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So today we’re gonna keep filming the longboard video, yesterday we were just testing cause at the end (because my friend didnt listen to me) it got dark, so we didn’t have enough light, but today another friend just lend me his gopro!!! so i’m really excited and looking forward to make a good one!!!! 

If everything works out the idea and concept that we have its gonna blow your mind!!!! =)

here’s a big smile from the mediterraneum for everyone!!!


Loving the GoPro, i need to get me one of those asap, today we’re gonna keep shooting for the film, first i’m gonna try a different one just for testing, the video will come later on, i have to return the camera tonight, so let’s take advantage of the sun before it goes!!! 

Yesterday rained out of the suddlen just to get the street wet and i fell off and hit myself on the same place than last time, my poor elbow can’t take it anymore lol, but it’s all fun, at least we discover some different spots to shoot, hopefuly today we can take a good one!!! 

enjoy this pix that were taken on the Barcelona Sport Extreme Festival last june =)

Found my passport!!!!

Fuck yeah!!!! haven’t seen it since february!!! this is the second time i’ve lost and found it in something related it with her <3 

First time was in 2009 when we just met, i lost the passport a month before that so i was looking for it everywhere in my old flat, i looked in the same place over and over again, then after i met her, first time spending the night together i was looking for condom in my bed table and guest what i found? lol and i’ve looked in that place about 15 times.

And now, first time looking when realized that i haven’t seen it in awhile was when i went to Norway to visit her last summer, luckly i could’ve travel with just my ID, and today i started looking again when to my bedroom and nothing as i have before, i thought maybe was in my jacket cause last time i used it was winter time, then looked in the living room and took off all the papers i have around and nothing, and now was just taking all my comics and books down and then i decided to open this book call something Oslo that she gave me for my bday first month we were together and there it was! lol… 

Is quite funny and amazing, and just because we’ll be together again soon!!!! Jeg elsker deg.

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Coheed & Cambria - Guns Of Summer (Live @ Sonisphere,Madrid 2010) [HD]

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