jaguar s type


Jaguar S Type (1963-1968)

The S Type was considered by some an awkward design neither here (Mark 2) nor there (Mark X). Yet it sold well enough and like many other cars produced by Jaguar (XJS being the best recognised example) looks absolutely stunning now, after some (50+ to be exact) years have passed. Now let’s see if the modern iteration does the same.

Being a huge fan of the Coventry brand, when I saw this piece next to a 1970’s communist block of flats on a tiny parking surrounded by filth, garbage cans and graffiti, I was in awe. The car was immaculate - perfectly restored with a spot on paintjob. I was so stunned that I didn’t check the camera setting - the flash was on for two of the pictures. Ass!

Thank you! A great way to end 2014 with reaching the 20.000 milestone on my blog! Awesome to see my work getting so much positive attention!

Let me know what cars you want to see photographed on my blog, I’ll try to post some up in the next month.