jah connery

15 Reasons to Go to Four Twenny For Everyone

I know, I know… A 4/20 show? Yeah, the cliche is not lost on us. And musicians like to smoke, so there is alot of things worth going to. I’ve spoken to quite a few artists who have things going on that very night. Hell, even Mister has a show before this (with Passalacqua) for Record Store Day. And there is always HedNod Suite, which we will be headed to as soon as our obligations to the Berkley Front are fulfilled.

By now you may be asking yourself: why the fuck would I go to your dumb 4/20 show. Well…

1. Because Mister is dope and doesn’t do a ton of solo performances.

2. Because D. Allie is dope and will be doing more than just hosting for once. 

3. Because Warren Peace has mad new material that I’ve heard and can tell you is shiny fresh.

4. To buy me my set beer, which I will inevitably request and inevitably (for some unknown reason) some kind audience member will buy me.

5. Because the Berkley Front has the best selection of beer that side of town.

6. Because Pabst are cheap as fuck, even on a Saturday.

7. Because our wives are coming, and if they can endure, so can you.

8. Because being a part of any local music scene is taxing to ones sense of self worth.

9. Because we promise not to play ANY Bob Marley…

10. Because we promise to be clean and well dressed.

11. Because you might meet the person of your dreams.

12. Because you might meet a person who isn’t of your dreams, but has suitable genitalia.

13. Because you might meet some dude who has the killerest weed, and wants to play you unreleased Dilla cuts while he smokes you out in his bean bag van.

14. Because talent scouts might be there, and disenchanted by my set, they might look to you as the new Wiz Kalifa!!! (this applies to rappers and non rappers alike)

15. Because we love you, and whether you like it or not, you’ve never been able to find a good reason to not like us.

Get there.