ex-girlfriend ?

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There was nothing I hated more than moving. Trying to make new friends, getting situated, and then there’s the whole entire process of trying to fit in so people don’t think you’re weird.

Yeah I was outgoing, and crazy and funny, but some of that stuff takes people a while to get used too.

I had just finished unpacking my room, and my drawers were practically empty. My mom had us keep some clothes back at our old house. Her and my dad got a divorce and he decided to stay back in Florida, and my mom decided to move out to California.

So unfortunately in the split, more than half my stuff stayed with my dad, simply for the fact that shipping it out would cost way more than buying new stuff.

My dad won the lottery so he always gave me a generous amount of money for my birthday, and every holiday, simply cause he knew I couldn’t see him that much. And of course he paid for my flights between him and mom. And then my mom had a really high paying job, so money wasn’t an issue, we had enough.

And then I did have a job back in Florida, but of course had to quit to move, so I had my own money to buy things I wanted. But with this move, my dad gave me money to buy new clothes and anything else.

My mom had most of the stuff unpacked downstairs, and then the neighbor came over so she was currently sitting downstairs talking with her.

“hey mom, can I uh, go to the mall or something? I need some new clothes.”

“yes of course sweetie. Oh this is our neighbor Jessica.”

“hi.” I smiled

“hello.” She grinned.

“alright, I’ll be back.” I called out as I walked out the door. I decided to walk, simply cause traffic was so awful.

I had just walked into the mall and decided to go into my favorite store, urban outfitters. Finding a bunch of new tops and some shorts I ended up walking out of the store with 3 bags.

As I was walking to another store I decided to text my mom, tell her how things were going. Not paying any attention I accidently bumped into someone, stumbling back a bit.

“I’m so sorry” I rushed out, feeling so awful for running into someone. I looked to see who I had just ran into. He was tall, tan, dark hair, eyebrow piercing, sweet smile. He was probably the hottest guy I’ve seen.

“no, it’s fine.” his smooth voice spoke, with a hint of an accent I wasn’t familiar with. “I’m Jai.” He smiled, reaching out his hand.

“um (y/n)” you smiled, taking his hand.

He smiled and then scratched the back of his neck.

“um, I know we just met and everything, but uh, my ex-girlfriend is here with her new boyfriend, so do you think you could just walk around with me, and uh, act like my girlfriend possibly?”

I was a little taken back by his request. So shocked I was speechless. Did I even hear him right. He wanted me to pretend to be his girlfriend?

“look, I understand if you don’t, and I understand it’s childish, but I just want to make her jealous.”

“I have some serious shopping I need to do-“

“that’s fine, I just wanna walk around and stuff. I understand if you don’t want to bu-“

“oh no, it’s fine.” I cut him off. I mean, this would be a hell of a story for my first day. Pretending to be someone’s girlfriend. Why not? And it’s not like he’s gonna kill me in public, or kidnap me or something. He seemed pretty normal.

“awesome.” He smiled, reaching out to take my hand, but I pulled it away slightly, leaving him looking at me confused.

if you tell me what happened between you two.”

He stepped back and seemed to think about it. Humming, and rubbing his stubble before he finally, after 2 minutes he spoke “alright deal.”

He took my hand and we started walking.

“alright, where to first?” he asked.

“I uh, I’d like to go into forever 21.”

“alright, forever 21 it is.” He smiled, as we walked towards forever 21.

“so, your end of the deal.” I smiled up at him.

“okay okay, so uh, we were together for 2 years. And yeah I loved her, but apparently it was all just a lie. She told me she was feeling sick so she was just gonna stay home, so I thought I would be the good boyfriend I was and show up with flowers and some chocolate and make her soup or something. So her mom let me in and told me she was up in her room, so I walked up to find her on top of some guy.”

We had just walked into the store, still hand in hand, but I stopped and looked up at him, shocked.

“she was cheating on you?” I gasped.

“yeah.” He sighed. “I was so mad I just left, I threw her flowers in the trash and ate the chocolate on my way home.” He laughed.

“so did she like try to explain or anything?” I asked, as I searched a rack.

“yeah, she called me and tried to tell me it wasn’t what it looked like and all that bull.”

“did she really think you’d believe that?” I asked, holding up a top.

“you’d look good in that.” He smiled, “but yeah, she said it was an accident, she didn’t mean it.”

I smiled at his compliment and decided to get the top “so what did you do?” I asked

“I told her we were over. I didn’t care if it was a onetime thing or not, she just threw away the best thing that would ever come her way.”

