the signs as things the crew has said
  • Aries: "My cookies should be free; this guy was unprofessional and he told me he loved me." -D20
  • Gemini: "If I don't get on the internet every five minutes a part of me dies." -Joel
  • Cancer: "I'M THE GREATEST I'M THE GREATEST I'M THE GREATEST... I'M THE GREATEST! I just threw up." -Legiqn
  • Leo: "I really enjoy being wined and dined before I'm FUCKED." -Speedy
  • Virgo: "These kids go to sperm banks, and they vacuum up all the pubes out of the jerk-off rooms , and they fucking make soup out of the pubes, and eat it." -Jahova
  • Libra: "No such thing." -Sidearms, in a conversation about ugly dicks.
  • Scorpio: "But I wanna be gayyy." -Shadow
  • Sagittarius: "If you find desperation attractive, you are gonna think I'm hawwwt." -Shadow
  • Capricorn: "One day, one night, Saturday's alright! Online's just fine. Gay porn anytime!" -Legiqn (singing)
  • Aquarius: "I came here to suck dick and chew bubblegum. And I'm all out of dick." -Sidearms
  • Pisces: "I'm gonna call you what I want! I'm gonna call you what I want, papi!" -Legiqn