jaguar sculpture
Lakes of mercury and human sacrifices – after 1,800 years, Teotihuacan reveals its treasures
When archaeologists found a tunnel under Mexico’s ‘birthplace of the gods’, they could only dream of the riches they would discover.
By Paul Laity

Undisturbed for 1,800 years, the sealed-off passage was found to contain thousands of extraordinary treasures lying exactly where they had first been placed as ritual offerings to the gods. Items unearthed included greenstone crocodile teeth, crystals shaped into eyes, and sculptures of jaguars ready to pounce. Even more remarkable was a miniature mountainous landscape, 17 metres underground, with tiny pools of liquid mercury representing lakes. The walls of the tunnel were found to have been carefully impregnated with powdered pyrite, or fool’s gold, to give the effect in firelight of standing under a galaxy of stars.


Well I paint this jaguar in 2010 for a project in my country

The project consist in send designs and a few was selected.. mine was the first one ^^ 

The jaguars are in the streets but mine is in a lawyer office

I paint this other artist make the sculpture ^^

My idea was a night sky, that’s why have allot of starts lol 

Is my proud ^^