“that’s great.” I laughed, looking for some shorts. Jai looked at me and got a cheeky smile.

“you should try those on, just to be sure.”

“alright.” So I went to the dressing room, Jai following and sitting in a seat, waiting for me. I tried on a pair of high waisted shorts. Not sure, of what I thought on them.

“so?” Jai asked.

“I’m not sure.”

“let me see.” He called out, so I walked out of the dressing room in front of Jai.

“hmmm, turn around?” so I turned around, twirling in a circle.

“wait, I think there’s something on the pocket, turn around again.”

So I turn around and stop, so he can get whatever it is off my pocket.

“well, what is it?” I ask, but Jai didn’t respond. I turn around and look at him to see that he’s just staring at my ass. “Jai!” I laugh, turning around.

“sorry, sorry” he laughed, throwing his hands up in defense, “but yeah, they look good you should get them.”

“alright, let me change and let’s go.” I laughed.


We were walking around the mall now, hand in hand again. He was currently telling me a bunch of crazy stories of him and his brothers and a few friends. He also told me about how he’s originally from Melbourne and him and his brothers and their friends moved out here.

“I feel like I’ve been talking, tell me your story.” He said as we walked into Victoria secret. I just needed some new bras and panties and other girly stuff.

“um, well, my parents just got divorced so my mom and I just moved out here, like today, hence the need for all these.” I said, holding up all my bags. “but I lived in Florida and I’m an only child, and that’s about it. I’m not that exciting.” I awkwardly chuckle.

We walked around some more, and talked some more. We did a little more shopping before we stopped at the food court to grab some food. I got pizza and Jai got a sub. We sat and ate and laughed over shit Jai said, making random comments about people, like ‘that guy over there, he’s a rejected mine. Failed outta mine school’ and just a bunch of completely random shit.

When we were done eating we walked around some more. Jai wanting to go to a shoe store. So as we were walking, holding hands again, Jai said some joke and I burst out laughing. Nearly half the people that were by us stopped and looked at us.

I blushed and buried my face in Jai’s chest, to hide my flushed cheeks. I felt so embarrassed.

“what are you doing?” he laughed, his arm now around me instead of holding my hand, since my head was in his chest.

“I’m so embarrassed.”

“why?” he asked.

“I hate my laugh.” I mumbled.

He pulled back and looked at me like I was crazy. Then he just shook his head and wrapped his arm back around me. “well I think your laugh is the cutest laugh I’ve ever heard.” He smiled.

“stop.” I blushed, turning my head into his chest again.

We were right about to walk into a store but he stopped suddenly.

“Jai, I didn’t literally mean stop.” I laugh.

“no, it’s just. I see my ex-girlfriend.” He said, looking over my shoulder. I went to turn around and look where he was, but he grabbed my shoulders to stop me from looking around.

He looked off in the distance and then his eyes got wide.

“what!?” I asked, curious.

“she’s uh, she’s looking over here. She didn’t see that I saw her.” He said, looking at me.

“so what do we do?” I asked. He briefly looked up and then back at me.

“okay, don’t hate me.” He said.

“why would I?” I laughed a little.

“cause of this.” He replied before he grabbed my face and his lips met mine.

At first I was shocked. But then I closed my eyes and dropped my bags as I rested my hands against his chest and kissed him back.

His lips were soft, and he was so sweet and gentle with the kiss. It wasn’t sloppy and all wet, it was kinda slow and super sweet.

He pulled away and smiled down at me, and I smiled up at him.

He grabbed my hand and we started walking towards where he was looking right before we kissed. I looked all around for his ex, him giving me a description of her earlier, and I couldn’t see anyone that looked like her.

“uh jai?” I asked, looking up at him sideways.

“mhmm yeah?” he asked looking back down at me.

“where uh, where’s she at?” I asked looking around.

“ohhh uh, about that.” He said, scratching the back of his neck. “my ex wasn’t here.” He said, shyly.

“what?” I quizzed, puzzled.

“um, I made it all up. When you bumped into me, I just really wanted to have an excuse to talk to you.” He awkwardly laughed.

“Jai” I gasped/laughed, playfully hitting his chest.

“hey, sue me, but can you really blame me for wanting to spend the day with a beautiful girl?” he asked, rhetorically. I just blushed.

“so uh, I was thinking, our second date could be a little more practical, lunch, tomorrow?”

