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Took the boys out for some photos, its the first warm afternoon in weeks and its nice to feel a little sunshine. Their three older brothers have gone off to new homes but these two are still looking! Egg, and his brother Dawson are for sale at $50 each, with more are hatching out all the time now as we amble on into spring. If you’re interested, feel free to contact me! There’s nothing I love more then sending my boys off home. …Too many crows in one room does tend to inspire a lot of mess.


ok so now that i’ve rested after MANY DAYS IN A ROW at work i’ve filled two ao3 prompts and bc they have a running theme i’m posting them together (out of ao3 order bc the second was a sort of prequel)

Requests were: the others find out Arthur has a secret hobby (bonus points for something that could be considered “girly” by some and has him flustered) AND Arthur’s the one to save the day for once

These both make more sense if ur familiar with the fatal frame series lmao im weak


The transparent woman slid through the closed door, and Vivi swore so violently the boys both flinched. Lewis glided over the sunken fireplace, reaching for the sliding door and yelping as he drew his hand back. In the back of his eye sockets, his violet irises rolled, and he turned to the rest of the group. “It’s sealed with some sort of powerful energy. We need to find the source to remove it.”

Vivi hopped up onto the raised floor of the room, following the glowing blue filament in the camera to stand before the offending spot. She inhaled deeply, raised the camera, and-


Nothing happened.


Vivi stomped her feet, ready to have an absolute fit, and Arthur gently took the camera out of her hands before she could toss it to the floor. “How are we sucking this bad?”

Lewis shrank back, rubbing a bony hand along his arm with the best air of sheepishness he could manage without a proper face. “It’s an old camera, I guess? I mean, we’ve only ever used our phones-”


The pair turned to look at the door in surprise, as a mass of blue incorporeal faces wavered like a mirage on hot pavement. The camera spat out a little square, and Arthur gingerly pinched the film between two fingers, waiting patiently for the image to appear instead of frantically flapping it (like Vivi had done with the photo of the woman blocking the door earlier; lord he loved his boyfriend and girlfriend, but bless their hearts-).

“Correction: you two have only ever used your phones.”

Vivi scurried over to peek down at the photo, gaping at the crystal-clear (if aged) image of a familiar coal brazier. “How-?!”

Arthur shrugged, grinning. “You have to adjust the f-stop and shutter speeds, or else everything’s just a blurry, poorly lit mess-”

Lewis crossed his arms, raising one brow. “And you know this how?”

Arthur was now suddenly aware that his friends were both staring at him, and down by the front door, Mystery shot him a knowing smirk. The mechanic chuckled nervously, fidgeting with the camera controls and turning to head for the back. “Come on, guys, we have to get to the coal room to find the source; that might be where the ginger key is-”

“The what key?”

Arthur gestured upstairs. “The key for the lock? The one with a ginger pattern?”

For the second time in as many minutes, the other two were surprised by the blond’s obscure knowledge. “How do you get ginger from that pattern?”

“Have neither of you seen ginger flowers before?”

“Have you?”

Oh boy. Arthur cleared his throat, metal fingers tapping an awkward rhythm on the camera’s casing, and Vivi held up a hand to signal a timeout.

Proper old camera adjustment. Experience with SLR photography. Innate knowledge of obscure flowers.

Could they possibly…be related?

Lewis seemed to come to the same realization at the exact same time as she did, and while she chuckled, he quirked his skull in his closest imitation of a smile. “Arthur…”

“Haha whoops think I hear a ghost coming better hurry up-”

“Arthur, have you been hiding a lil hobby of sorts from us?”

