As of right now, my whole life is Jahar Jahar Jahar. I want so badly for him to be proven innocent. Please God, let him be innocent. I don’t know what I’m going to do if he’s not. My heart will be absolutely broken and I will have no faith in humanity. This is a big deal to me. I have never in my life wanted something so bad.

What if the Boston bombing never happened and we all never met each other and those 3 people were still alive and everyone who got injured didn’t. What if Tamerlan was living his life right now with his daughter and wife and jahar was still in college smoking weed being a college kid. It’s a trip to think about.

Here’s where I stand with the whole Boston bombings conspiracy, because for some reason I feel the need to get my standpoint out there. Sorry if this doesn’t fit with my blog, but I’m not forcing any of you to read it, so skip over it if you want.

Sadly, I’ve realized that I’ve spent my whole life being conditioned by the media. I was raised to believe that whatever the news told me was the truth, and I never questioned that until now. And because I always obeyed the media, I was taught that these “conspiracy theorists” were crazy.

But here’s the conflict. These theorists have more consistent arguments than the media. Everything on the news is constantly changing. First Jahar was shot at because there was a standoff between him and the police while he was hiding the boat. Then it came out that he was unarmed. Then it was supposedly a knife wound. Whatever the case, the point is the story is inconsistent. In addition to that, why would you shoot at an unarmed man, especially if you wanted to take him alive? Call me crazy, but maybe it really was their intention to kill him. Because if he’s dead, he can’t defend himself.

And before I get hate and arguments stated that there’s “overwhelming evidence,” show me this evidence. “There’s video of him putting the bookbag down” Okay, show me the video. Just because the MEDIA said there’s video, doesn’t mean there is. “He admitted to it in the hospital” Alright, let’s get some evidence proving that.

And back to the whole inconsistent story deal… first he can’t talk because he was shot? knifed? in the throat. Then we’re told that he’s communicating by writing. Then he’s read his Miranda rights. Then he confesses. Then it comes out that he’s been silent since being read his rights? How did he confess if he’s being silent?

The point is, the story the news is presenting doesn’t add up. And us “government-hating conspiracy theorists” have presented a theory that is consistent and actually makes sense.

I’ve probably missed a lot of key points in this, but if any of you have some golden argument to contradict this, my inbox is open and I’m up for an argument if it’s actually legitimate. If you just call me out on spending too much time on the internet and doing whatever I can to deny that Jahar is guilty, I’ll simply ignore you. I’m open to new opinions.

Zubeidat's email

Okay you all know that Zubeidat emailed me yesterday, (and if you didn’t go look at my profile, it’s the one before this post) well people were telling me what her email was so here it is, family@freejahar.net

When you email her make sure to add a subject, ask questions about Jahar and how everyone is doing, and most importantly be nice. Remember that she’s going through a ruff time so tell her that you will support Jahar no matter what and that you love her for being strong.

She might take a few hours to reply or maybe even a day, we don’t know. But be patient!
I sent my email at night when maybe she was sleeping, and she answered back at 11AM my time. Don’t give up hope guys!
And remember to pray for Jahar!

So few people I know got arrested for a hit and run. They weren’t intoxicated or anything they just decided to run. Wanna know why? Because they were scared and didn’t know what else to do. They couldn’t think clearly. Now they’re probably doing life in prison because they decided to run which is a sad sad thing because they all hard friends family’s and girlfriends. It just shows to think that anyone would probably run if the police was after you even if you weren’t in the wrong. So just think about this and think about jahar and Tamerlan running with basically the whole population thinking they did it. If three quiet boys who wasn’t really known by anyone decide to run think about two quiet boys who are hated by most of the country for something “ they did ”

It’s J’s birthday and I know most of you think he’s guilty and all but I really do still think he’s innocent. We all know the government hides shit and we all know they can easily make an innocent person look guilty. It really breaks my heart that the poor kid locked up isn’t the one behind this horrible tragedy. At least in my eyes. It even breaks it more when I think about what’d he be doing right now on his 21st. The best day of a young adults life lol. Happy birthday Jahar. My prayers are with you and all the victims. Hopefully the truth will prevail one day.