“real smooth” I laughed, then stopped and he looked at me, confused as to why I stopped.

I just stood on my tip toes and kissed him again briefly. Pulling away and smiling.

“but lunch sounds great”

I wrote my number down for him before we parted, receiving a text a minute later, talking about our lunch plans for tomorrow.

Maybe this move wouldn’t be so bad.

Hope you enjoy, love!


“Please don’t record me. I don’t want you all to document what words have came out of my mouth when I’m that high.” I groaned, rubbing my temples.

“(Y/n), were only gonna put the really funny shit on YouTube.” Beau said.

I glared at him. Jai chuckled and threw his arm over my shoulder. “I won’t let them record much, baby.”



[Jai’s POV]

“You guys better not record her that much. She’ll kill me.”

“That’s what we’re aiming for, Jai.” Luke said.

“Fuck you.”

“Jai Brooks?” I looked up an seen (y/n) getting rolled out. I really wanted to laugh.

“Doctor,” she began pulling at the nurses fingers, “that’s my boyfriend. His name is… Oh my gosh I forgot his name!”

I laughed and listened to the directions on how to take care of her. “Thank you so much.” We rolled (y/n) out to the car.

“Who’re you?” She stuck her finger on Beau’s face.

“I’m Beau, your best friend.”

“Whose that?”

“That’s Luke, your other best friend.”

“Whose that?”

“That’s Jai, your boyfriend.”

“I have a boyfriend?! He’s hot.”

I laughed and rolled my eyes. I buckled her in and sat down beside her, shutting the door.

“Can you play my favorite song?”

I nodded my head and told Beau to play one of our songs.

“I like this song. That’s what she said. That’s what she said.” She started bouncing her head up and down.

I looked over an seen Luke recording her. I shook my head and wiped the spit that was coming down the side of her mouth. We kept recording things but I only recorded cute stuff. She did ask me about sex but I shrugged my shoulders. These next couple of days are gonna be crazy.

(Y/n) and I were laying on the couch. Her body was leaning against me and I had two ice packs on her face. She pulled up her phone and took a picture of us. I kissed the top of her head. I grabbed my phone, sighing.

“Baby get up, it’s time for your medicine.”

She groaned. I knew the medicine made her drowsy but she had to take it. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed her medicine, getting out the right dosage. I grabbed her a Gatorade as well. I walked back in the living room and gave her medicine.

She scrunched her face. “It’s so nasty.”

“I know baby. Your face is going down a bit.” She nodded her head and started falling asleep. “Come on, baby.”

She stuck her arms out. I laughed and picked her up, wrapping her legs around my waist.

“Good night, boys.”

“Night.” They all yelled back.

I walked up the stairs, rubbing her back. I can’t wait till she gets to feeling better. I opened my door and put her down on my bed.

“Do you want to sleep in one of my shirts?” She nodded her head.

I grabbed a long sleeve Dirty Pig shirt and walked over to her. I gently took off her shirt and slipped the one on, making sure to slowly go over her cheeks. I tossed her shirt in our dirty clothes pile. I pulled the covers over on top of her and kissed her forehead. I walked into my bathroom and brushed my teeth, taking a wee before I went back.

“Do you want anything before we go to bed?”


I nodded my head an got under the covers with her. I laid on my back, pulling her body into mine. She turned over an laid her head on my chest, throwing a leg over mine.

“Good night, princess.”


I chuckled and fell asleep, rubbing her back.

