashing each other whilst Jai stood in the shallow part.
“Come on Jai! Come in deeper!”
“Nah I’m alright here”
“Don’t be a wimp, scared you’ll drown?” James laughed.
All of a sudden, Daniel came up from behind Jai and shoved him forwards. Jai fell and landed in the water. He automatically went into panic mode. He couldn’t reach the bottom, he couldn’t breathe, he couldn’t see.

“Hey! Help him!” Luke screamed from further back. Him and Beau had seen what happened and ran back towards their younger brother. Luke dived in after Jai and pulled him up. They dragged him back to the sand and laid him down. Although Jai was still conscious, he was shaking.
“L-Luke” he gasped.
“Hey hey Jai Jai, I’m here. You’re OK. I need you to breathe for me”
“Jai, calm down. You’re safe” Beau said softly from besides him.
It took the boys 10 minutes to get Jai’s breathing back to normal. Jai collapsed into Luke’s arms and closed his eyes.

James and Daniel watched the whole scene with wide eyes. What was happening? What was wrong with Jai?”
“Can’t he swim?” Daniel mumbled.
“Yes he can swim” Beau spat.
“What’s the problem then?” James questioned.
“He almost drowned when we were kids. He’s got a phobia of deep water and you pushed him into it. He could have died” Luke shouted, his anger being let out.
“But we didn’t know, we thought-“
“You didn’t think. What would have happened if me and Luke weren’t here?” Beau asked.
“Stop fighting, it’s ok. They didn’t mean to” Jai mumbled from where he sat.
“I’m so so sorry Jai” Daniel and James said at the same time
“You didn’t know. Just please don’t do that again” Jai whispered.
“Never” they replied.
Beau and Luke held Jai in their arms, and made a promise to themselves to always protect him, always.

Wisdom Teeth

When Jai heard the news that he had to get his wisdom teeth removed, he was frustrated.

He already hated the dentist and now he had to let them pull out it teeth?!

He wasn’t going to go. In fact, he’d already made that decision.

Unfortunately for him, Beau was very insistent on him going. He’d even dragged the younger boy out of his room and into the car when the day came.

“Beau, I don’t want to do this. There’s no point!” Jai argued with his brother as he started the car.

“Well unless you want them to cause you constant pain, there kinda is,” Beau gave him one of those looks that told him not to disagree.

He rolled his eyes, trying to play down the fact that he was terrified.

A hand rested on his shoulder. “Hey, it will be fine. I promise.” Luke smiled at him comfortingly.

Jai just looked at him nervously, palms beginning to sweat

“We’ll even get them to put you under that gas thing if you want?” The other twin offered.

“No thanks,” Jai nodded, smiling in a scared way.

Beau looked over to them as he parked the car. With the horrible realisation that they were at the dentist, Jai’s heart sank.

They sat in silence for a few moments before Jai’s voice pierced the air.

“On second thoughts, I think I’d quite like to be under that gas thing”


While they waited at the front desk, Luke kept an arm wrapped around Jai’s shoulder.

They’d already nominated Beau as the speaker as they were waiting for him to fill out Jai’s forms.

“You know, if you go loopy after this gas thing, I’m gonna make fun of you for the next week,” Luke tried to lighten the mood.

Jai laughed, a smile spreading across his face. They were ten minutes early so they had to wait for his name to be called out.

When it was, he feared his heart was beating so fast he might go into cardiac arrest.

“You’ll be fine,” Luke pushed him in to the door.

Only one of them could go in so Beau did, being the more responsible one.


Luke knew he was going to be a bit loopy after the gas but he didn’t expect his brother to start crying as soon as they stepped out of the dentist’s office.

“Beau, the clouds are leaking!” He cried.

Luke thought he was joking until he saw the actual tears in his brother’s eyes.

“Oh my god,” he laughed, “Jai, it’s rain. Nothing is leaking.”

Beau shook his head as they walked to the car.

“Are you sure?” Jai looked at his brother.

“Yes!” Luke said in exasperation, guiding Jai to Beau’s jeep.

“Get in,” Beau laughed.

“But I don’t like red,” Jai complained, crossing his arms.

“Red doesn’t like you,” Beau rolled his eyes, fighting a grin but regretting it when Jai’s face dropped.

“No it does! It-”

“Ha! Got you,” Jai burst out laughing like it was the funniest thing he’d ever witnessed.

Luke pushed Jai into the car, buckling him in because he was obviously incapable of doing it himself.

They’d been driving for a while when they realised how quiet Jai had been.

Beau looked through the rear view mirror. “You okay, kiddo?”

Jai held up a hand, clearly annoyed. “Don’t interrupt!”

“Interrupt what?” Luke laughed.

“I’m deciding how I’m gonna to take over the world, God!” Jai rolled his eyes if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

“I think you should go to sleep, Jai.” Luke shook his head.

“So do I!” The other twin gasped.

He rested his head on Luke’s shoulder, closing his eyes immediately.

He was asleep with in minutes.

“He’s weird,” Beau laughed.

Luke looked down at his twin who was currently drooling on his lap.

“Trust me, I know.”


Hope you enjoyed guys!❤️ ~Nia xo