Jahessye Shockley has been covered faithfully by local media, but the grandmother of the 5-year-old Arizona girl is wondering why her granddaughter’s case has received very little national coverage.

“I want the national media to pick it up. I won’t stop until they do. I don’t know why it’s not national now,” said Shirley Johnson, Shockley’s grandmother. “They have that ability to send out to other states. They have that ability to make sure someone from across the nation (knows) what is going on.”

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Jahessye Shockley was last seen on Oct. 11 at her Glendale home by her three older siblings while their mother was running an errand. Police believe she left their apartment through the front door but don’t know what happened next. Police said Monday they now believe the 5-year-old was most likely kidnapped.

Paul Penzone, a retired Phoenix police sergeant and child advocate, said he’s also noticed the dearth of national coverage, KPHO reports.

“I don’t know what’s missing or why, but in our community this is a big deal. We’d hope it would get national media in hopes of getting a successful recovery,” said Penzone.

Penzone, who was formerly a spokesperson for Silent Witness, a group that combats domestic violence, now works as a panelist on The Nancy Grace Show.

“I have spoken to producers there and kind of put a bug in their ear, saying please keep an eye on this case. This is a precious little girl, and maybe you guys can take a look at covering this and help them find her,” said Penzone. “Continued coverage absolutely is critical. The eyes of the community are going to be biggest tool for law enforcement if this little girl is somewhere where she can be seen and recovered.”

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The mother of a missing 5-year-old Arizona girl says police are not doing enough to find her. Watch Matt Small’s AP report.

MISSING CHILD ALERT!!! MISSING CHILD ALERT!!! 5 year old Jahessye Shockley of Phoenix, Arizona has been missing since October 11th. The family of this beautiful little girl are asking people to use their Facebook and Twitter Pages to spread the word about this story. Black people I think we all know that we cannot rely on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, or MSNBC to give this little black girl the same coverage they give white missing children so its up to us to use every resource we have to spread the word. Hopefully she will be found safe and sound. If you have seen Jahessye Shockley please call (623)930-4357. Thanks!