Promt list

1. “Thats my phone”
2. “Why do you have my bra in your hand?”
3. “I don’t feel so good”
4. “You mean everything to me….”
5. “You lost your ring?….”
6. “Great now the fire alarm is going off”
7. “You mean to tell me that you ate all my food?…”
8. “How dare you use me when you knew i loved you….”
9. “Forget it”
10. “Maybe wishes do come true after all
11. “Maybe soulmates are a thing”
12. “Lets go travel the world”
13. “Can we sleep under the stars?”
14. “I saw you sitting alone and thought you would use some company”
15. “Are you seriously horny right now?”
16. “Whats with the cheesy pickup lines?”
17. “Nooo! They belonged together”
18. “Your jealous over my celebrity crush?”
19. “Could i maybe get your number?”
20. “How about a date?”
21. “Netflix?”
22. “Was it really worth it?”
23. “Yeah well now you’ve lost me”
24. “Let me help you goddammit”
25. “Stop being stubborn and come cuddle me”
26. “You drove here at 2 in the morning to come and get cuddles?”
27. “Soooo…..what now?”
28. “I thought you locked the door”
29. “This is going to be the end of me”
30. “You are going to be the death of me”
31. “Your just another player and its game over for us”
32. “You’re seriously a man-child”
33. “I want you. Only you”
34. “Do you belive in love at first sight?”
35. “Im so stupid. I fell for my best friend”
36. “Its cute when you blush”
37. “Back off”
38. “Is there a reason your crawling threw my window?”
39. “Thats a cute laugh. I like it”
40. “Move in with me?”
41. “I guess this is it…”
42. “It wasn’t supposed to happen like this”
43. “You owe me 10 bucks”
44. “Can you bring pizza and beer”
45. “What did that asshole do to you?”
46. “What did you do?”
47. “Ewww thats gross”
48. “Stick that toung out again and i will cut it off”
49. “Im not crying. Theres something in my eye”
50. “Wow. Your stupid”
51. “Did i fucking stutter?”
52. “You should leave”
53. “Dont mind me”
54. “Nice moves love”
55. “What a dumb idea. Im in”
56. “Can someone shoot him?”
57. “Don’t say a word”
58. “Shit, thats hot”
59. “I dont care”
60. “You need to leave”
61. “Fuck off”
62. “NEVER!”
63. “Do you even love me?”
64. “I think i just fell in love”
65. “I cant do this anymore”
66. “You’re so whipped”
67. “Forever?”
68. “I fall in love with you more and more ever day”
69. “Your all i have left”
70. “Care to dance?”
71. “Please. Just dont”
72. “Im sorry”
73. “I said im sorry what more do you want!”
74. “You cant just sit there all day”
75. “You can lock yourself away from everyone else….but please dont push me away”
76. “You can’t banish me!! This is my bed too”
77. “Talk about awkward”
78. “If you die. I’ll kill you”
79. “That dosn’t make sense”
80. “Just smile. I just really need to see you smile right now”
81. “How funny. You think i care”
82. “Tell me what’s happened. Why have we changed”
83. “I don’t even know you anymore.”
84. “Do you really need all that candy?”
85. “Don’t yell at me”
86. “Good thing i didn’t ask for your opinion”
87. “She’s hiding behind the sofa”
89. “He’s respectable. But you know, a little dodgy”
90. “Your too good for this world”
91. “Only if you give me a piggy back ride”
92. “Let’s build a fort”
93. “Wait, you like me?”
94. “Wait….is this a date?”
95. “If i did anything right in my life, it was falling in love with you”
96. “Listen i really dont like you but you hsve a puppy so im going to be over a lot”
97. “I desere an explanation. I desereve an acceptable reason”
98. “You can hate me. You can dislike me. But why cheat on me?”
99. “Your hair is so soft”
100. “I thought it’d be less hurt if i left now. But it turn out i was wrong. I promise ill never leave again”

Suggest who you would like it to be with and what number/s. Stay groovy 😎

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you clean jai up after a fight

requested by: anonymous

For a Friday night, the party that you found yourself at was admittedly ok. Jai had dragged you along with a promise that you wouldn’t have too terrible of a time, and you rolled your eyes and agreed to go (mostly because you didn’t want him on his own to find his way home drunk and in the dark). The bottle of cheap beer that you had in your hand wasn’t the worst that you had ever had (at least a couple of sips in), and you had found yourself a couple of people who were friends of friends that you could talk to. Jai had run off into the dance floor almost as soon as you got to the party, and you hadn’t really seen him since. You wondered where he was.

Almost as soon as the thought popped into your head, there was a crash from outside, and a good amount of people ran out the doors to see what was going on. Things outside immediately got louder with cheers and chants of fight fight fight, and you excused yourself from the thoroughly uninterested group.

When you stepped outside, you saw a group of people gathered around what looked to be a fight, and you made your way between bodies to get a glimpse of exactly what was going on, but you weren’t very prepared for what you were about to see.

Tanner, an ex of yours who was tall and the type of guy who would snort protein powder if it meant it would help him in the gym, had squared up, one of his knuckles split and blood running down his arm. He was obviously drunk, as he was unsteady on his feet as he held up his fists in front of his body. Your mood started going going sour the minute that you laid eyes on him, but it only worsened when you saw who he was fighting.

