Silver Among Scales by @feistymuffin​ (feistymuffin)

“Seajaccos,” Jack says, enunciating clearly even as he smiles.

“Shajakos,” Mark says, and immediately frowns. “That wasn’t right.”

“No, it wasn’t,” Jack laughs. He shifts himself on the piled coils of Mark’s body, getting as comfortable as possible when half-pinned by an enormously heavy naga. “The, ah, the J is softer, and the “sh” at the beginning is more… more like “shya”. Shya-jahk-ohs.”

“Shya-jak-oss,” Mark mutters, frowning harder. He kneads his knuckles idly into Jack’s stomach, making his skin sing with feeling. “Shya… Shya-jahk-oss? Shya-jahk-os?”

“Very close,” Jack tells him, smiling. “The “os” is longer, like “oh” with an S on the end.”

Mark sighs, resting his forehead on Jack’s shoulder. “These fae names are worse than anything else on the planet, I swear.”

“You’re not wrong,” Jack chuckles. “Why d’you think I go by Jack?”

MMMMMMM OKAY SO @feistymuffin is amazing, as we all know, and Silver Among Scales was no exception, holy heck. I absolutely L OVE mythical AUs and the designs for Mark and Jack where so vividly described, this was SO fun to draw!! Lmao poor snek Mark. don’t worry bud, you’ll get it right eventually.

Also, my first time with water colors!! I’m so glad I used them for this, they are so fun to use!!


Kicks (2016)

When his hard-earned kicks get snatched by a local hood, fifteen-year old Brandon and his two best friends go on an ill-advised mission across the Bay Area to retrieve the stolen sneakers. Featuring a soundtrack packed with hip-hop classics, Justin Tipping’s debut feature is an urban coming-of-age tale told with grit, humor – and surprising lyricism.

Directed by:   Justin Tipping

Starring:   Jahking Guillory, Mahershala Ali, Kofi Siriboe, Christopher Meyer, Christopher Jordan Wallace

Release date:   September 9, 2016

levynite  asked:

What was the second time Sam was almost arrested in Boston about?

Oh man ALMOST ARRESTED IN BOSTON TAKE TWO: SAM VISITS A POLICE STATION. This one is a little less funny, I think.

Also, in advance, I feel like I should say that I’m aware had I not been white, this whole event might have gone very differently. Like, I’m aware of how deeply privileged I was in this situation.

So, this was at the other end of the same visit where I was almost arrested for breaking into a graveyard, about a week later. I had been out and about that day and was on my way back to my hostel on Friend Street in the North End when I encountered a free concert on City Hall Plaza. It was perhaps the strangest concert I’ve ever been to, but anyway, my hostel didn’t have a curfew and I had nowhere in particular to be, so I hung out and listened to the concert, which I think got done around 10pm. They sang Charlie on the MTA, to my delight.

I was walking from City Hall Plaza to Friend Street when I came across a man on the sidewalk whose wheelchair had tipped over. He was yelling incoherently, and he was pretty visibly indigent, so not a lot of people were stopping to help (not a lot of people were in the area, to be fair).

Being a kind, compassionate, self-propelled trouble magnet, I stopped and crouched down and asked him if he was hurt. He kept yelling. I asked if he needed help getting back into his chair and getting his chair upright, and when he didn’t respond but visibly needed help, I made the (in retrospect perhaps obvious) mistake of putting a hand on the wheel of his chair, which was lying on its side sort of half-underneath him.

This guy then gave every impression of believing I was attempting to steal his chair, and he SCREAMED for all he was worth. I would be more charitable about this but you’ll see why I’m not in a few paragraphs.

Now, what you need to know about the geography of Boston is that police headquarters is directly between City Hall Plaza and Friend Street. Boston Police HQ was in fact directly behind me as I terrorized this guy into screaming that he was being robbed and murdered.

So a couple of passing cops took notice.

This guy was yelling that I had knocked him over and was trying to rob and murder him, and I was trying to explain that I was in fact just trying to get him upright again, and the police could mostly see a scruffy twentysomething with no visible motive to help a man, standing over him as he lay on the sidewalk and wailed in distress.

My memories are a little hazy — it was late, I was scared — but I ended up on a bench in Boston Police Headquarters, a story I will never ever ever tell my mother, being sternly questioned about what my motives towards this gentleman were. He, meanwhile, was apparently loaded into an ambulance, and I was beginning to think I would actually be charged with assaulting a homeless man in a wheelchair, which would have made never ever ever telling my mother about this incident difficult. 

But then yet another police officer rolled up to my bench and informed his colleague that he knew the man in question, and that, and I’m quoting here, “He’s a jahk, he’s pulled this befoah, this guy’s free tah goah”. Never has the Boston accent sounded so beautiful to me.

So yeah, it turns out that the guy I was trying to help had, at least once before, deliberately tipped his chair over in a heavy tourist area and then lain in wait for someone to help him up, at which point he would scream that he was being robbed and then get them to pay him to shut up. The police in this case interrupted his pitch, and I was taken into custody mainly for falling for a scam.

But I mean, he really committed to the scenario, I can’t fault him for that.

So I was released pretty quickly and basically bolted for the hostel, where I accidentally woke up a room full of sleeping Australians on my way to the safety of my bed. And that’s the second time I was almost arrested in Boston.

anonymous asked:

can you do a blurb of Nate and you playing truth or dare with the boys and it gets dirty 😂 like you do what you want with it 😅 thanks babyyy 💗💗

bruh ok you’d be bored af one day so nate would’ve suggested truth or dare and so when you picked truth, he’d ask you if you’d ever done a striptease and then you’d tell him that you haven’t but you would be willing to try it out someday and then you would’ve went about the game but jahk then as soon as you picked dare, nate would’ve smirked and got that glint in his eyes as he murmured “strip for me baby” and you would turn around and bend over and pull down your leggings, one leg at a time, to show off your ass to him and then when you shimmied out of your panties you’d fling them over at him and he’d catch them and stare at you and curse under his breath before walking up to you and pushing you against the wall, his hand ghosting up your inner thigh and to your heat and asfjbjdk bye