The blond nearly tripped down the step to the lowered hallway, disappearing down the corner with a forced laugh. “Haaaaaaaa can’t hear you buddy can you repea-”


Arthur scurried down the hall, camera tucked against his chest as he blushed furiously, and Vivi cackled with delight in the front room. “ARTHUR THIS IS THE CUTEST THING I SWEAR WHEN WE GET OUT OF HERE I’M GONNA NEED TO SEE YOUR PORTFOLIOS I MEAN IT-”


Lewis sucked a useless breath in between his gritted teeth, clutching his anchor in a panic as its erratic beating expanded and contracted the spiderweb of cracks along the surface. Vivi clutched at his other arm in concern, ignoring the approaching spirit to stare up at him with her big, wet eyes. In front of the pair, Mystery snarled, tails flicking as they fanned out to put a moving obstacle between the kids and the cackling girl in the stained kimono.

“You two need to run! She’s too powerful!”

Vivi glared at the kitsune, ready to read him the riot act, but Lewis beat her to it. “She’s a boss ghost, Mystery, in your physical form you can hardly touch her! Get Vivi out of here, let me-”

A little hand came up and snapped his jaw closed mid-sentence, the bluenette by his side staring up at him through furious tears. “Both of youshut up! I am not going anywhere, you are not fighting over who gets to play heroic sacrifice, and-”


In a split second, the world had slowed, turning at a quarter pace. Lewis barely had time to notice the mad ghost, hands stopped just shy of Mystery’s snout, turn to look at the intruder. Before he could process anything, Vivi grabbed him by the lapels, pulling him down to the floor with her. As he fell, he could just make out the glint of a glass lens in the darkness of the hall.



The afterimage of the camera flash faded just in time to catch the shrieking ghost’s final flails, and as she faded out, the night was once again preternaturally quiet. Vivi squirmed under Lewis’s arm, and he scrambled off of her, both of them and Mystery gaping at the panting orange figure stepping out of the darkness. Arthur glared at the spot on the floor where the screaming twin had menaced his friends, then raised his head to look at them, furious expression melting into a relieved deadpan.


In a second, the rescued trio had sprung up off the floor and into his mismatched arms, and he shrieked with shocked laughter as he fell backwards under the weight of the sudden affection.

anonymous asked:

You don't have to do this but Jaylos all the numbers?

1. who leaves the most kisses and where?

jay, and everywhere.

2. who draws on the other’s face when they fall asleep?

carlos. and it wouldn’t be like whiskers and stuff like that. it would be “carlos was here” and a smiley face sticking out a tongue next to it. and carlos would spend a lot of time to bubble the letters and make it 3D and color everything, and even when jay wakes up carlos is like “wait wait wait! lie back down i still haven’t finished yet!”

3. who likes cuddling more?

JAY. like they’d be watching a movie together and carlos would be eating popcorn calmly and all of the sudden jay pulls the smaller boy closer to his chest and kisses his hair and carlos is really really red. and he gets even more red (which should have been impossible) when jay whispers “i love you” into his ear because those words just echo and echo and echo in carlos’ head for hours.

4. who says “i love you” first?

jay, but carlos never believes him, because inside of himself he believes hes just another one of those people jay dates just to get benefits from. so when jay says “i love you,” carlos’ smile goes to a straight line, and jay never knows why. one day carlos confeses to jay and jay’s literally never serious but now he’s all “no. no, carlos, that guy who dates just to get benefits from other people isn’t me.” “it was you…” “was me. not anymore. no, carlos, i love you a lot. you know that.” “i… don’t……” and there’s a long stretch of silence before jay has that smile on him again and carlos is looking at him half-sad half-exhausted and jay pulls him into a hug and kisses him all over his face. and carlos suddenly starts laughing and jay’s all “then let me show you how much i love you” and what a flirt.

5. which one initiates talk about starting a family together?

jay, and he’s so effing straight-forward about it. like he doesn’t even stutter or get embarrassed, it’s just “hey carlos, what about we have some kids, raise a family or something, and our whole family can see how much i love you?” and carlos is so flustered.

6. which one buys the other a room full of flowers as an anniversary present?

jay. evie got all the flowers and mal and ben decorated the room according to jay’s sketch of what he wanted it to be like (which was really bad so mal was like “are you sure this is the best you can do?” because there’s so many random lines and it’s such an amateur drawing, but it all got solved in the end). so when carlos came home he was like, “jay? what’s this here?” and the son of jafar is so happy and lifts up the mini cinnamon roll and spins him around and says “happy anniversary!!” with a huge smile on his face.

