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Am I the only one??

You come out the shower and get your shea butter that’s mixed with a bunch of other stuff. You begin to rub it into your skin..you happen to look in the mirror as the light from your ceiling fan or lamp, in the very moment that it hits your skin….and then you just pause — and take a minute to thank God because he put 24 karat gold on your skin as melanin. Like yeen had to bless me like this Fadda God. But You did. I don’t always think or know if I’m deserving. But You did.

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Eloping (July AU Drabble)

“Why aren’t we eloping again?” Rex asks his fiancé, resting his head in Euan’s lap.
“Because you love me and I love Lois’ cookies and she promised the recipe if we did the big wedding.”  Euan replies as he strokes Rex’s short hair.  “And I must confess, there is something about the idea I like.”
“Oh?” Rex murmurs
Euan leans down and kisses him “Being able to stand up and say you are mine and I am yours.  That I like.  The rest of it can go to hell.”
Rex smiled “I can live with that.”

And so they did.

(Rex and Euan are from @deadcatwithaflamethrower‘s wonderful novel Ashlesha (Awaken the Stars)  This is my July AU which is very much non canon XD)


Victory, when yuh winning it’s a sweet story. But when yuh not then the war is bitter. Yuh quick to call me a sinner, only Jah Jah know my history. So wi haffi give the King glory. Like the tree planted by the river, iya smile with the sun. Cyah keep we down, cause wi have to overcome. ♫” 

Keznamdi ft Chronixx - Victory (2017)

fanfic star wars holodrama thing

Dear Master,

It’s been many years since you joined the Force, and I still swear sometimes I can feel your presence.  You’d be so proud of Anakin, he’s grown into a fine young man and in fact it is likely that you would have found his latest antics hilarious.  You see, long story short, Anakin has written a rather in depth PloKit “fanfiction” I believe is what it is called.  And Yoda, being the troll he is “ships” Mace/Plo and the two of them get into all sorts of arguments.  I know that Anakin is unaware of his adversary’s identity but Yoda takes great delight in
trolling, pun intended,  my now grown Padawan.

I have a feeling if you were still here there’d be a new account on the HoloNet sites writing some sort of epic to resolve all the issues - perhaps involving a triad arrangement like you did on that political mission early in my Padawan days.  I imagine that if you and Tahl were both still here you’d have your own following of dedicated fans.

As for myself I stay clear of the drama as much as possible.  Although you’d probably be amused to know that I do sometimes participate.  No-one has discovered my identity yet.  I think.

However the holodrama and the fiction has pushed public opinion of the Jedi back into a more positive light, and not only that but it gives the younglings who wish to do things differently a way to challenge established Masters.  The Council finds all the hyperbole around the relationships and videos to be hilarious but it has also allowed for an increase in affection between us - an understanding is growing that love is not attachment, that attachment can lead to the Dark Side but it does not have to - it can be an anchor in the Light for those who need it

And with the war, I think many of us need it.

I miss you, my Master


(p.s. if you’re One with the Force can you still see the HoloNet?  Is there a ForceHoloNet?  If so I hope it is full of ridiculous things like we have here that they could make you smile.)

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Any good reggae songs? ;*

ay mamma!!!! so many


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