But like… Because he was raised by the animals in the jungle, Vince would probably just see cuddling right up against someone/nuzzling in against their neck as just, like, a standard greeting for when you see someone you’re friends with, because that’s just how Jahooli and everyone always said hello. And I can’t stop thinking about the implications of that. How Howard would react when they first got to know each other and suddenly one day Vince just came running over and gave him the biggest hug he’s ever had, holding him close and snuggling in against his shoulder, while just saying “Mornin’, Howard!” in a tone of voice that suggests this ridiculous display of affection was just sort of the base level of how tactile Vince could be. Or how, once Howard had talked to him about how it was lovely, really, but not really what Howard was used to and anyway most people in the city wouldn’t act like that, so maybe he shouldn’t do it any more, Vince would nod and say he understood but still feel somehow as though he was being rejected. And he’d just live for the tiny accidental touches as they walked past each other or sat down together, because it was something, at least, to last him until the rare occasions he could get Howard to cuddle him properly. When that happened Vince would just properly wrap around him, closing his eyes and just trying to get as much contact as possible because he’s not even been appreciating Howard the way his friends in the jungle would greet a family member, and Howard’s got to be at least that important, so Vince just wants to try and make up for it (he also gets very good at pretending to be asleep so Howard stays longer).
Basically there will never be enough Howince cuddles to satisfy me