• what i say: i'm fine
  • what i mean: you fool. you absolute clown. jet jaguar is the most powerful kaiju/mech in all of Godzilla canon. he can grow to any size he needs too in battle. you think your bagan is so tough? you absolute nincompoop. check for his body under neath his colossal boot. dont come to my house unless you want to talk seriously about kaiju stats

Here’s some sweet pics for you this Monday morning! RULERS OF EARTH is getting volume 2 of the Japanese release! The first cover is the Amazon Edition, which features a collaboration between myself and the Heisei Godzilla manga artist, Takayuki Sakai! With colors by Gonçalo Lopes! Then, the second pic is my cover for the standard/store edition, with colors by Jeff Zornow!
Finally, that’s ROE volume 1 for sale in Japanese stores nationwide! I THINK IM GONNA DIE


Ok so hey, I created this Cuphead + Godzilla crossover…

So it starts when Miki gets a premonition that Godzilla’s gonna destroy the world! It’s up to her to convince him to stop but first she’s gotta get past other Kaiju first~

I’m still thinking somethings out but overall i’m done with this au, just imagine a Godzilla fighting game but it’s in cupheads style, mechanics, and charm

(which Kaiju are gonna be in which isle under the cut!)

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