This project is inspired by an Egyptian folklore operetta called “El Leila El Kebira” - “The Grand Night” in the early 1980s.“El Leila El Kebira” is one of the most famous and beautiful plays played at The Puppet Theatre in Egypt. it describes the Moulid and the activities done in it through marionette characters as the clown, the lion tamer, circus performers, street vendors, the farmer, the singer, the dancer and others.The operetta is written by Salah Jahin, music by Sayyed Mekkawy and puppets by Nagy Shaker.

I liked one of the paper’s words, Light shined  from between its letters and flashed, I wanted to bear it in my heart.. She told “Woeful .. For every heart I entered burned” How strange..

عجبتني كلمة من كلام الورق النور شرق من بين حروفها و برق حبيت أشيلها ف قلبي .. قالت حرام ده أنا كل قلب دخلت فيه اتحرق.. عجبي
—  Salah Jahin