Jai peeled himself off of the grass on the other side of the crowd-made circle, spitting blood and staggering once on his feet. You had never seen him so angry before. Before tanner could strike again, you ran out into the middle, shielding Jai the best that you could and holding your hand up to the aggressor in case he decided to throw a punch at you. “Tanner!” You shrieked, “What the fuck?! Stop!”

At that point, his friends ran to restrain the bigger guy, and Tanner tried to yell something but it came out as an angry drunken garble. The crowd dispersed rather quickly, seeing as the excitement had kind of worn away, and you turned to Jai.

He was swaying slightly on his feet, with blood dripping from his nose and down his chin. He had a scarily blank look in his eyes, and you walked the couple of paces over to him, concern drenching your features. “Jai?” You asked softly, and he seemed to snap out of whatever it was he was thinking about and bring you into focus.

“Let’s go home, babe.” He said, his voice rough, and as he took a step toward you, his knee buckled. You caught him before he could hit the ground and put his arm around your shoulders, supporting him as the two of you walked to his car. The ride home was silent. You were too tense to say anything, and Jai had his eyes closed and his seat leaned back all the way as he held a napkin to his nose.

When the two of you got back to your place, you practically dragged him to the bathroom and made him stand against the counter as you got out cotton balls, wash cloths, peroxide, and bandages.

“Y/N, I’m fine, I don’t need this.” He said softly, but you shushed him. “It wasn’t that big of a deal.”

“It wasn’t that big of a deal?” You asked incredulously, gesturing to his appearance. As you noticed earlier, his nose was bleeding and his lip was split, and he had a bruise already beginning to form on the apple of his cheek around a cut that looked like it came from Tanner’s class ring. Blood had dripped down onto his white t-shirt, and there were smears of red from where he was knocked down into the grass. “What the hell were you thinking?”

“He was drunk, Y/N.” He answered with a small shrug, and you frowned as you started dabbing the peroxide at the gash in his cheek. He hissed but let you continue, knowing that you would fix him up whether he liked it or not.  

“But you weren’t drunk.” You argued. “Did he say something to you?”

“It was nothing.” He said, suddenly defensive, but you weren’t buying it one bit. You took a step back from him and looked him straight in the eye.

“Tell me what happened.” You demanded, putting your hands on your hips, and Jai deflated, biting at the inside of his cheek as he thought of how to respond.

“He was talking about you, Y/N.” He said after a sigh, and your heart fell. Tanner wasn’t exactly the nicest when the two of you broke up, even though he was the one who cheated on you and caused things to end roughly. “He kept saying how you were an easy lay and called you these nasty things to this group of his friends. I couldn’t let him talk about you that way.” He finished quietly.

“He’s always been like that, Jai. You shouldn’t have gotten in a fight with him over that.” You tsked, unwrapping a bandage and pressing it gently to his cheek. He frowned and exhaled heavily through his nose,

“I couldn’t let him talk about you like that though, Y/N. It’s not right.”

You shrugged, dabbing lightly at the dried blood that had dried on his upper lip and down his chin. “It doesn’t matter.” You murmured, turning to put the bloodied rags aside.

When you turned back, Jai had come down off of the counter and standing in front of it, a look in his eye that you had never seen before. Before you could ask him if something was wrong, he was cupping your face in his bruised, dirty hands and pressing his lips to yours. The kiss took the breath from your lungs and the words from your tongue.

You had always had a thing for Jai. You had always felt comfortable around him, and where his protectiveness started out as brotherly in the beginning, it had recently evolved into something stronger, and you had found yourself hoping that he thought of the two of you more than friends.

When he had finally pulled away, slowly, like he was scared to face whatever repercussions would come from his impulse, he let out a mumble of “It matters to me, Y/N. You matter to me.”

You could feel yourself blushing as you looked down at your bare feet.

“Just,” you started, your voice nearly a whisper. “Don’t get yourself killed over me, ok?”

He huffed out a content laugh, and then tilted your chin up with his hand and swiped his thumb across your lips. “Sorry.” He said quietly, and when your tongue darted out to wet your lips, you could taste a trace of iron. His lip had split open with the force of the kiss, and you rolled your eyes at his sheepish grin.

“No more kissing.” You warned. “Not until your lip heals up.”

“C’mon, Y/N.” He pouted, but let you clean up the blood that was beginning to drip down his chin.

As Luke rifled through your closet looking for an extra change of clothes that he knew that you had taken from him, you couldn’t help but watch with a sense of fondness. Although you’d never admit it out loud, maybe Tanner had done you a favor by being the drunken asshole that he always was.