jah see


From the Paolo Sebastian X exhibit at the adelaide art gallery

I didn’t think that I would have the reaction to the final gown that I did.  It’s a ballgown in pink with these beautiful delicate rose branch and flowers.  (I’m not really a pink person.  Or a ball gown person)
But my reaction was  hard to describe. I found the way it stood within the circle of flowers so ethereal and beautiful  and then I contrasted it with the two boxed dioramas which you can see in one of the room shots.
Those dioramas are of war and death and are both dark and confronting and the way that they contrasted with this beautiful gown.  Idk it just got to me. If I go to heaven then I want a dress like this one please XD
Flowers are reminders of life and death given as a gesture of love whether to a friend, or left on a grave.