Imagine #10 - Cute Bonfire - Jai


Plot: You and Jai have a bonfire together.

It was chilly outside. There hasn’t been any warm weather lately. But it was Beau’s birthday, and he was planning to have a beach party for such a long time. He was really looking forward to it, too. You had no other choice. 

As Beau drunkenly strolled down the beach, prancing about like a stupid idiot, spilling a spews of Vodka everywhere. Daniel was fast asleep beside you and Jai, as his face was illuminated with bright red flames of the bonfire. 

James was smoking shisha at the very edge of the sea all alone, spluttering and coughing at the cherry flavoured vapor. His hair was flowing in the wind, as he stared out at the dark blue waves, flowing back and forth.

Luke wasn’t even there, at the party. He wasn’t really ‘anywhere’ anymore. The only place you would find him these days was with Kiana at the LA house. 

You and Jai stare down at the small bonfire, warming up your feet. Jai carefully slipped off the blue blanket off himself, you were both sharing, and put it on your shoulders completely. 

Immediately, you look at him and crinkle your eyebrows together. “Aren’t you cold?” You mumble, chewing on your lip, feeling guilty and bad about it. 

Jai licked his plump lips. “Yeah,” He says with a chuckle. “But you come first.” Jai smiles, interlocking your fingers together and bringing the back of your hand to his lips, and pecking it. 

A while ago, before Jai met you, he was a real big believer on the quote, ‘Don’t set yourself on fire to keep others warm.’ But now, all he ever does it put you first before himself.

You shake your head, trying to give him some of the blanket but he pushes it back onto you. “I’m fine, Y/N,” He reassures. “Ladies first, hm?”

Rolling your eyes, you smile and cuddle up closer to him, trying to keep him warm too. If he wasn’t so selfish, you would have just shared the blanket with him. But like I said, Jai is very selfish sometimes.

Leaning over, you grab the black metal skewers and packet of marshmallows from beside you. Pulling a face of disgust, you wipe down the moist sand off the bag. Ripping it open, you place the skewers between your knees and prod two pink marshmallows on both. 

Handing a skewer to Jai, you hastily place your marshmallow in the scolding fire and watch it bronze. Twirling around the skewer, you feel it slightly weight down and lower down into the fire. You glance down to find Jai’s index finger pushing it down. 

Giggling, you elbow him in the side. “Stoooop!” You exclaim, and then suddenly, it turned into slop and fell into the fire and burned away into black goo. “Look what you’ve done!” You blamed him, jokingly. 

He places his hand over his chest, dramatically. “Won’t be the last time I do it, slut.” He grinned, placing his head on your shoulder.

Quick Info On Jai Brooke! Jai Was Born On May 3rd , 1995. And Is And Australian Youtuber :). He Started Dating Ariana Grande In Around August In The Year 2012, But They Met In Person On December 30, 2012. Jai Is From The Group Janoskians: Just Another Name Of Silly Kids In Another Nation Skip. Please Follow For More Janoskians Stuff.
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