7. which one brings home a puppy without the other one’s knowledge?

CARLOS. but not just one puppy. like, maybe four puppies. all with matching leashes. jay comes home and he’s like “????????? wh” but within fifteen minutes those puppies are so precious to him but not as precious as carlos.

8. which one preaches about bees while the other rolls their eyes with a smile on their face?

carlos. he had a science class about bees and he goes into a speech about them and jay’s just laughing his head off over how nerdy his boyfriend is.

9. who thinks “what a dork i love them so much” more often?

carlos. carloscarloscarlos. he’s always staring at the selfies on jay’s phone (he steals jay’s phone a lot) and he’s smiling and jay doesn’t even take proper photos of things. it’s literally all just really silly selfies. and carlos is just thinking about how much of a complete dork jay is, but those cute expressions the guy makes sends the de vil’s heart fluttering to the moon.

10. which one eats all the other’s food without permission?

jay. he still got some stealing skills in him.

11. which one likes holding hands more?

carlos, but he tries to keep it secret. yet it’s so obvious to jay that he just grabs carlos’ hand and kisses him and does his absolute best to fluster his boyfriend.

12. which one starts being more cutesy in public first?

jay. literally, the first day they date, jay grabs a microphone and stands on top of his lunch table and carlos is like “no, no jay!!” and jay pretends not to hear him. and jay’s all “ATTENTION EVERYONE!!” and carlos is in his seat covering his face with his hands while his boyfriend is busy embarrassing him by getting the whole school to sing a really cheesy taylor swift song. after that’s done, he sits down and lets out a deep breath. carlos raises an eyebrow and says, “you done yet?” and jay smirks and replies, “not quite.” jay caresses carlos’ face and carlos is so shocked he just blinks and jay kisses him and the whole school is seeing them make out in public. from that point on, evie started writing fanfictions of them in secret.

13. which one drags the other into a fandom?

carlos. definitely carlos. carlos would drag jay to watch stuff with him and when jay would say, “i have practice,” or “i’m tired,” carlos pulls those puppy dog eyes on him and jay’s all “fine, fine, you nerd.”

14. if they were dogs, what kind would they be?

carlos as a dalmatian obviously, and jay as a stray mutt.

15. if they were flowers, what kind would they be?

carlos as a viola johnny-jump-up (flower code: thoughts, rememberance) and jay as a ranunculus (flower code: radiant with charm).

16. which one jumps into rain puddles while other gets splashed?

carlos jumping around excitedly like the little adorable baby puppy he is, and jay laughing next to him.

17. what do you think their dream places to live are?

to be honest, i don’t think either would want to move away from auradon.

18. which one accidentally puts a red thing into the whites load the first time they do laundry together?

jay. because he never thinks and after a day carlos goes to the washing machine to take out the laundry and yells “jay!! why are all my clothes red!!” and jay comes down with a raised eyebrow and once he sees how angry carlos is and the load of red clothes in his hand jay bursts out laughing and carlos is all “this is not funny!!!”

19. what do you think their favorite emojis are?

carlos - 😑🎮🐶😊🎶. jay - 🏆😏💪⚡🏃.

20. which one texts like a teenager?

jay!! just to especially annoy carlos. literally carlos would type up a whole 1000-word paragraph for their anniversary and jay would answer “awh omg ily2” and carlos is so mad but fifteen minutes later jay sends an even bigger paragraph.

21. which one sexts the other more? 

JAY. even though they would literally be in the same room.

22. what do you think their dream date activities are?

for carlos, probably going to a park, and for jay, probably just staying home alone with carlos, because then jay could kiss him and cuddle with him and sleep with him all day.

23. which one falls asleep first?

carlos does, and jay loves watching that boy sleep.